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  1. I wish they spawn there again cuz at the moment rogue ninjas suffer the most from this event meanwhile every village has the crap right within they village territories making it easy to farm it.
  2. Ninja

    good ideas and hope they are to be added for some kind of halloween event
  3. takumi can run into toad
  4. sand does the same thing with running into buildings w/o map timer same as mist and takumi as well. Everyone does it not just leaf its a problem across the board in each faction.
  5. Yeah the bots should teleport even over obstacles and not just mindlessly run back n forth as if they are zombies LMAO. Also We shouldn't rely on bots to do our bidding against our enemies. They are there to help not to be cleaners....Imo we lacked the power and ability to defend ourselves in the raid against Sand which was embarrassing so as everyone should of done...should of stayed in the hospital and hoped sand to leave. if you're me though you dont know the meaning of staying inside. "been about the smoke" whether its with bis or not #GoodFightSand #NoNumber s#missed15meleeswithtonfas #LUMYFREEZERYUJIN #WINDCOMBO
  6. Ninja

    If anything it should work like antibodies but better.. You target the person and use bubble encasing shield on them to give them a shield that last for X amount of time. Level 1 - 5 seconds level 2- 10 seconds level 3- 15 seconds(max)
  7. Ninja

    this is a simple change @Sin @Serias or @Ueda just needs to change the slot it equips to.
  8. Ninja

    ANBU can play a bigger role for things within the villages and the village secrets. I.e.. When someone grabs documents from the kage office and lets just say its ANBU that kills him or even a regular ninja. Those documents should drop to the ground and said person should be able to pick them up after x amount of seconds. Similar to how org items drop/danger dangos. This could be an ANBU exclusive mission that is given based off an RNG. "Re-collect Documents from enemy ninja(s) and turn it back in to the ANBU Director." Each village would have this mission with an ANBU Director NPC in each ANBU Base that gives a weekly or daily mission for x amount of ryo and x amount of exp. This could be 1 of many "ANBU" only missions that are RNG based and you only get 1 ANBU Daily Mission. The Other Organizations such as 12G, Akatsuki, and etc could also get "Org" based mission which would also be 1 Mission Only per Day or 2 daily Missions Per week. The Missions would Require you to actually hunt and participate outside of your village/defend your village more than just sitting afk and being inactive an org holding a spot just for Clout. Missions like Akatsuki - Infiltrate Leaf and Survive for 300 seconds and make it back to the Akatsuki Leader(Mission NPC) with the intel on the village. This would require you to stay alive within a village for x amount of seconds/minutes and not get killed on your way back to the base.(This mission could be changed from just being a village based mission but also to hold certain maps.) Maps Such as katabami bridge could be held for 300 seconds, dark clearing, Asoki Port and so on. 12 Guardians - Go to Tanzaku and Guard the Daimyo for x amount of seconds. Seven Swordsmen- Defeat the Kuraken Tentacles within the sea and cut off the head of the creature(Kuraken damage and hp would have to get balanced for this and this would be a team based mission within the org not a solo one.) Puppet Brigade - Help Isami rebuild his grandfather's puppet by grinding x,y,z parts and killing 5 ninjas for they're body parts. (This would be a 2 in 1 mission where you have to not only get parts but also kill 5 people for body parts to help rebuild the puppets) These are just rough drafts of missions and could be some of the RNG missions each Org Mission NPC could give which again would be 1 mission per day or 2 missions per week. Meaning you can accept a mission on Monday and complete it on Wednesday then grab your second one and complete it before Sunday. Which would be the day the week would end.
  9. Ninja

    Our orgs aint worth the time invested to abuse like this LMAO. We just use our numbers and GeNtFlE fIsT users.
  10. Ninja

    You should be grateful I dont take more than 5 minutes making disses on you. Nin Disses pretty weak
  11. Ninja

    So I'm currently sick and been sick since the weekend and I never knew Gilgamesh even made a diss track against my last song so I just wrote a few disses towards him instead of recording.... enjoy I forgot you made a diss track that shit must of been whack Give me 1 second I'm having a Jeep flashback Sparkzz of Fire couldn't even save you from this RedMatch still Sand primetime heard yawl going through a rough patch Your villagers resetting to leaf must be cuz you lack The skills and talent to be better than average Dona don't want you as a baby so Lumy caused a miscarriage You a jellyfish out of water that's washed up You basically useless baggage This bag I tote have some goodies In here you'll learn about being a 1 man army You might even find a girlfriend with bandit drops like Yamikami Even when you level 60 you still won't be nobody Better at making raps than winning any tourney's If you're with baguettes it should be easy Instead you losing to raids led by Esty I'm a work of art but you copying my style that's a little sketchy I heard when you see me you turn pale anemic You better have your mask on cuz I'm worse than a pandemic B Is last 8 minutes but you had them for 8 days , pathetic You saw my Nin Raps and you immediately try to Mimic My style, my flow, you even came to my village to buy Leaf Clothes I'm sorry sir these gates are closed Come back when you have an original flow I can drop bombs like i caused Hiroshima Fill your head up with a bunch of propaganda Have it raining blood where you need an umbrella and no this not Rihanna Make you check in like its Hotel Rwanda Half of Sand don't like you you're not rogue thanks to Dona If you don't believe me better check the data I'm an fucking Alpha vs a beta Leaf women step on you like Delta Sigma Theta You can check the credits to see your name as an extra
  12. Ninja

    I typically go after the lower person in combat. Im the GF :). Teaming will always happen the best thing to do is just force people to fight each other. I tried to get FFAs made into actual FFAs and I failed. Hopefully you can succeed where I failed. Hard to control a player ran community though.
  13. Ninja

    Last time I tried sewer entrance it didn't work the warp pads were removed when rat king was added
  14. Ninja

    @Gilgamesh Imagine picking on someone that is 1 of the most chill people in the community. If you got no nice reply get off the post or any better suggestion. Childish ass players these days