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  1. you would have to abandon if possible as thats a quest from the 2019 winter event, if you can't abandon I'd request gm assistance
  2. Aesthetic

    great suggestion yami, that pipe one I saw had me thinking you were smoking meth out of that crystal pipe but this looks actually solid and I'd love to see it
  3. Aesthetic

    you seem very energetic and full of ideas but please stop posting so many threads you've reached contributor on the forums and I haven't even seen you log into the game before
  4. Aesthetic

    Mans is innocent ;-; free our boy If the issue is the amount of ryo he made off of pouring his cash into your nin credit gift card system is the problem then just reimburse his creds for the ryo you will take from the Cartel and others "dupe" scam. He got banned for having an abundance of ryo from cred sales cause people would rather grind out some ryo ingame and pay for creds than go through the trouble of spending actual cash. He still paid hundreds of $ for the creds he sold and gained ryo in return if thats bad then add to your TOS "no selling creds for ryo" cause he got banned for making a profit off something people do all the time #FreeMaitoDai #Don'tBanAestheticforthispost
  5. Aesthetic

    Tbh its good where it stands other than its duration, its a 22% bonus to the targets fortitude. the reason it scales off the targets fort is so high chak meds with 250chakra can't add like 500hp to someone so instead its meant to be a small supportive jutsu. Can say the fact buffs don't auto give you the hp though is its biggest downfall, this makes it so you have to heal the person you just gave more hp for the hp to even matter. if it was a longer duration say 120seconds it would be a super good support jutsu cause unless its like a 5v1, fights usually last longer than a small 45 seconds. Increase its Cooldown to say 130seconds Increase Duration to 120 seconds Keep the Percentile the same (18-20-22) Rework it to make it a dual stat jutsu in which you need 15int and lets say 80-100 chakra since it primarily is just a support jutsu and the reason intmedics are so crazy is because they have that int cc and all the other supportive jutsu of meds like treat wounds,cell regen,and rev. Casting this form of antibodies on any properly built person with atleast 1k hp or more would be a great asset in battles as it would gain the target 200+ hp for 2mins which obvi isn't the duration of a whole fight sometimes but would atleast make it more useful and medics would cast it more. Critique the idea if you want, woke up like 30mins ago and figured I'd check forums
  6. Aesthetic

    Aight so I usually don't go on full blown rants on the forums but who thought it was a good idea to add a camera lock+complete silence to entering boat, cause this idea is downright horrible. what happens with this is the following, you either hop on boat perfectly safe or get bombed to oblivion but as a low level you just are finished, if you died cause your completely silenced welp you gotta redo whatever mission you spent 10mins completing cause mist is the farthest from everything. if your a high level you can just kite around and survive cause you have hp for daysss. Now the main reason I am ranting is because of the exact reason of boat being the most annoying thing in the game. the mist community lamented for a whole 2 years almost and got a 1 min reduction from 5 to 4mins on the boat timer you have to wait while actually on the boat, but you added a timer to getting on the boat which was completely fine till you added the silence... this prevents anything from being done to save yourself if you can't kite 4 ninjas flicker+comboeing you as a level 30 please for the love of god remove it from happening to boat, toads and Land of iron makes sense, but having a silence in a dz like mist port or the remote asoki for 30seconds is true hell if you encounter anyone.
  7. Aesthetic

    There technically is a kurama mob ingame but its a very goofy looking meme mob only summonable by gms and I don't think they have any intent at the moment to add the tailed beasts and such as actual ingame content
  8. Aesthetic

    #FixFlicker I come to the forums today in a plea to rory, not with any crazy good solutions but only one simple one that hopefully would spur the rest of the community into taking action in coming up with ideas to actually fix this jutsu. The Jutsu in question is Body Flicker Technique. Its a great utility jutsu to get around certain places and escape near death encounters sometimes but I've noticed something about almost every really nasty instant combo in this game; its flicker based. Flicker+Nado, Flicker+Palm, Flicker+Scapel, etc are all known lil comboes right off a free warp that everyone gets but this means that anyone with said jutsu or other jutsu that do an instant cc gain just free dmg 90% of the time that can literally shift the tide of a battle with zero effort put into it. I propose a most likely flawed debuff of self-silence on flicker to prevent the over-abundant use during combat simply for free damage. This has been my TED talk and I hope this inspires someone to come up with a completely brilliant and thought up idea to fix this pesky no skill gameplay. Hope the Devs have a good night Bad Suggestion maker Rose out!~
  9. Aesthetic

    Tai doesn't need a dot to further maplock people or do even more dps when the reason the tai jutsu dmg got nerfed to the ground is cause you guys already hold z to literally melt people and the jutsu are just to assist in that endeavor. the now tai main wants tai buffed so I'll rest my case on any further suggestions if its just straight positive gains on things that don't need buffs.
  10. Aesthetic

    I mean tbh allowing kills to count in safezones is cooked considering you would literally have to always be in hosp if you wanted to afk in your own village lmao I think the proper solution for such missions would be to have dz events like gm hosted FFA in a dz event or something to actually give people a free chance at racking some kills up considering how dead dz are and prob will be for the remainder of the month ;-;
  11. Aesthetic

    the true 1000 iq strategy is to commission clothing drops for the two bosses so people want to unlock the tower.
  12. Aesthetic

    rogues have 3 dif spawn locations and if your being spammed that sounds like a personal issue that would have you on bi alot of the time anyways can understand the perspective but can't quite get behind it, as dying over and over is very easily avoidable in this game unless your purposefully not attempting to survive. Plz do drop another suggestion if you have one that might trump any of the 3 as I am always open to new and better ideas to cure this plague
  13. Aesthetic

    BI-WARRIOR A plague on the Nin PvP scene is the act of being a "Bi-Warrior", which is usually rushing out of hospital after being killed to continue fighting an enemy that may be raiding the village or that your village is engaging with. It's quite a senseless tactic which is more of a display of the villages numbers most of the time then an actual display of any skill. Serious Battle Injuries (SBI) This is the concept solution to the issue. After dying on battle injuries the ninja would be afflicted with the de-buff SBI which would harm them much more than normal battle injuries making them completely unable to come back into the fight and be of any use. Concept 1# SBI would completely ruin the stats of the ninja afflicted with the status. all stats would become the base 5 as if they were just starting at level 1 thus making them almost completely and utterly useless during any sort of defense if they decide to "bi-warrior". Concept 2# SBI would instead of just eliminating their stats cause them to be silenced while still having the same halving effect of stats that BI normally does. This concept prevents infamous Bi-Warrior legends like @Tekkey Hinode from rushing out of hospital, spamming a map-lock jutsu like sensory then dying because they are just senselessly running out in an attempt to have someone from the opposing force die to one of their own ninja or an NPC Jonin. Concept 3# This last one is more or less a complete and total stop to the Bi-Warrior nonsense but also harms normal players on BI so it most likely will be the dud of the 3 concepts listed here. Dying while on battle injuries Gives SBI which then forcibly locks the ninja either into a hospital bed or just in the hospital map, this variant of SBI would completely annihilate any senseless combat. This has been my proposal to fixing Bi-Warrior Nonsense and I hope at least one of these may be considered to cure the plague that raids have been afflicted with for ages. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening
  14. Aesthetic

    Accessory slots so I come to the forums to ask the devs if its possible for a secondary accessory slot ;-; I am not sure how hard it would be to add in but I'd love to have a secondary slot to see more diversity with the clothing options not to mention...I need my glasses to read a book but both are accessories, ultimate struggle kekw. Hope this can be achieved and its not as much of a really detailed suggestion but more of a plea for a secondary slot ;-; much love to da devs
  15. Aesthetic

    it does suck that bullets is not as powerful as it was but now its balanced and the only addition I'd ever have to make to it now is making it less than a 1 sec cast time so the only cancel wind users are using is god damn flick claw ;-; I can agree with changing vacuum and I believe even rory might have mentioned wanting to change it from what I've heard though I could be wrong. I think its best to be patient as lots of people including myself have made topics asking for a change to vac or wind itself to make it feel more viable now that its 2 huge dps have been nerfed over the past year and half but we just gotta wait and see what rory wants to do ;-;