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  1. I guess its okay. i can see all your hard work from the trailer! keep it up!
  2. So... no Open alpha test 3? I want to play this so bad tho. college life still need money, cant spend more money on games D:
  3. LoL acc = deathseconds

    1. paramontana


      What region do you play?

  4. Wheres Rory? anyway seth. the max cap already increase right? i wait for a month to wait the max cap
  5. so can you tell the info about when you guys gonna do the big patch? hopefully around this week. ^^
  6. Ikki Kurosaki

    So your saying this gonna wipe? Dammit my ryo gone :< anyway what do you mean max cap level 20 but if you like to lvl up. Wait for few weeks?
  7. please dont report here. as you can see we had a report bug thread provided. thanks for your cooperation.
  8. Ikki Kurosaki

    haha ok! i meant to play the event tho. so no worries
  9. Ikki Kurosaki

    well. let me join ! i can be anything!
  10. Meet your new enemy rise upon you