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  1. Ninja

    heals aren't overpowered and they are easy to interrupt. I have no problem fighting chakra medics that heal for 140 a tick.
  2. Been here from the beginning of the journey till now and I must say patience is key and passion to continue after so many failed attempts is the lock. You've opened the door now Rory only thing left is more doors to become open which will lead to great things for the game. Keep up the work @Ueda @TheWolf @Seth @Serias @Master Ant @Erox @Emiya and thanks for the chance to see these things unfold since the start.
  3. Ninja

    yea i know that everything scaled more back then rory nerfed the game by 30% in terms of damage that affected healing as well but even back then it never worked with buffs and it never worked with debuffs
  4. Ninja

    @Mugen actually thats not why. It has been like this since closed beta it doesn't even reduce your healing when you have battle injuries. its a simple fix and makes medics that much more valuable in terms of combat. When medic corps give a + Chakra bonus it will be useless if it doesn't get changed.
  5. Ninja

    I agree to the debuff thing I been curious since 2017 as to why it isnt a thing but yea im kind of late with this post.
  6. Ninja

    A lot of my medics like to play the chakra support style and constantly heal they teammates but at certain times they feel they're heals are not up to par to the damage being dealt. Boost have now been added to the game whether its because you are a part of an organization, you have a charm, or you have a skill that boost your stats(Curse seal and things to come in the future). These buffs/boost are nice but something isn't right! There is no increased output in the amount of healing you do. Currently I am playing a tai/medic build with high chakra and my heals do 75/65 without a buff on at 100 chakra. When I buff myself my heals still do this damage and my chakra goes up to 125. My throwing senbon damage is increased but not my heals. Does anyone know why? Me either... I am suggesting that Heals do more just like Jutsus when a buff/boost is applied that effects chakra. I feel there is no reason that a medic shouldn't heal more with a buff unless there is an actual reasoning behind this in your vision Rory/Ueda/Akko is Akko. Currently 2 of the 3 villages have medical corps and if I'm not mistaken Mist will get a medical corps as well and medical corps will give a chakra buff. I feel this buff will be useless if it can't increase a medics healing ability. #Justiceforchakramedics
  7. Ninja

    i did fight him several times he always lost to me 1v1.
  8. Ninja

    Mana played int Wm tactical and with skill. Everytime I saw irksoy fighting he mainly used cloak combos and didn't really set maps with traps like Mana does. He is also kind of inactive and Mana isn't.
  9. Ninja

    Aghilla, Wave, defyos, jin, zabu, and bolan aren't really active so they were put in D tier Aghilla, Zabu, and Jin are S tier Bolan is B tier Defyos is B Wave was A when he played. S Ranks - Dona, Jun, Sparkzz, Yami, Lumy, Mylu, and Yukimura all shown they can be threats with other masteries besides only 1/2 thus they earned such rank. Feinz is S because i haven't see any other water/wm play it better. Shissei is the best pure wm I've ever seen and Yukimura plays medic/int wm like it should be played and no one has shown me otherwise. The people in A are people that only have shown they are capable in playing certain masteries and with those certain masteries they have made their name. Bs are people that have fell off from the A status or I've gave the blues to prior to hitting 50 and after hitting 50 constantly or simply is better as support and not as a top shotta. Cs are people that I don't like, they ping is horrible, or they fps is horrible causing them not to be able to play at full skill potential. Ds are people that like C have bad fps/ping but also aren't good in pvp at all. These are people you can beat with above 50% health.(excluding the people that are inactive)
  10. Ninja

    We all should have the same fps so I agree with capping it at a certain level. Screen resolution is the same thing. Some people have bigger resolutions and can see much further than anyone else. Some people can even see all of the maps like big desert, chakra forest, Sand War zone. This is a huge advantage to the players that can enjoy this. Screen size should be capped off so even if you have a bigger resolution you shouldnt be able to see further than other people. This and FPS gives certain people huge advantages which isn't cool.
  11. Ninja


    Then like this shit up xD help raise my rep @Booty Gang Pinku
  12. Ninja


    Imagine though someone raiding your village and slapping ur alt with 3k-5k bounty. Its a Pro and Con in a sense. I still feel rory should make it to where if you log out you should have to wait 30 seconds before you can log back in to prevent people from logging/reloging real fast to kill alts or to abuse other things that im unaware of @Booty Gang Pinku
  13. Ninja


    maybe lower the amount of bounty you get towards killing someone within a village. In danger zones they lose half equivalent to 50% so why not lower it to them losing only 25% of they bounty/you only get 25% of they bounty so if they have 100 bounty u only get 25 if you kill them in a safe zone and in a danger zone you'd get 50. As for Waging War I feel if you kill anyone above 40 inside they village it should reward you towards a kill if you aren't from they village and vice versa if they kill you in a successful defense.(thats if they have waging war too) This is just to reduce people afking in village squares and keep players active.
  14. Ninja


    So this topic is probably late but none the less needed in my opinion. I have been in every village and rogue as well and one thing I find annoying to try to do is Waging War, Cold Blooded Killer, and bounty hunting missions. These missions are annoying because you can't go into enemy villages or zones and kill them and it count towards these missions. In the past this was possible but for some reason it was removed. I recommend allowing Ninjas that enter enemy villages able to obtain Kill mission and bounty hunting mission rewards for successfully killing ninjas in villages. Reason being is because in the tutorial it says that enemy ninjas can attack you in a safe zone since they are not from your village, but why cant we also gain bounty and have the kills count towards missions. Let's say I'm a Mist ninja and I decide to raid sand/leaf/takumi; If I kill you in your safe zone the kill should count towards my mission whether its bounty or waging war. If they kill me in return if I'm trying to escape or continue to kill people it should count for a kill towards they waging war/bounty hunting. I'm recommending this because sometimes people don't go into danger zones. You spend several hours sometimes a couple days trying to complete these missions if you hold on to them for that long. This will also increase activeness inside the villages and make it more worth while to raid a village. This also makes it more fun to defend your village against enemies and add some RPPVP sense to the game a little more. Imagine Leaf ANBU successfully sneaking into your village or Takumi to assassinate a high bounty older from another village knocking the bounty they had in half then trying to escape(if not successful) and in the attempt to escape Hunter Nin pops up destroying them and reaping the bounties they have. There is already something in place where if you kill anyone under level 10 that's not a genin or even if they are a genin you don't get any type of reward. I feel this should be raised to level 15 if something like this is implemented. This is just an idea to increase activeness within the villages instead of afking all day waiting for a blessing to be popped to do dailies and log off. it also increases the want and need to enter enemy villages besides just trying to sneak and do documents, spa, or spy.
  15. Ninja

    Life of the Ninja Jun

    Fighting and cut scenes from the Life of Jun