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  1. Atrane

    If bi is changed to be more restricting, it should be balanced out by having a method to speed up the duration. One example could be adding a jutsu in the hospital that will remove bi after a 4 minute stand cast time.
  2. Atrane

    @Ueda this is what appears when checking name history, any chance you can give word on if this will be fixed?
  3. Atrane

    Neutral raid spawns in danger zones giving incentive for people to go out and fight, whichever village gets the last hit gets the point.
  4. Atrane

    I think another good idea would be to add random raid points that spawn in neutral areas or danger zones. For example, a global message could appear saying like, "A raid point is spawning at Dark Clearing." Whichever village captures it would get additional points besides the ones inside of rival villages. Something like this would also make a case for increased time between resets, since there would be a constant flow of new points to capture.
  5. Atrane

    Same here, can't turn in waging war due to the mission log being full.
  6. Atrane

    LMAO go off sis
  7. Atrane

    Life sure does seem uncivilized in the south
  8. Atrane

    Hierarchy of Ranks in our village will be as follows: KAGE JONIN SPECIALIZED JONIN CHUNIN GENIN ACADEMY STUDENT
  9. Atrane

    I think people are more worried about the amount of time that a player would be immune. If its a 10 second maplock, how much of that time would someone be immune from damage to avoid being spammed to death while loading. If this time duration is too long, it can easy be abused to scout risk free with no chance of punishing from the opposing force.
  10. Atrane

    Just gonna bump this because they're really good. The game definitely could use more cosmetics like this.
  11. Atrane

    Nice work, editing is cool and stuff. Not sure if the song choice fits the theme of Akatsuki if I'm being real honest, still a cool vid though.
  12. Yea, the hits being the sword swing animation seem unintended and make the weapon overall really clunky. Hopefully this gets fixed so such a rare item can meet the expectations we all had.
  13. Alright old man time to edo tensei and return. We miss ya

  14. Atrane


    Can't wait to see it once you find the time!