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  1. BROOO DANG how long has it been??? I've been SLEEEPzzz HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN PLAYING??

  2. damn i haven't played in forever i wonder wassup now addays 

  3. im getting logged out every time

  4. the lag was real just like 2 mins a go is something going on??

  5. :P still loving this game props to the creators i could play this forever!!!! but for real this game includes friends fashion and fame what else do you need i mean this game for the short time I've been playing I've met a lot of amazing people, and failed every scroll but my love for this game will never change #NINFOREVER 

  6. Rory are you giving up hokage??

  7. dude i cant wait for the update to finish

  8. my first day on this game was really fun! i made a friend named Carsh and met a lot of cool people although we were under attack by missing nin and sand ninjas at night when the blessing was on!!!! im going to continue playing this game

    1. Tartarus


      Glad you like it! :-) Hope you enjoy your time here.

    2. Sasakoi


      i truthfully am