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  1. Akuma Silberrose

    I support the idea but like...yikes this is coming from the same person who has admitted to jailing people for fun...we got the devil preaching the bible
  2. Akuma Silberrose

    Alrighty Ladies, Gentleman and Everyone in between in this both wholesome and toxic as all hell community. I did a post about events a few months back and this is basically just round 2 of ideas. First up is a game of hide and seek where there will be 2-3 seekers to hunt down the hiding participants...this will be a leaf,sand and rogue only event with a cap of 40 participants. (mist recently had a similar event and kept it all to themselves...so no mist and no complaining) Second one is a nice good old fashioned Boss Battle where each village shall take a shot at the GM or GMs who are willing to participate @Erox @Emiya @TheWolf and try to defeat them Third shall be a game of Capture the Flag....each team will be given a Dango/Samurai Drink to serve as the flag of their team and will need to capture at least one other teams' flag. The Fourth and Final Idea is a nice downscaled version of the Great Village Wars kinda.....it would basically just be a 10v10 Village Vs Village where each village pits their best 10 shinobi against each other. This Event Will not allow Pills, Summons, Charms, or Org Items (7sm Blades/PB Coffins/12 Guardian Sashes) These are some ideas and I hope at least one appeals to the people of the Nin Online Community...Have a Good Day Everyone
  3. Akuma Silberrose

    LOL....imagine this post being up for like 2 weeks and rory not even typing here...biggest oof but like frfr…..leaf is basically forced to use the takumi summons cause their own suck so bad.... and like as a leaf med....I believe slug need dat justice #buffslug
  4. Rest in peace under the red moon...Deathmall the 3rd Hokage...A true shinobi with a burning will of fire
  5. Akuma Silberrose

    I absolutely love this...thank you so much
  6. Akuma Silberrose

    Like the Idea and def want it...
  7. Akuma Silberrose

    I register Teammate: Iratana
  8. Akuma Silberrose

    So...Kinda new to the whole planning an event and such but I was thinking of a few events that maybe you guys and gals would have fun with. First one was something that has already been done...by a certain person I think we are all familiar with but I was thinking a beauty pageant. it would be simple little competition of who looks best for some precious coupons. I will have 3 judges (myself included) who will determine who has the best look going. Second I was thinking of doing an Org Fight....I dislike PvP but a lot of the community is a toxic fester of being a PvP god or be a nub who gets the harass...so Org fight...pretty simple idea. Orgs shall duke It out...there will be a buffed org fight and non buffed two different branches each with a first place winner. No Pills, Charms or Summons allowed (not including the puppet brigade since their whole thing is summoning puppets). The Third and final Idea I had was a gender specific tournament ( your not going from the female tourney to the male with sexy no jutsu) . What will actually be done at said tournaments its up to the participants (FFA,1v1,2v2,ect). (if a single commenter says this is sexist...shame on them) And those are my ideas ^ Hopefully at least one of them can be used and I hope all you beautiful people have a wonderful day
  9. Akuma Silberrose

    Rory adds them as 50$ cash shop item....
  10. Akuma Silberrose

    Aries is a strength buff that lasts 10 minutes forget the percentage tho