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  1. Atrane

    These look really good
  2. Atrane

    @Rumaki is easily known as nin's most popular youtuber, at least when it comes to a normal player. He's put out multiple videos that even were featured by @Ueda himself. Some examples of his uploads (each with over 1k views!) 5,000 views: 1.8k views And many more! He is definitely one of nin's most iconic players and I'm sure he has reached out to new players who found the game because of his work! Justice for Rumaki!!!
  3. Atrane

    yea kick @Rumaki already he has been akatsuki since 1492, its time to come home son
  4. Definitely disgusting behavior, but its better suited in a player report rather than a forum post.
  5. Atrane

    Yep whole palette looks funky, cant wait for it to be fixed
  6. Atrane

    removing this option wont save you from my discord dm harass
  7. Atrane

    What is this propaganda
  8. Atrane

    Leaf, Sand, Takumi all have unique long coats. It's time to give a few recolors to mist!!!
  9. Atrane

    The tweak should be letting it keep its snare while making the level 20 pipe not snare at all. Providing incentive for bubble users to put more into strength.
  10. Atrane

  11. Atrane

    Very nice
  12. One possible change i'd like to propose is changing Vortex into an instant cast silence. Overall stuns are much stronger than silences due to how much they restrict their opponent, this isn't something fire needs due to the amount of damage the mastery provides. Making Vortex into an instant cast silence could also differentiate this jutsu from just being "Worse lightning current."