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  1. Ninja

    I regret resetting my first character which started the reset trend for me. If I had kept my first Tai/Med i would still probably be top 10. Shit Happens though
  2. Updated the guide with better accuracy of information also added a couple more links to further more guide players.
  3. Edited Post a bit Part 2 levels 40-60 coming Soon
  4. Ninja

    is Mist returning? Check out the video to find out
  5. Ninja


    see even if a person was to put the extra 40 points into str the damage would still be only 3 more damage than the new swords that have been added. But as i said on my other post in this topic.. The Swords aren't meant to be strong because of the damage they deal, but because of the abilities/passives they can do/provide in combat
  6. Ninja


    I just used the new Sword as an example. Bone sword and Blood Katana and most likely the swords dropped by Dark Weasel, Monkey, and Kuraken also deal as much or more than Samehada. Also if you read my suggestion post carefully i say to lower the amount of chakra it gives and make the actual chakra regeneration based off an actual stat. HP regen is based off chakra on weapons that give hp regen so why not make chakra regen on shirokata/samehada based off hp or chakra. The sword doesn't even do what it should do which is sap opponents chakra. There's a reason these swords are suppose to be the strongest in the game. It's not cause of the damage they do should be high. its because of the latent abilities/passives these swords are suppose to give that gives an edge in combat.
  7. Ninja


    Currently Samehada is 2nd weakest 7SM Blade and here is why: -Regens 10 chakra constantly flat with no way to increase the amount it gives, unlike Bone Sword and Kubikiri which can be raised by upping your chakra -Deals 45 Base Damage when there is other swords that deal just as much or close to it for the same damage or faster hits -Slow Swinging Speed 3rd to Nuibari's and Kabutowari's slow speed. -Wrapped Icon which we all wanted the shark skin version. Now we have reasons to buff Samehada, and I would like to suggest my spin on things to change make this sword better. 7SM Blades are suppose to be the most powerful swords in the game, but with the latest release of content and the constant adding of new swords they are slowly starting to fall behind. So below is my changes/buffs to them and why: Reduce the Chakra boost from +50 to +35 Instead of the Chakra regenerated being a flat 10; Let the chakra being regenerated be based off the wielder's Health or Chakra. Let the sword drain -5 chakra from the wielder as well since Samehada is a living organism and survives by feeding off its wielder's chakra. When melee an opponent or mob let it take 5 or 10 chakra per melee hit landed. if opponent Chakra is 0 let it take a static 5 or 10 HP added to damage of melee. There is only a 3 damage difference between these 2 Swords. As the Level cap increases stronger swords will continue to be added. We don't even know how strong the swords from the Village Bosses are yet. 7SM Swords are suppose to be the strongest but as the game progresses they are starting to become weaker than the newer swords added.
  8. Its not really a kage. Its just someone that would handle the raid system for takumi. They wouldn't have no other power.
  9. A daimyo wouldn't sound bad. He would have control over the Raid System with his left and right hand similar to how the daimyo npc has guren and gafuki. Control over the Raid System for Takumi and nothing else.
  10. thats why i said add a barrier to key raid points to make it more of an invade/defend type of scenario where as the defenders defend the barrier/raid point and invaders try to take it
  11. Village Raid Points Near Jonin NPCS: These Jonin NPCS near these raid points are indeed killable but they respawn immediately when killed. Allow them to stay dead and not respawn until Manpower is used by the Kage and/or Village Council to bring back the Jonin NPCS (Village Message)Mist Jonin NPCs have been restored with manpower by Ninja! (Some kind of message like this) Allow Intel to be used as an alert type system. When used for X amount of time a village message will be broadcasted once every 5 minutes when someone is attacking a raid point Council Member Esty has used Leaf Intel for scouts to watch raid points for 15 minutes. (Village Message)Leaf Intel has scouted enemy ninjas attacking a raid point. 5 minutes pass* (Village Message)Leaf Intel has scouted enemy ninjas attacking a raid point. Allow certain raid points that are on other maps besides the one we currently have to have some sort of Chakra barrier that is breakable after X amount of hits. This will make that key raid point become a Invade/Defend type of scenario that take places in game in real time. Ninja has destroyed the barrier the Raid Point is attackable! The KO NPC that is outside the Snow Cave should be the NPC used for Raid Point Reward Shop. Its a neutral area and its the middle area of the game. You can also place the NPC on Sea Map II which is the Sea Map with the patch of land before running into Kuraken. If you attack a raid point let it flag you as if you've entered PVP to prevent people from logging in and out to kill raid points without dying.
  12. Bored On Nin...

  13. Ninja


    i didnt join taka either