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  1. wow I was 2 when this game was made thats crazy (but my parents let me play this game so its fine) nice work roro
  2. MrChubb

    I hope that your dream comes true
  3. MrChubb

    While I am not a leaf ninja, your clan seems like a great idea! Thank you for sharing!
  4. MrChubb

    This is actually a great idea! Thank you for sharing this Yugure!
  5. nices ideas!!!
  6. MrChubb

    I agree slug does not seem very viable at all compared to the other summons!!!
  7. MrChubb

    I really like this idea, would really make nin feel like the true ninja experience that naruto is, and could set up some really nice/fun stuff.
  8. MrChubb

    event canceled @Jake from State Farm?
  9. MrChubb

    seems veri cool
  10. MrChubb

    damn i beat old dona o.o thank u fellow king Enver!
  11. MrChubb

    wouldnt that just take away 1k each time an ANBU dies?
  12. MrChubb

    Rory already said that he was gonna add new missions, but I think instead of just making extra missions even harder, it would be better to add some more original missions. I do not think many people would grind for getting a 500 Ryo bounty award. Maybe something like spying inside the village, or talking to different Npc's inside a village. Something that will add extra challenge, but not be impossible. Also on an unrelated note, an extra Jutsu slot for level 60's would be nice.
  13. MrChubb

    dragon mask, top hat, horns/antlers, the naruto eye glass thing, headbands, hermit band,
  14. MrChubb

    Ultimate Warzone