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    Yeah professions sounds good, i agree. Just because. We already have PvP, and tournaments. If that is continued and tournaments are held. People are killing each other. That part is good. Now we need more things for people who love things in mmorpg like PvE, Profession chilling. (This fishing etc etc. Gathering.) Also maybe some new way of using which you have gathered. These new weapons are good example of it. Also many bosses out there. To throw your computer from window for losing your mind of not getting 1% stuff.. Things like these are nice now to add more. For PvE, and gathering people. Now that PvP if not talking about balancing. Is okey.
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    My brutha from anutha mutha. Still having same time zone
  3. Thanksies!! :D:DD:D:D
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    What about not resetting, and rather back because of @Dread Senpou
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  7. With all the respect @Ueda , I know this is real hardcore problem. Like i said half Rp, Half PvP. Even though, you cant trust computers too much or on everything. Good example is you checked logs. Nice you found bunch of people. Wow nice list. Some players from what i read were there without no reason from ur logs. Hmm. Even though there was not my name. Or even the name who i did it with. Who gave me those rp tokens. And we did it together multiple times. And for this i think there's only 2 reasons behind. 1: Which i have seen alot here too. Those who are close to you in this game. Those who you like are protected. It's not just gm thing. It's all around. Even though i don't have to worry about this anymore im not in village. Im missing on 90% of my accounts to do what i do. Play PvP. OR 2: Your logs don't see everything. So don't count on that, 100%. Or you can go check deeper in your logs lul. Work too much with your logs and become half computer yourself too. That's not good. It will slowly destroy you. Its same with any work. If you don't know when to chill and you work too much give yourself fully in the work. Soon you are at a point where you are forced to take a break from that work. --------------------- Last time you did the same log thing. I was in same PARTY. Where people abused tai melee with youthful spring an sake when it was bugged for one shotting bosses, even other players. I didn't even do it. I was in party chilling with them. Guess who got a ban. This time same log thing xD. Expect i gave my own name out not saying who was the guy who i did it with. (It's funny how they can find everything in the logs.) Still they didn't find everything.
  8. Well this game is half rp half pvp. So i guess it ruins the rp part. Im not like some people who would just check this list and save their own skin. So i must admit i did this too just no idea which account of mine. Back then i was still a young ninja. So i didnt even realize what i did was wrong. But now from time to time when i do rp missions i rlly do them. Because as a missing it's rare piece of cake for me without any rp mission at all. So from time to time as a PvP player i even enjoy doing them. But i will say i rlly don't remember which account i did this. It's been a long time. And some might think why im stupid and saying i did it too??? Because i give all the respect to ueda ,seth and others. Who work their ass off for us to enjoy! -IKage and all his accounts.
  9. One beautiful day i was thinking. What happens if you use a real life pic in this pixel mess. Screenshot is my character, just a lil bit of edit Well as you can see nobody be in a pixel world or you get totally destroyed. :/
  10. You started from scratch ? all that larva stuff etc? If the rollback needs to be done and your in leaf. I can always help you to level back.
  11. Rory if it has to be rollback then it's okey. I don't mind levelling back to level 20. Any chance we could get this awesome game back online again for people to play? So we can get back to enjoy it!
  12. So the game is down only because some of the players used exploit.. Rory and the others. There are also people who like the game and how it's made without using cheating for faster exp or any of that to become strong. Like grinding at wolves or rats for many hours to get couple of levels while meeting new people and being in party just talking and chilling. You guys made an awesome job with the game. Me personally i'm very happy this kind of game exists, like i told in discord. When i was younger i always wanted an open world online game for both pokemon and naruto. I grew up watching naruto and pokemon episodes and other anime aswell. I played the games. Now i have mmorpg game for both pokemon and naruto to play. If there is, actually there will always be players who want to skip everything and be max level as soon as possible even using exploits and such. Just let them enjoy it while they can and fix when possible and when you have time. I don't think rollbacks are needed atleast. My point here is that there are those guys who cheat to get higher levels, and there are us who enjoy the normal slow levelling, storyline, meeting people at the levelling spots etc. Like is there going to be rollback for all of us? Even those who like it the regular way. -Light