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  1. Atrane

    we can't let this be forgotten
  2. Atrane

    A sizable dojo with plenty of space for fights will only be a benefit for the community, a place to gather and fight without relying on GMs hosting random tournaments. It's a shame that is has not been added yet, and the excuse that it will kill danger zones should only be motivation for developers to create something that will revive them. It could have a daily requirement to enter, something like killing x amount of ninjas in danger/war zones or collecting a certain amount of bounty. That way people would be inspired to go out into danger zones and fight in order to gain entry.
  3. Atrane

    I think the venom oil suggestion would be cooler if you could like, take certain ingredients to an npc and have him craft a set of poisoned tools. Like 100x venom + 100x shuriken = 100 poisoned shurikens. Maybe could be something we do ourselves if we ever get a crafting update. I'm against weather being disabled because it makes the world have different effects on everyone involved. For example when its raining it kind of messes with the vision of everyone in the map even if only slightly. Bounty reset you should have to pay the Bounty NPC double the bounty you have. Killing other ninjas is meant to be a crime and it doesn't make sense to remove your wanted status for free. Rest of the ideas are cool.
  4. Atrane

    Nah this is straight facts, maybe add a couple bears in the mix that are slightly stronger and can stun but every single bear stunning is so god awful to fight in
  5. Atrane

    Yea, the exp gains scale with what level your character is when you claim
  6. Atrane

    What level were you when you claimed the bounty?
  7. Atrane

    Currently the only way to get the bald hairstyle is to register a character with it. I think it would be cool to add this hairstyle either as a cash shop option similar to the other default styles, or maybe as an event coupon item. One other option would be to make hairstyles more like a toggle. Clicking once puts the style on but if you click again it takes the style away leaving your character bald.
  8. Atrane

    There's definitely 2 paths that can be taken, nerfing like this post suggests and nerfing elements ability to compete with melee masteries. The other option is presenting a weapon to leaf that can be used similarly to bring elements up to par with the rest of the game. Honestly both are fine imo but WM doesnt seem like its going to be changed any time soon, so giving leaf a cc weapon is probably the best chance.
  9. Atrane

    I've personally never understood it either, the reasoning for it seems pretty irrelevant when you consider that super rare end game items are allowed. Also, summons are locked behind a 2 second cast that can quite easily be interrupted.
  10. Atrane

    These still going?
  11. Atrane

    Design wise I don't think it should be like the person who threw the shuriken is having it return to him, just reversing course and coming back to the tile it was thrown from. I don't think it would need a self stun in that case, especially if it is only capable of dealing damage once. All of the current elemental jutsu evolutions relate to making their jutsu do more aoe and I think this is a different way of showcasing that.
  12. Atrane

    Intellect wind mastery is the only of the elements to have no jutsu that evolves. Fire and Water have single bullets that evolve into triple. Earth and Light have EP/Cutter evolutions. I have an unique idea for wind shuriken to have an evolution that is a bit different than any jutsu we have in game right now. The current wind shuriken is thrown like this: For my idea, the evolved wind shuriken would react different due the users advanced learning of controlling wind. The shuriken would travel forward normally and at it's max range it would reverse course and go back to it's starting point. Also, the stronger wind currents would make the shuriken become piercing. (Possibly hitting twice if someone stays in it's path, but thats a balance decision) images not drawn to scale, just trying to better showcase the idea
  13. Atrane

  14. Pretty much title. Bosses are pretty difficult already, it could be nice to know how much more progress you need before killing it.
  15. Atrane

    Yea i think the bug of jonins following friendly ninjas is a different bug than the one this thread is talking about though