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  1. JunPachi

    @Lumy yea old puppet w/o inf respawn would be better..it was more tanky use to shoot fire dragon and so on. Now its like a reduced form but can spawn constantly.
  2. JunPachi

    i said a cd option in the post...also said that if u give it a cd raise it's hp back up to what it was back then
  3. JunPachi

    Hey again today....IM ON A ROLL!!!! Any who as you all know almost all summons use some sort of skill whether its a close range or long range skill. Whether its an Corps Summon or a regular animal summon. Some of these summons have skills that hit multiple times even if you're standing still and if you run the direction the projectile is firing it will pierce you multiple times probably leading to your death. Weasel Wind Scythe: Clam Water Bullet: Grand Puppet Water Wave: All 3 of these skills need to only hit once if it's the same target but still pierce to hit other targets. As i said these skills multi hit even if standing still and some of them stronger than others can lead to a one hit kill. Some Summoning skills even hit through substitution but doesn't so to say break your substitution. Clam AOE Stun Monkey Whirlwind Kick Grand Puppet Lightning Current Toad Fire Bullet These skills currently hits your substitution but doesn't break it meaning your sub still has a second chance to play the role it's meant to. Some of these summons use it's said skills multiple times back to back which result in a spam constant warp back to the mob/person subbed which is annoying and flawed. These skills also hit outside the hit box/animation given to them which confuses players as to how they are hit or the sub they use is broken. I suggest fixing the hit box/animation range of these skills and let them break sub.
  4. JunPachi

    Currently Grand Puppet for the Sand Corps Puppet Brigade may not seem like a big deal when fighting them but low-key it is. in the past these puppets got an health nerf and a nerf on the multiple times the water wave can hit I believe. These two nerfs weren't bad but the health shouldn't of got nerfed. Currently the Puppet is killable but can immediately be respawned when a simple equip/unequip of the weapon/item which just instantly respawns it with full hp. I suggest there be some kind of draw back on constantly respawning an item/summon so easily with no cost. Either raise the weapon swap cooldown of the item and in return raise it's hp back up Or simply make it an Summoning jutsu that doesn't take up a slot nor counts as a summoning jutsu. (Ie Similar to how sandies can have more than 1 elemental puppet summon + a animal summon) This way it can have a cooldown/chakra cost and not be so spammy.
  5. JunPachi

    now all that is left @Erox is to give me a like on my post
  6. JunPachi

    @Erox might want to check some of the kages out then. Ik mist kage has an alt in 7sm idk about leaf and sand and rogue corps
  7. JunPachi

    With the new Corps change making everything towards official orgs being done in game and live changes to them there has been a few things that stood out to me. People can immediately leave orgs and rejoin with no downtime in between I suggest adding a downtime one can rejoin/leave a Corps because people have been abusing this (not a bug) by leaving on 1 account and joining on another since it wont have bis then rejoining on the first account that left with no draw back Kages putting alts in official Corps such as ANBU, 7SM, and etc. I suggest allowing kages to join official Corps which counts as a slot or give Kages something in return for not being able to not join official Corps. The Corp panel shouldn't just pop up on the screen when entering the said corp base The panel pops up when you enter and some results that happen because of this is people accidently clicking leave just add a / command to have the Corp panel come up instead of it being automatically.
  8. JunPachi

    the skills already did low damage. You barely do 40 damage with a kick now at 70 stat points. You also have to look at the PVE aspect which was made harder with this nerf cuz the skill damage is used more over its melee damage output. The melee damage is weaker than gentle fist PP melee and any other melee...
  9. JunPachi

    Recently agility taijutsu was nerfed in damage and it's youthful spring along with it. I hear its because the mastery is spammable which isn't the case. Agility Taijutsu already does low damage in return you're allowed to dish out fast damage DUE to the MELEE SPEED not the skill spam-ability. Only1 taijutsu skill is spammable and that is Breaking Kick. While the other 3 after 20 have 18+ Cooldown i don't understand how its spammy. The only jutsus that should be in the damage/nerfs for agility tai was breaking kick and Youthful Spring. The rest of the kit should of went untouched. Now at 70 agility you barely do 60 damage with the Morning Peacock and whirlwind kick which is the average amount of agility to go if you plan to play anything else with agility taijutsu. At 140 agility you deal 80 damage with both these jutsus when you have other masteries doing way more with the same stats. Agility tai was nerfed badly and its opposition...Gentle Fist is the better choice now days even after its nerf simply because the skill damage is better and the melee damage is better. Agility taijutsu has great speed with poor damage now. before it had average damage with great speed. I suggest undoing some of the nerfs to it or tweaking the skills to be worth the nerfs that it received. Also im not Agility tai im GF im just going off my perspective
  10. JunPachi

    Imo the basic jutsu you get from the Academy should not take a Jutsu slot. As it is the fundamental jutsu u begin with and is needed to graduate the academy. A starter jutsu is what you could call it per say.
  11. JunPachi

    It doesnt need to come back. Just simply set up Little mini wars between factions if you want a team death match aspect. Only down side would be no respawning. This was removed for more than just it's coupon abused.
  12. JunPachi

    imagine blaming everything on me like some big art cry baby. How did i get Event HQ removed when everyone abused it including yourself ? if everyone worried about themselves the game would be 100% better. You want to blame me for getting event HQ? You want to point fingers? Let's point fingers at the fact you paid 1000$ for a sword from Ghost/Redrum/Pirahna.
  13. JunPachi

    A while back in the past I remember asking Rory at one point if medical corps in each village would get a boost similar to how 12g, anbu, 7sm, and so on have respected boost and his answer was Yes. I cant reveal the proof as it is a discord DM and breaks privacy act. If Medical Corps will offer something I thought it would be something incorporated into their current outfits or something that's in game. A specific part of the Medical Corps outfits that you get from the Medical Npcs in each village 1 of the pieces will have a specific boost for the org. This item can only be worn by members of the medical corps and if you leave the village or the org you can not wear the item and it will auto un-equip if already on. It would be something similar to how this is Thoughts?
  14. JunPachi

    Hey i had a curious question about the jutsu 16 palms/suggestion At max level does 16 palms Evolve into its better form? If not i feel like we should allow it to what do you all think?
  15. JunPachi

    I said in the message that the old guide got deleted @Wanheda. I also added a little more with the guides from each faction so people have some sort of understanding/