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  1. JunPachi

    cuz i be sick lol @Erox but i must keep the content going OOF
  2. JunPachi

    Old to me New to you all. Something i made a while back but never uploaded. Enjoy If you dont like it block me!!!
  3. JunPachi

    @RedRum let your village know i will be using this feature ALOT
  4. Logically speaking from an RP standpoint what i said is facts? #freezehud my kage tho so no complaints
  5. JunPachi

    how flute got a base dmg higher than pipe
  6. JunPachi

    So as Nin reaches a new peak and another summer of gaming with updates to come I thought I'd add some low level side quest additions for each village. Mist As you know the Mist Village has a Place most players call "Temple". Outside the Temple where the Red Box is you could place an NPC which could be named _____ Talking to this NPC will begin the Questline known as the "Haunted Temple." There would be 4 Parts to this Quest which would be given in a order to complete as follow: Kill The Temple Guardian known as Tanuki Break the Barrier Seal on the Temple Doors(Some of us have already done this to be able to enter the Temple) Kill 100 Evil Spirits Collect 50 Undead Charms. After collecting them the NPC(he/she) can begin to create a stronger Barrier Seal on the Haunted House. -Rewards can be EXP, RYO or an quest item or unique title such as "Exorcist" Leaf Leaf has a Flower shop with an NPC thats infatuated with someone with the name that starts with an R. The quest would be to find out who name starts with an R. Once you tell her who name starts with an R and the awful news about that person you are to put flowers on they grave given to you by the Flower Shop Owner. Questline will go as followed: Ask around Leaf to see who name starts with an R. (Duke, Candy Apple Seller, and a new NPC will be who you'd ask and receive the bad news from) You will then report back to Inoki the Flower Shop Owner to tell her the bad news and she will then task you with finding out what flowers he like by asking some NPCS again ( Gm to pick the NPCS or create them) so she can give them to you to put on his grave Find his grave and place the flowers on it for the Flower Shop Owner so she can remember him. -Rewards will be EXP/RYO an Accessory( Flower Petal for Hair) and/or a Title such as " Flower Power" I will make a Sand side Quest once I think of one to be added in a separate post. I feel this will give a little something to do in each village and even add a little RP for your character to do.
  7. JunPachi

    I asked for this to be nerfed in the past and it never saw the light of day. I hope you succeed where I failed. Hopefully these summer months are filled with balancing and good content updates that don't last a week then die out.
  8. JunPachi


    im curious what was a lie? because i use melee kunai now and not only that...ive also taken a break from the game
  9. JunPachi

    If you heard mist vcs when we raid and we be roasting and talking shit and laughing everything up even when we lose fights LMAO
  10. JunPachi

    WoF is fine as is. In fact this make WoF actually great because imagine if you're in the process of executing someone and it's interrupted because they WoF activated. Make sure to give executing a cast time too so its balanced.
  11. JunPachi

    i guess lumy is the best fire wind w/o being fire wind..man quit fire wind cuz it was "trash" Meanwhile im fire wind and the only 1 and wont get mentioned despite being good and active with it Primal your list is something else
  12. JunPachi

    NInja best fire/wind at the moment
  13. JunPachi

    Nice suggestions and good additions.. May seem small but from an RP aspect can be interesting and made fun for RP missions and such.
  14. JunPachi


    My damage doesn't make me meta when I have to aim everything to do the high degree meanwhile everyone else can just spam flicker combos or rely on a weapon to get free dmg
  15. JunPachi


    Hey there just another Legendary Ninja doing legendary things with a challenge for you all!! Lately in discord a few vets have been saying lets lock Fans/Pipes to the respected masteries and a lot of people disagree with that suggestion. Why do they disagree? is it because they need the crutch to stand a chance in the world of Nin? is it because they have bad aim and can't land any jutsus? You don't have the answer do you? Hell I don't either but any who. The challenge is if you aren't a Wind user or a Water use try fighting without your weapon and try to get better at the game as a whole. Right now these weapons are carrying some of these ninjas and down the road you never know what can possibly happen. They may become mastery locked or they may receive a higher requirement. All I know is Ninja AKA JunPachi is not a Bubble Pipe user and he's from Mist. He's a Wind/Fire user with no Pipe relying on pure aim and skill and is enjoying every minute of it. Be more like him...Don't rely on meta!!! Meta Changes Will You?!?! #Noweapon