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    Yea, these lottery type drops have become extremely stale. The bosses are just meat wall stat checks punching for 1k damage, and even if you bring it down it's hardly worth the time or effort since the drop rates for ANYTHING are so low. Why do bosses like Guren and Gafuki have 100% drop rates on at least ryo while other bosses don't? Not to mention how easy it is for a rogue to walk out of hospital and do them on respawn, while other bosses are in more contested areas giving nothing for hours at a time. Touching up this content really should not take much work but it's been this way for years, like the 10 ryo drop from a bandit that isn't only slightly less rare than a cosmetic or weapon. Hopefully an eye will be turned to this content after the client is finished...
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    This is a great idea and shows the types of content that can be added, even if they aren't exactly these passives. Really good idea Antar
  3. Some of the missions have been buggy for me, relogging fixed any problems i've had so far with missions not completing or outright disappearing lol
  4. I am aware of this philosophy related to restricted content, but it seems to be inconsistently applied to certain aspects of the game. For example, once you unlock the level 30 toad arc, you are free to complete that when you wish. However, players opt into doing it earlier in order to reap the rewards (exp) as soon as possible. And even after completing this arc there are other reasons for players to return to the land of toads, like farming raccoons for a certain cosmetic or using it as a peaceful place to meet rivals. Same for the land of iron, which will probably see a lot more traffic once the level cap raises one day. I believe this type of content works fine for certain smaller bosses or other instances. Spider boss is a very good example that I think fits with what you are trying to achieve, similar to the dull edges and sharp minds mission in Takumi. Personally, I view the Snake lair somewhere in between something like the cursed host cave bosses (no level restrictions at all) and something on the scale of Toad or Iron. I genuinely think the snake lair is one of the coolest parts of the game, solving the maze and eventually finding a boss. It's just that me and many other players feel as though it could be put to better use, especially when you look at the content of the rest of the game.
  5. Ye that's right this another post asking to adjust the Manda boss to accept a wider range of levels, maybe even removing the level limit completely! There could be a system like, you have to be level 30 minimum to attempt the boss and no limit. However there could be a price, such as a certain amount of snake venoms, to be allowed through the gate. Also, to compensate for the level restriction being changed, drop rates / difficulty could be adjusted slightly. Maybe some new drops as well This boss is thematically the coolest one we have in game at the moment. But not many people get to enjoy it or even see the merit in trying it in it's current state, whether it's due to shirokata being dropped in Land of Iron, or they just don't discover it before it's too late and they've passed the level cap. Surely this is something that could be looked in to!
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    when it became official it was renamed to Muteki
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    This is the history from the player who founded the clan for the global server, but it seems fine for you to create a story for your own character. After reading it, it doesn't seem like a clan history story but an origin story for a specific character.
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    Dope idea, more common jutsus can make it so that each player can feel unique!
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    You're on point with the fact that Lightning has a great kit, but saying cutter is trash is just out of touch with reality. (also water was easily best element back then xd) Lightning being good at "solo encounters" does not translate to just to being good in 1v1s. No other jutsu is as punishing as cutter when it lands, and the best place for it to land is in multiple person skirmishes or full on raids. And more often than not, it's only 1 person who is taking the punishment of whatever combo comes next. Going back on the thread's topic, I think it's an interesting take but isn't the change lightning needs
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    Character progression is what will motivate players to get out in the field and actually do stuff. Most players do dailies and log out, hit level cap and wait for chances to prove themselves in exams or tournaments, or by being accepted into official organizations (and gaining power just for being invited?) Basically, players need a reason to improve their character in some type of way. The game already has this type of content with bosses dropping weapons, mostly for weapon masters and other weapon using masteries. Charms are another example of character progression although done in an RNG one and done way. Adding more bosses with insane difficulty and a 0.1% chance of dropping whatever you're trying to get is just unfun gameplay. It can work for cosmetics but when it comes to boosting a characters combat ability, eh.. Poison Kunai and Blood Katana/Tonfas are extremely good examples of the type of content that takes a considerable amount of effort but you can also see your progress in attaining your goal. These items require you to spend time in multiple different areas acquiring items to construct what you want. Give us a reason to move from place to place and face whatever variables (players, mobs, armies?!, etc.) This concept can be applied to many different types of gear as well, it doesn't only have to be swords. One example is maybe using iron from the land of iron to craft a set of shurikens/kunais/senbons that have higher base damages than the basic ones sold in any shop. It would require players to continually put effort in gathering the materials since tools are something that needs replenished. The benefit doesn't have to be this but you get the idea. Use your imagination to create something worth getting for most people. Forbidden Jutsus, weapons with unique uses, consumables similar to honey, clothing and a transmog system like @Light suggested. The possibilities are endless really.
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    @Rumaki hey son i tried my best to downvote but can't find the button. gl in harass 7sm abuser
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    Definitely would be cooler as a weapon, seems like if anything the description would just get changed instead.
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    These look really good
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    @Rumaki is easily known as nin's most popular youtuber, at least when it comes to a normal player. He's put out multiple videos that even were featured by @Ueda himself. Some examples of his uploads (each with over 1k views!) 5,000 views: 1.8k views And many more! He is definitely one of nin's most iconic players and I'm sure he has reached out to new players who found the game because of his work! Justice for Rumaki!!!
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    yea kick @Rumaki already he has been akatsuki since 1492, its time to come home son
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    Yep whole palette looks funky, cant wait for it to be fixed
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    removing this option wont save you from my discord dm harass
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    What is this propaganda
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    Leaf, Sand, Takumi all have unique long coats. It's time to give a few recolors to mist!!!
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    The tweak should be letting it keep its snare while making the level 20 pipe not snare at all. Providing incentive for bubble users to put more into strength.
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    Very nice