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  1. ohhh this song! i know it and i liked it, but i dont remember the title Dx rip


    1. Mikecw


      Thank You by Home Made Kazoku

    2. Baby


      OMG yes! thank u so much

  2. Mikecw


    One of the reasons I think there should be a proper war/peace mechanic. For instance, if Leaf and Mist are at peace, Leaf ninja would not be given a "Kill 1 Mist ninja" mission and the Leaf Jonin wouldn't attack Mist ninja.
  3. Mikecw


    How is Taijutsu specialization going : )?
  4. Lol you reported me for attacking you at the bounty station and I have a permanent warning point on my account because of it you flaming hypocrite.
  5. Great post. You don't know how many times people would try and weaponize the moderators to get players in trouble for doing something they didn't like.
  6. Mikecw


    That would mean endless grinding, give an unfair advantage to people, and take away skill in favor of who has rebirthed the most.
  7. Mikecw

    Will we get sensory jutsu to compliment this change
  8. I can tolerate your name now! Also update your basic profile now. Where's the music?!

  9. Do you guys ever get tired of playing the victim? You guys wouldn't know how to work for something anyways, you guys just get carried by the easiest stun in the game and act big.
  10. So the exam itself is pointless? You can pass every phase in it and not get promoted to Chunin, whereas people can fail every single phase and get promoted? This is even a larger kick to the balls considering that most of the people getting promoted failed the first test and @Rory restarted the chunin.