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  1. Atrane

    Cool concept
  2. Atrane

    Interesting concept. I definitely think for the longevity of the game it would be weird to call someone like "50th hokage" in the future.
  3. Atrane

    Strike System With the introduction of the 9th Hokage all past strikes have been wiped, making way for the new era of leaf. The system will work similarly to in the past, once a ninja has acquired 3 strikes from breaking rules, they will be exiled. It's me and my councils hope that no cases should ever be brought this far, however it is necessary that we include it here on the rule book. Strikes that are given will not fade throughout the time I am Hokage, they will last the entire duration of my term, so make sure to avoid rule breaking. Flagged System The flagged system is a system meant to integrate newly pardoned ninjas back into our village. Flagged ninjas will risk an exile with any case of rule breaking, if a broken rule comes up we will discuss and decide the next course of action for these ninjas. Flagged ninjas also cannot participate in chunin exams or war events until their period has ended. Also, ninjas cannot join official organizations (12 Guardians, Anbu, or LMPF) if they are currently serving a flagged period. This period usually lasts 1 month from the date of your pardon, however if you pay a 5k ryo fee to our village treasury this time will be reduced to 2 weeks. You are able to pay this fine at any point throughout your flagged period, if the 2 week mark has passed when you pay then you will be removed from the flagged system. You cannot break a rule and then choose to pay to avoid an exile. Pardon System Pardons in the leaf village will work differently under our administration. The Hokage has the decision to bring a name to a vote or not, once he has decided if a ninja should be voted on his 3 councils will vote yes or no to allow them through. If 2 councils say yes, the pardon will be approved. If 2 councils say no, the pardon will be denied and the rogue ninja will have to wait 2 weeks to try again for a new vote. In order to balance out the Hokage's power of bringing a vote, if 3 out of 3 councils wish for someone to be brought back to leaf, I will allow them back. Ally List @Diary @Kyodo @Kvaset @Korva @ForestEdge @Kansai @Kengu @FoxDre @Aashu @Dad Allied ninjas are welcome into our lands without fear of being attacked or asked to leave. Also, they are not allowed to attack leaf ninjas or the alliance will be ended.
  4. Atrane

    Leaf Village Rule Book Rule 1 - It is forbidden to aid the enemy in any form of way that would endanger or give them an advantage against the Leaf. Reviving enemies after being told to stop will lead to a Jail sentence. Raiding with enemies or healing and reviving enemies as they raid Leaf. - 3 strikes, instant exile. Rule 2 - Do not share information regarding Anbu or our ninja's locations to enemies. Cases brought forward with evidence will be punished by 1 strike for each offense. Harassing anbu members while they are on duty about their identity will result in a jail whether you are correct or not. Rule 3 - Do not heal or aid an enemy “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he is under attack by our ninjas. You will be given a Jail sentence for breaking this rule. The only exceptions are ninjas on our Ally list or ninjas that have meetings with the Hokage or his council. Rule 4 - You must help a comrade if he/she is under attack by enemies. If a fight seems too dangerous to proceed, you are free to attempt an escape. However, once you get in a safe place you should warn the village of the enemy's whereabouts. If you are able to type, you are able to fight. Do not consistently tell someone to stop a fight if it will put them at risk of dying, if they wish to continue fighting you should help them. If an ally falls in battle because you typed or chose to watch, you will be jailed. If the ninja who did not help was afk with no evidence of being active while a fight occurred, jails should not be given. Rule 5 - It's up to the individual if he wants to kill any outsider. One cannot order them to stop unless the Hokage or council commands it, or if the outsider is on our Ally list. This rule is to protect a leaf villager's right to fight who they want to. They cannot be jailed for attacking enemies who are not on our Ally list. If a ninja is visiting the village for a meeting with the Hokage or his Council, the order to not attack them must be respected. Those who do not follow will be jailed. You should be given 1 warning to stop, any further attacks after that point put you at risk of being jailed. Rule 6 - Do not place a bounty on a Leaf ninja or any of our allies. Evidence of bounties being placed will be met with 2 strikes to the offender. No jail time. There does not need to be evidence that a transaction was made, only evidence that a bounty was placed. (Why would a bounty hunter incriminate their clients?) Rule 7 - Respect and follow orders from higher ranked shinobis of your village. Evidence of disobedience will be given a jail sentence. Rule 8 - Leaf Ninjas must abide by the terms set by the Hokage and Council with other villages if any alliances or joint events are to be held. Punishments for these will vary based on the terms set. Basically, if our village enters agreements with rival villages, you are expected to respect them. Rule 9 - Do not intentionally scam or steal from another Leaf ninja. Examples such as not respecting trades or stealing items that do not belong to you will be punished by Jail. However, if evidence is given that you did not respect rolls while grinding bosses you will be given 3 strikes and exiled if you fail to return the item to it's rightful owner. For those who would want to report rolls that were not expected, make sure to include evidence that rolling was agreed to by the ninjas involved before the rolls actually happened. Rule 10 - If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully. If you are unable to come to an agreement contact a member of our Police Force. (If it's breaking ToS go to GMs) Failure to end an argument and continuing insulting each other after being order to stop will be punished by jail. Rule 11 - Masks are allowed to be worn, however if you are asked by a Chunin+ ninja or an LMPF officer, you must reveal your identity. Once they make note of who you are, you are able to re-equip the mask. Failure to reveal your identity will be given a jail sentence. If a ninja is afk with a mask on, the arresting officer should unjail them if they cooperate with revealing while in the jail cell once they return. Anbu cannot be ordered to reveal their identity. Rule 12 - The Hokage’s orders are absolute, you must follow and respect them. If you disobey the Hokage's commands, they will jail you after however many warnings they deem fit. (Under Atrane's kage term, I will be giving 1 warning minimum each time a command is disobeyed, this could change with my successors) Rule 13 - Do not attack ninjas who are on the Ally list. Evidence of attacking after being told to stop will be given a jail sentence. If the attack escalates to a kill, you will be given a strike as well. If the member on Ally list is masked, no punishment will be given. These ninjas should understand that if they are masked we might not assume who they are and unmask to reveal. Rule 14 - Even if you reset your character, your history with our village will remain intact. (Ex. Rogues who reset should speak to the Hokage first or else they risk being instantly exiled.) Rule 15 - Killing or Attacking other Leaf ninjas is forbidden. (This rule does not apply to spars, tournaments, village free for alls, etc. If all parties do not consent to a fight, do not attack them) Attacking after being asked to stop will be given a jail sentence. Evidence of killing Leaf ninjas will be given 1 strike, no jail time. Rule 16 - It is prohibited to invite a known enemy of the Leaf to Leaf territory whether it be for sparring or otherwise (unless authorized the Kage or Council). Note: you are free to hang out and do spars with anyone everywhere else besides leaf territory (between Leaf Statues and Mini-bridge) regardless who it is. If an enemy is seen on our territory, there is no warning required to kill them. Some ninjas may be kind and ask them to leave, but it is not expected of them to show this kindness to an enemy. While this rule itself has no punishment listed, you are at risk of breaking other rules if you attempt to aid them. Just spar in other places such as toad or their village. Rule 17 - Do no intentionally deceive or make a false statement that is material to the criminal investigation of a crime to a LMPF officer. If your report is proven to be edited or falsified in any way, you will be given 1 strike and the case will be dismissed. Examples of false reports are things such as: Editing with the use of Photoshop tools, leaving out important context, combining 2 unrelated events, etc. Rule 18 - Do not intentionally attack or kill summons of Leaf villagers without permission from the summoner. Reported instances will be given a jail sentence. Rule 19 - Do not use your summon to intentionally attack or kill Leaf villagers without getting permission from the person being attacked. Reported instances will be given a jail sentence. Council: @Prado @Josh @Enver Our administration thanks @Deathmall for his work with the previous rulebook. For this term we will be using this one, however the old one is in safe keeping if future kages wish to reuse it.
  5. Atrane

    @Bubble i love u
  6. Atrane

    I definitely agree with the idea of giving player-made organizations more tangible meaning outside of RP. Imagine a single organization station that gives universal missions to each org, and as you earn experience and rewards you gain benefits for your organization. For example, organizations could have a system where when as you gain points toward your org, you could unlock new features such as your own uniform, discounted shop, small buffs, organization chat, etc. Something like this could change the landscape of the game, if you're unhappy with how an official org is being used or ran, you would be able to build something of your own that could possibly rival or surpass the benefits of official organizations.
  7. Atrane

  8. Atrane

    I kind of agree, there are some danger zone maps with mobs that players have no reason to grind in because the exact same mob exists in safe zones not that far away.
  9. Atrane

    Lightning definitely doesn't need extra crowd control, cutter already exerts enough pressure to make the target prioritize sub against it if they can't cancel. I think the idea of smaller range run cast or additional range on stand cast is fine, but additional crowd control on a stun stacked mastery is unneeded.
  10. It's a bug with the slow runcast mechanism, if youre Walking/Slowed as you cast these types of jutsus you will appear to walk backwards and the screen will move. Crescent beheading, Firewall, Lightning cutter all do it
  11. I definitely think removing some of the functions from the low tier weapons and putting them on new pipes or fans with higher strength requirements is a great way to fix the problems that exist in the current game state. A low strength fan could hit you with some wind, but its not strong enough to push you back. Or a low strength pipe could hit you with a bubble but its not enough to snare you for as long or at all. As these bubble/fan players level up, they can get more weapon options with higher str reqs that give more benefits due to their advanced development in the mastery.
  12. AtraneAugust2020.png.e929ed1677373697bfeb6247b69d19c6.png

    It's been a wild ride, and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

    Atrane's Arc, 2017-Present.

    1. Furiia Hinode
    2. Charky


      He became uglier as time went on.... the troubles of being Atrane... T_T

  13. Atrane

    That 4 second cool down on poison scalpel needs a nerf.
  14. I believe that there should be a long term look at weapons, and that there should be many different weapons added to the game that every mastery can strategically put stat points to have different benefits. In the current state of the game however, these 2 exclusive weapons are so wide spread and oppressive simply because there is really no downside to using them (speaking for ninjas who dont use the exclusive mastery they are intended for). The solution that keeps being brought up is to simply restrict these weapons, pipe and fan, to their mastery so that ninjas who dont specialize in what they are intended for cant take advantage of the benefits that they provide. I agree that this is one way to fix them, but it also implies that the current game state is the final game state, and that is not something that I agree with I think. Fans in their current state seem fine to me, but that is probably because i remember how insane they used to be with just being a simple knockback with no projectile. Pipes however... that snare is beyond insane. The current pipe should be moved into a position similar to twin fans, with a higher level req and a higher str req. While at the same time, a new pipe should be added in the current pipes place. This new pipe could have a reduced snare, or small bubble basic attack. Basically, a lessened version of the current 2 second snare that is so easily accessible to ninjas who arent even bubble users. As for the anbu suggestion, yea i think the sandbu sword could maybe use some new artwork or something to be more unqiue, but its seems pretty low on the priority list atm.