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  1. JunPachi

    Organization Ideas

    So currently certain organizations have no upside to them outside of having bases in certain locations. Compared to other organizations this is a turn off to join the organizations because they lack buffs or perks and some even lack uniforms. My idea Yakuza - 0 cost for spawning in tanzaku since they control the town and reduced prices there when purchasing tools and gambling. Some kind of black suit pr uniform if possible or a new tattoo cosmetic. Hermits - Hermit Organization members should gain the perk of not popping up on bingo book even when they have a bounty since they are hermits and option to spawn in hermit base. Hermits should also get the Hermit Headband removed from coupon shop to be replaced with something else and make the Hermit Headband a purchasable clothing item for members of this organization.
  2. JunPachi

    Icon/Overlay Bug

    The Toitsu Back Scroll has a visual overlay/icon bug that it appears under you when running to the left and not on the players back. Proof in image below
  3. JunPachi

    Clam Water Bullet

    Currently the Clam only shoots the water bullet 1 direction when summoned which is hard to tell which direction that is until it fires it. It doesn't matter if the opponent moves around the clam he doesnt change direction he is shooting.
  4. Hey Nin Players, ever wanted to know what certain acronyms like b1, b2, or dz meant? Well in this post you shall find out from a Long Time Player. (P.S I was bored waiting on a blessing, so I made this for the newbies of the game.) SZ - Also Known as Safe Zone is an area deemed a safe area were waging war kills will not count and you can't lose bounty or gain bounty in these zones. These areas are often located within the village or the training areas near the village. DZ - Also known as Danger Zone is an area deemed a dangerous area due to enemy ninjas fighting here and dangerous creatures that roam the area. Missions like Waging War count and bounties can be gained/lost in danger zones. Often located around the maps such as bears, bounty station, Mini Bridge, and etc. B1 - B1 also known as Bears Map 1 is located left of the dark spiders' map or right of the cursed host map. It gained the name from older players due to it being the first bear map they run into. B2- is also known as Bears Map 2 which is located right below bears map 1, left of snakes, or north of south tigers. It gained the name from older players due to it being the 2nd bear map to run into before reaching south tigers. KH - Also known as Kage House is the place where you get your daily missions each day, Roleplay Missions, the Kage Office, and it's also the place were enemies do missions such as Spy and Documents. BH/Mist BH - AKA The Bounty Station(s) which is a place where you can collect bounties from enemies you have killed to receive Ryo for your character. This is also a place that is very popular to enemy ninjas to travel through so be careful. Missions Such as Bounty Hunt and Village Most Wanted can be completed by collecting bounty from the NPC inside the building. CF - Also Known as Chakra Forest/Forest of Ambush is a place in between Leaf and the dangerous pvp maps of Nin. CF is a vast map with plenty of running room is also the perfect map to ambush a group of enemies or to take on a big group of enemies when you are outnumbered. The map is considered a danger zone so be wary of enemies in the area and use the trees as much as possible to evade attacks and to remain hidden. DB - Also Known as Dark Bridge is the map after CF which is a narrow bridge used to travel back and forth from Leaf. This map just like CF is also camped from time to time to ambush people for kills and to do missions. This map is also a danger zone meaning bounty hunt missions and kill missions count on it. DC - Known as Dark Clearing is the map before snakes and is also a pretty big map. It has received its name from being a dark area which is hard to see enemies on unless they are targeted, or some visible light is shined on the target. Another danger zone as well so you know what that means; Kills and Bounty! ST - Known as South Tigers is the map after B2 or also known as the map before reaching the bounty station on the mainland is a popular map to travel on and a popular map to run into enemy ninja on. This map is also a great place to find people to kill and to collect bounty on. You can also restock your tool supply if it gets low on this map. B3 and B4 - B3 and B4 are also known as Mist Bears or Bears Map 3 and Bears Map 4 which was added to the game with the launch of the Mist Village. B3 is a Bear map That you can reach by traveling right of Dark Clearing or by going southeast of Dark Spiders. B4 is the next map after B3 which is a continuation of b3 which leads to the Asoki Port that takes you to Mist. Both maps are filled with bears and is a good area to camp for kills when missions reset. WW - Also known as Waging War which is a type of mission that requires you to kill "X" number of ninjas to complete. Kills for Waging War only count in danger zones and war zones so be mindful of this when hunting for kills. They also can't have battle injuries and they have to be above level 10. VMW - Also known as Village Most Wanted is another mission but instead of requiring kills, it requires you to collect a specific amount of bounty at once to complete and turn in. You can only collect bounty from people that are on danger zone and war zone maps. They also can't have battle injuries and have to be above level 10. CE - Also known as Chunin Exam is an Exam that takes place in each specific village and can either be hosted by a GM or can be automatically started. The exam has 3 to 4 parts ranging from a quiz, 1v1, and a "Forest of Death" type stage where you have to retrieve a heaven/earth scroll to pass. DBE - Also known as a Dodgeball Event is an event hosted by GMs or automatically hosted were players launch dodgeballs at the opposing team to try to eliminate them to win. Each win against a team awards 1 coupon so do your best! PBE - Also known as a Pushball Event is an event hosted by GMs or automatically hosted were players launch pushballs at the opposing team to try to push them behind the line to eliminate them. Each win against a team awards 1 coupon so do your best! WP - Also known as Water Prison is a jutsu that snares your opponent for 3.5 seconds giving you or your teammates a chance to combo them before they either flicker out or the snare ends. EP/GEP - Also known as Earth Prison or Great Earth Prison is an earth jutsu that snares your opponent(s) all around you for 3.5 seconds giving you or your teammates a chance to combo them before they either flicker out or the snare ends. RP - Also known as Roleplay is an act or perform the part of a person or character. You use /e then type your message to use this feature within the game. [Example: /e smiles angrily at Ueda. Picture of Example: Nin Online (gyazo.com)] GM - Also known as a Game Moderator is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game. In this case our current GMS are as followed: Antar, Vaxure, and Average
  5. JunPachi

    I feel like for the npcs to be killed to count towards WW should be some of the new boss mobs Also they should be within x amount of levels of your level to count so it can not be exploited too I feel like for the npcs to be killed to count towards WW should be some of the new boss mobs Also they should be within x amount of levels of your level to count so it can not be exploited too
  6. JunPachi

    Bubble Concerns/Changes

    Hmm Bubble Clone is considered a summon even though the skill was changed completely in a way. When level cap increases it will be stuck doing a flat 80/81 damage and doesn't scale off the strength stat like the rest of bubble jutsus. Is it possible to make a skill labeled as a "summon" scale off stats or give it a base damage? Also, the number of uses for bubble clone was never changed to corelate the new change to it. Before when you used bubble clone melee for x seconds before disappearing or being killed and each punch counted as a use for it to raise its jutsu level The number needs to be lowered now too since the jutsu works differently IMO
  7. JunPachi

    Safe Zones to Danger Zones

    Currently there are a lot of safe zones inside villages which includes the housing and some quest areas that require you to go in buildings. We also have the instanced maps like Land of Iron and some of the boss battles such as Manda and Spider which take away from open world pvp elements. We need more danger zones/war zones to be implemented to encourage more pvp and to shed some light on pvp in the open world. 1 thing that was added to encourage pvp was Raid Points which has a great concept however, there is 1 little thing about it that should be changed. Open Map Areas inside villages such as gates of villages, Inside the Village (not inside the buildings), and the areas around should be classed as danger zones/war zones. Reason being in the ninja world no ninja was safe from being hunted in the outskirts of the village nor inside if the enemies of said village deemed it worth the risk. Only inside buildings should be classed as Safe Zones or No Zones As for lowbies, up until level 15 or 20 kills on players of this level shouldn't count towards Waging War or Bounty Hunt Missions to give lowbies the luxury of still having the ability to train. This change can also be justified since Jonin Npcs Now run and the AI is somewhat smarter than it was before with a better path tracking.
  8. This will be a list of each bubble jutsus correct descriptions that got changed in the recent bubble changes by the balance team in May of 2022. Base damage Level 1(level 2) (level 3) I will put level 2s, and 3s, in parenthesis but keep the description the same for each said jutsu unless said description has a significant change. Soap Bubble Technique - This bubble technique has a 1 second cast time allowing you blow a bubble which travels up to 8 tiles, snaring the target for 2 seconds on impact and pierces dealing 21(21), (22) base damage. Great Soap Bubble Technique - This bubble technique shoots a giant 3 tile wide bubble from the user mouth with a 1 second cast dealing 22, (23), (23) base damage traveling 8 tiles. Bubble Clone Technique - This technique uses your pipe to blow a bubble friend that fights by your side for 10 seconds with 80, (90), (100) health. When it gets near the opponent it explodes for 80 damage hitting anyone near the AOE. It works as a summon, so it can only be used interchangeably with another summon. Exploding Great Bubble Shark Technique - This water technique run charges for 2 second(s) then shoots a giant exploding bubble shark that travels 12 tiles dealing 25, (25), (26) base damage and when it hits and deals explosion damage to everyone near the first person hit for 40, (40), (41) base damage while snaring them.
  9. JunPachi

    @Omnisia this the thing about Nin balance...they always nerf/buff from what i see according to how it plays with other masteries and not the mastery alone. These kinds of changes be nerfing 1 mastery players or players that want to play pure and IMO it shouldn't be that way. The best suggestion is to have chakra scalpels not work with blood tonfas, tonfas, demon claws, as well as making the base damage very to low to non existent for tai meds
  10. JunPachi

    Mob Aggro Range

    With the way the new AI is mobs randomly move around and attack/don't attack. This change is good and makes mobs seem more realistic and less stagnant but there is 1 downside I'd like to change. The aggro range on some of the mobs needs to be reduced on mobs such as Kraken and his tentacles, The Horned Samurai and regular Samurai on the interior of the Iron Tower, and a couple others I can't list. The reason being is that with them randomly moving around with the current big aggro range or small area to fight them in the other mobs like they self also ends up being aggro'd towards you and now you are stuck trying to fight more than 1 mob or trying to make 1 of them lose aggro so you can continue fighting the 1 you originally fought. Reduce the aggro range of some of the mobs so the playing field is leveled again.
  11. JunPachi

    You is not my Hokage
  12. Currently if you fight someone and get them to 1 Health and they suicide to any mob they die and you are awarded nothing for the work. With the mobs In game being o. Al.ost every danger zone map it is very easy to suicide when low hp. My idea is; when you deal atleast 50% of the damage or more and they suicide to a mob on the same map as you before the combat timer ends the kill and bounty should be awarded to said person.
  13. So recently Honey was made to cure burn, bandages for bleeding, and antidotes for poison which have to be crafted to get the consumable which is a good concept. My idea is to make this strictly for medic corp to be able tocraft to give the corp some actual use other than just being a group with a uniform. It also makes it more useful to them to sell/make it since they can use "cleanse" to cure alignments. With the Corps being able to crafted the item only it doesn't take away from the cleanse ability like it does currently since anyone can craft items to get rid of alignments.
  14. So, let's get straight into it: Currently in Nin with the new regeneration everyone knows if you don't have full chakra, if you get hit, or if you hit someone it resets your regeneration cooldown. Meaning once the cooldown is finished your health will start regenerating until it is full. However, if you have full chakra and use 3 of the items I list below while trying to regenerate your regeneration cooldown will reset. Fan/Bubble Pipe/Poison Kunai all reset the regeneration cooldown whether you hit the air or the person. This means you don't have to hit your opponent and they don't have to hit you. As long as your melee with 1 of the 3 weapons your regeneration cooldown will reset, and you will have to wait before you regenerate hp. The Issue: Currently people that use swords, regular melee kunai, tonfas/demon claws/blood tonfas don't get effected by this. Meaning that they can carelessly spam attack the air and the regeneration cooldown will not reset. Countless times in PVP they are seen just running towards the opponent they are facing just spamming the melee key while regenerating hp until 1 of 3 things happen. A. They hit you B. They get hit C. They use chakra I suggest: A.) Making the swords, Melee Kunai, Tonfas, Blood Tonfas, and Demon Claws reset the regeneration cooldown when they melee the air OR B.) Make Fan, Bubble Pipe, and Poison Pipe regeneration cooldowns not reset when they melee the air. Side Note: Im leaning more towards option A as it will make these users think twice about just spamming melee until it hits without no real risk to it. This also helps make regeneration less broken/annoying to deal with in fights/events like tournaments and so on.
  15. JunPachi

    making me want to come for earth wind title .-.