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  1. JunPachi

    A quick suggestion for the Land of Iron...Tower. In Land of Iron when you finish doing the missions outside and you unlock the tower you are tasked with yet another mission. You are tasked with killing 200 Elite Horned and Elite Samurais totaling out to 400 samurai kills. This mission seems to be overkill with the kill count needed especially after you have just killed 380 Samurais outside the tower. My suggestion is to tone down the kills to 150 Elite Samurais and 100 Horned Samurais OR 150 Elite Samurais and 150 Elite Horned Samurais.
  2. JunPachi

    Error Logs with issues in it

    Error Log with issues from 11/27-12/23 errors.txt
  3. JunPachi

    im playing wm not for ease but the fun it is to get the swords and collect them. Ive played everything from most difficult to easy so that boat doesn't fit me. the skills just need to work different
  4. JunPachi

    WM don't need another nerf. What would you even nerf on them? Damage? Swords increase WM damage not WM itself so if anything would be nerfed it would be swords base damage. More so Str WM Kit needs changing on its jutsus. The way the kit is and the difficulty with landing the other jutsus like shockwave slash, Beheading, blade piercing, and wild slashes it makes no sense to use them. This is why you see flicker melee/melee, and the 2 homing skills used more than anything in the kit. I feel its time to introduce dashes to Nin to replace of some of the stagnant WM jutsus and maybe even taijutsu.
  5. JunPachi

    My journey as a Leaf ninja if no one has seen it yet on the discord
  6. JunPachi

    id reduce risky range and make the level 30 skill a dash for experimental test..mainly because the dash can also be used as an escape and not just an offensive capability. Still for this to even get tested rory would have to be down to do it. The dash would not be a homing. it would be more so a 1 tile - 3-5 tiles forward. HOWEVER this skill will be allowed to pierce through people meaning. Example below i shall draw - = the dash x= opponent o=end mark --X-XO this is 5 tiles forward in 1 line..if the opponents are lined up you can dash through them hitting them. Kind of works similar to a projectile except instead of a skill/object flying forward the player himself is being flung forward as the projectile that pierces.
  7. JunPachi

    Lv 1>lv2>lv3 3>4>5 and a self stun or silence after a dash
  8. JunPachi

    I have a few suggestions I'd like to see thought about or experimented with. Also, if someone can help me come up with some sketches of these ideas or use the photo editing skills they have to make it real. Crescent Moon Beheading Lv. 30 This skill is currently slow run cast, but would like to see an experimental change that would make it a dash with a 2 second run cast time. Jutsu Charge Give us the ability to be able to charge some jutsus after maxing the level via holding the hotkey it is assigned to for "X" amount of seconds before it either automatically fires or you let go of the key. This would give the jutsu a higher cooldown and chakra cost if you hold the key down, but if you just use the jutsu regularly it will cost the regular chakra and have a regular cooldown. An example of this is me charging lightning feast to silence my opponent for 1 second while doing the regular damage it does or charging Shockwave Slash to cause a knockback upon hit along with the regular damage it does.
  9. JunPachi

    not pure...pure is only strong if u get a gassed up sword like kraken hammer or LOI swords PURE WM doesn't have much canceling ability and can get severely punished against the right people even in the right hands and before people say u have 1.6k-1.9k hp....u wont reach 1.9k hp unless u rock 70 str with like 150 chakra meaning u have to sacrifice stats and utility for more hp just to still die just at a slower rate. In this sense high hp builds with the current slow regeneration system sucks cuz it takes forever to regenerate and the amount u regenerate is very low @Indra
  10. JunPachi

    Here I am with another suggestion post...I know I know tiring right? Today I will be suggesting a change on how weapon regeneration work. Since the recent changes to how regeneration work with it being heavily based on you having full chakra to start the regeneration process the other ways to regenerate hp are gone. No longer standing still away from danger to regenerate HP and no more walking to regenerate hp. Currently the only ways to regain hp is to: A.) Be healed by a medic B.) Being revived by a medic or Will of Fire which grants a % of HP back C.) Leveling Up D.) A weapon that has regeneration attributes Well on this thread I will only talk about D. the regeneration ability of weapons. Currently weapons such as Bone Sword, Blood Katana, Blood Tonfas, and 1 of the LOI swords offer HP regeneration passively through a sword. This however, only regenerates at a slow pace which takes about 20-40 seconds for even 1 tick of health regeneration to proc. This means about every 20-40 seconds you may gain 10-30 HP. There's a twist though, this regeneration is chakra based so meaning it's another regeneration which amounts are determined by the amount of chakra the wielder has. Suggestion I Suggest on making these weapons regeneration take less time to kick in/regenerate with the new regeneration system. If the time can't/won't be lowered for the regeneration I suggest to increase the amount of HP that is regenerated. Lower Regeneration Time by 10-15 seconds Increase Regeneration Health Gain by 10-15 Make the regeneration based off current chakra in pool ( Ie. 50/250) instead of max overall chakra
  11. JunPachi

    Currently if you have a full cash shop it is very hard to redeem items you've bought. Recently I bought some of the new items and now I am having difficulty being able to redeem them with some not even able to redeem until this is fixed.The "redeem" button is being blocked by other items which cause me to have to try to click in between the cracks to redeem an item which is hard/annoying.Another issue is that if I have items that are not shown on the first page; there is no way to scroll down as the scroll down function doesn't work from the cash shop stash window or if you go to the physical NPC in game I suggest fixing the scrolling option and move the Redeem button to a different area so that it doesn't overlap with the items you have bought. 1. is the Redeem Option overlapping with item's you've bought 2. is the Scroll bar which doesn't allow you to scroll up or down at all to see other items you've bought.
  12. JunPachi

    Recently Risky Blade and Blade Piercing received some nerfs/changes that I'd like to reiterate. They are as followed: Weapon Master (Sword) Balance Changes Risky Blade Dance no longer interrupt casts.Risky Blade Dance Technique now has a 0.5s end cast time.Crescent Moon Beheading Technique cast time reduced from 2s to 1s.Crescent Moon Beheading Technique damage reduced from 41/41/42 to 29/29/30.Blade Piercing Technique damage reduced from 32/32/33 to 29/29/30.Risky Blade Dance Technique damage increased from 28/28/29 to 32/32/33.Wild Slashes Range increased from 3 tiles to 4 tiles.Shockwave Slash Technique Speed Increased 20% (100 to 80).Shockwave Slash Technique Cooldown reduced from 16/16/16 to 15/15/15. I showed you all this to show what was changed in the red and what my suggestions will be for them. Risky Blade I'm all for the changes, but I feel that the changes were over tuned and I shall state why. Risky is fine with having a self stun of 0.5 at the end or no longer having the ability to interrupt cast but having both does the skill no justice. You are self stunned after using the skill which allows for an opponent to follow up with any skill that doesn't have a cast time Also you can no longer interrupt cast with this skill as it was a necessity for pure strength weapon masters to cancel things. However, it is fine that it was removed as some swords cause knockback and there is a secondary skill to interrupt cast even though it is harder to cancel/use than other cancels in game Suggest: I suggest that either the self stun is reduced to 0.1-0.3 seconds/removed entirely or change it to a silence so that the user can still move around but cant cast jutsus for a broken burst. Blade Piercing Currently Blade Piercing is a decent skill, but when you think about the level it is and the skill it doesn't allow you to use if used it makes you think of your actions. Shadow Shuriken which is a cancel and blade piercing are both the same level meaning you have a choice to use 1 or the other while they share a cooldown. This is fine, but when playing pure strength weapon master you are hindered by this. Blade piercing had it's damage reduced but not by much all while having a 2 second self stun after use. (Yes it is 2 seconds I timed it) Majority of strength weapon master jutsus have a cast time and now 2 of the jutsus have a self stun this being 1 of them and the other Risky Blade. Suggest: I suggest that the self stun cased by blade piercing is reduced/removed at each level until at max level where it is at it's lowest or completely removed. My example is as followed: 1 second self stun> 0.5 second self stun> No self Stun 1 second self stun>0.5 second self stun> 0.5 second self stun 1 second self stun> 1 second self stun> 05. second self stun
  13. JunPachi

    I'm making freestyles of the top of the head I'm at the bank collecting the dead You make a move I'm 4 steps ahead You making raps no1 heard what you said Nothing from you is important Kick down your door without a warrant You may be evil but noble I'm violent Call you a besty at any moment You had to work for your skill, mine is a talent Story of Jun the Gallant You ever seen a human topple a giant You make a rule you know I'm defying The laws of physics aint no applying A noble in motion cant be stopped aint no denying Step in my way i send your art flying Blast off again like team rocket One of your streams you came out of your closet Wearing tight pants with lint in your pocket All your raps are so rapid Foam from your mouth you must be rabid all them cuts on your wrist you need a band aid A rapper and a Gm a jack of all trades All of that work but not getting paid no wonder you only see 50 shades I see in color aint no sparing you noble flap the honor Kill you every time you spit they want me for murder I put you on my track to give you a sponsor You needed the clout, I needed the laughter Empty the clip with 1 in the chamber Watch i get a warning point with a ban hammer So flap the world and the new order It's Jun on the track noble I'm the father Pay your respects or pay with your death in either order if you stood on your raps you would still be shorter took 2 days to make a song your brain had to buffer I played with my dong now you will suffer as I move along money to be made I cant keep acting out with you this not a charade I gotta get paid, money to be made if you wanna fight so bad we can catch a fade, so when you see me you better be ready to play
  14. JunPachi

    for fun @Erox
  15. JunPachi

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