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  1. Cosmic

    I was thinking of a piercing one tile instant travel like poison scalpel but longer for vacuum palms which would knock back or stun or snare allowing you to combo. Imagined a lower CD for vacuum palms 2-3 sec, currently vacuum palms is too slow for pvp and travels short range. MC the reworked version is more like a combo finisher and palm bottom is to be used as chain combo. Gameplay example : vacuum palms hit would like root for a second into palm bottom then 16 palms and MC to finish and push back enemies. And yes GF already has good scaling but MC would need a slight buff.
  2. Cosmic

    Couple ideas I had in mind to change gf and make it more skillful and a closer representative of the anime. Pls do at least the rotation rework @Ueda Rotation User can now cast rotation and hold the button to continue spinning and deflecting projectiles and knocking back enemies in range. User cannot be hit while using rotation. Damage of skill lowered. But cool down also lowered. Insta cast or really low cast time since the user cannot move while using this jutsu. Jutsu drains increasingly chakra per second so every tick should drain twice as previous. The longer you hold the more chakra it drains. Vacuum palms Instead of a slow moving projectile gf needs an engaging tool besides flicker. This skill becomes a 1 tile with shorter delay 3 sec maxed. User shoots a one tile instant projectile, like a air punch that pierces through the enemy and goes to like 4-6 tiles. Knockback enemy. Cast time should be removed. Palm bottom Now becomes a second cast time but jutsus range is increased and can now stun if hit in range and Knockbacks if its not in stun range. Jutsu range increased to either 3x2 or 3x3 so 3 tiles wide and two tiles range etc Stun effect only work if target is hit in the current range of palm bottom. So 3 tiles wide and 1 tile range. 3x1 Knockback effect should be the 3x2 or 3x3 Cooldown of skill lowered by a bit. Mountain crusher The user hits the target at close range let's say 3x2 or 3x1 depending on cast time,with a powerful wave of chakra. The attack sends them flying back 6 tiles. Knockback effect, enemy hit that collide with anything receive additional damage and are stunned for a second. Collision against other players, npcs and walls etc Jutsu cool down is currently 18 sec but it should be increased by a bit. Pressure point needle (Melee buff) Same activation buff but now hits vital locations which causes debuff and marks enemies. Marked enemies have their chakra drained from the following abilities if hit : palm bottom, 16 palms and vacuum palm. I think 16 palms should stay the same or if anyone else has an idea for it.
  3. Cosmic

    Good idea but the cast time for execution is probably problematic though. You won't be able to execute in large fights so the idea should work differently in my opinion. I would prefer the execution be based around after having taken a certain amount of damage while you're down. I think when you're down you should receive an amount of hp and it should go down every second during the 60 seconds. I like the idea of execution in general though.
  4. Cosmic

    New clan entry Village / Mist Village Name/ Tora Clothing / Similar to this with Tora sign on the back. Purpose / A battle prowess hierarchy in Mist Leadership / Those at the top 3 of the hierachy Elder / Advisor on how to lead the first generation : Savagelli History Origin : The bloodline is said to have started in abandoned small missing villages. Tora, the first clan member, the ancestor, named after the tiger was born with Godly physical powers along with telepathic powers allowing him to dominate land battles. This power was passed down to through the bloodline giving each child enhanced physical and mental strength and the ability to tame and connect with tigers which grants them sight through the eye of a tiger. It is said that Tora initially lived in the hidden mist village but left after having discovered his connection with tigers during a mission. He felt no regret for leaving as there was a great absence of connection with his fellow ninjas and had always felt unexplainable deep emptiness inside. After he left, there were rumors saying that he was behind the idea of the Hunter Nin Corps and that he was a leading member of this faction but he did not stay there for a long time. He eventually decided to seek a greater purpose thus roamed from the Hidden Sand Village to the Hidden Leaf Village but realised his answers were home all along, so he eventually returned to the Mist Village and further his bloodline. Today : The clan is said to be in the Hidden Mist Village but still hold some mysterious connections to the other villages. It has built its own Palace named after the ancestor “Tora” where clan members meet every year ( x weeks in game). Some ninjas passing by have said to hear clashing swords, others have felt inexplicable events such as heavy earthquakes or humane weird sounds of bells ringing in that area. People have concluded it to be a place not to visit. Those part of the clan know that it is a home where tournaments and battles are held. Not much else is known about this clan apart from there only being a few bloodlines left in the Hidden Village of Mist. Description Members of the Tora clan are hard to recognize as there is no trace of one belonging to the clan aside from their fighting skills. Their battle capabilities are extraordinaire from an young age which allows each clan member to master the art of combat in their own way before reaching adulthood. Some have chosen the pure strength path, to subdue their enemy in power and others have chosen the intellectual path, to control the environment and pace of the fight. A typical individual would either want to show his surroundings the limits of his powers by challenging the strongest current ninjas in the village or stay quiet in order to reserve that element of surprise. The latter would be usually one that has chosen the intellectual path. The strongest clan members attend the annual meetings and participate in monthly held tournaments. The winners are given clan titles starting from number 0 being the strongest, to 5 ( choice in Japanese ). Zero – Saisho – Niban – Sanban – Dai 4 – Gobanme. This will display their overall battle prowess in their hierarchy. Whether it is a small or large fight, Tora clan members will dominate the battlefield. So be careful when you face one.. Abilities The abilities of each clan member depends on which path they have chosen. They will be based mainly on their highest stats between Str/Int/Fort and Agility. Those that focus more on their chosen path, the strong their innate ability will be. 1) Tora Aura *Channel 1 second to concentrate all your trained innate powers and focus it to your chosen path. This will act as a temporary stat buff. After channeling, the user will have a continuous aura ( mix of red aura from first picture and blue aura from second picture ) flowing at a specific body part depending on the chosen path. The Strenght path will have its aura flow around the arms area / The Intelligence around the upper body to head area / The Fortitude around the chest area / The Agility path around the legs. Aura Boost The lower the fortitude the higher the buff will be for the Str/Int and Agi path. The fortitude path will have a higher buff the lower stats in the 3 other paths. 2) Spirit of Tora * Call the spirit of the ancestor to aid you in times of despair. *Ability can only be used when the user is below 50% hp and the lower the hp the stronger the ability ( the longer it lasts ). *Channel all your ancestral powers for 2 seconds to summon the spirit of Tora. While channeling the innate aura gradually moves through all inner paths ( Combined animation of all the aura boost ). The spirit of the ancestor, Tora, thus requires a control over the totality of all the paths. It requires someone who can manage the flow of chakra through all the paths. Therefore, the higher the chakra the user has, the better control and the stronger the Summoning ( A tiger ) will be and last for. The summoned tiger will be stationary giving its power to the user but it can be destroyed by enemies, its hp is based on the user's chakra. Strenght Path: Your next attacks will deal x % more depending on your current hp Intelligence Path: Remove all your cooldowns by x % upon activation and gain chakra per second from the summon. Fortitude Path: Damage reduction by a x % during the duration of the summon, increases a bit depending on current hp. Agility Path: Upon activation you have will an immunity to any cc but your summon gets much weaker by the second so it is easier to destroy. Rules Clan knowledge Requirements / Tora
  5. The ninja ( cough Rory) was soo smart he could make lag disappear with a blinding genjutsu.
  6. Cosmic

    Interesting idea, very good in theory. For me, making certain clothes exclusive to their villages kinda beat the purpose of adding this new rp enhancing feature. The only clothings that MAYBE could be exclusive in my opinion is the village flak jackets but thats even that's stretching it. Village flak jackets, if made exclusive, should then also be made more accessible (maybe obtainable through a mission) cause that will be the base for ally identification, especially for wars/raids for example. However, even for wars, the kage would just have to tell everyone to wear the village jacket like all the ninjas did in the show, so that's an argument against making it exclusive. I'd like to see no exclusive village clothing cause this will kind of force better cooperation and open more doors to RP in PvP. I do think that obtaining enemy village flak jacket shouldn't be easy though, in a RP sense you'd have to " steal " it or buy it from another player.
  7. Cosmic

    Peace by making human consciouness shift the plates of the continents? Interesting, wonder if missing-nins can join.