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  1. Ninja

    If you heard mist vcs when we raid and we be roasting and talking shit and laughing everything up even when we lose fights LMAO
  2. Ninja

    WoF is fine as is. In fact this make WoF actually great because imagine if you're in the process of executing someone and it's interrupted because they WoF activated. Make sure to give executing a cast time too so its balanced.
  3. Ninja

    i guess lumy is the best fire wind w/o being fire quit fire wind cuz it was "trash" Meanwhile im fire wind and the only 1 and wont get mentioned despite being good and active with it Primal your list is something else
  4. Ninja

    NInja best fire/wind at the moment
  5. Ninja

    Nice suggestions and good additions.. May seem small but from an RP aspect can be interesting and made fun for RP missions and such.
  6. Ninja


    My damage doesn't make me meta when I have to aim everything to do the high degree meanwhile everyone else can just spam flicker combos or rely on a weapon to get free dmg
  7. Ninja


    Hey there just another Legendary Ninja doing legendary things with a challenge for you all!! Lately in discord a few vets have been saying lets lock Fans/Pipes to the respected masteries and a lot of people disagree with that suggestion. Why do they disagree? is it because they need the crutch to stand a chance in the world of Nin? is it because they have bad aim and can't land any jutsus? You don't have the answer do you? Hell I don't either but any who. The challenge is if you aren't a Wind user or a Water use try fighting without your weapon and try to get better at the game as a whole. Right now these weapons are carrying some of these ninjas and down the road you never know what can possibly happen. They may become mastery locked or they may receive a higher requirement. All I know is Ninja AKA JunPachi is not a Bubble Pipe user and he's from Mist. He's a Wind/Fire user with no Pipe relying on pure aim and skill and is enjoying every minute of it. Be more like him...Don't rely on meta!!! Meta Changes Will You?!?! #Noweapon
  8. Ninja

    @Adarya do mist next please :o
  9. Ninja

    I'm the main character call me jack sparrow Drunk off the sake (rum) like Jack sparrow. Don't let the little things go over your head gilgafish
  10. Ninja

    As the Title Says
  11. Been out the Nin Scene a lot the past month and 1/2, but rest the end of March Ninja returns with YouTube videos and occasionally a new song to go with them.

  12. Ninja

    @Ueda If you only add kages to the Wall that serve the full 6 months of they're Kage term it could work. Also if kage terms are 6 months that means only 2 kages per year...Let the Kage Face stay on the wall for a year starting the day they term end could work that way the wall is wiped with a clean slate and every kage gets a chance to have there face on the wall if they serve the full term. Part Time kages aren't allowed on the wall.
  13. Ninja

    Haven't posted in a bit and have barely played the game from a PVP standpoint. Today I did some PVP for the first time in a while though and thought I'd suggest something for vacuum spheres if possible. Suggestion Make Vacuum Spheres shoot the first Sphere when you press the key-bind and to shoot the other two spheres the first one has to have landed and not only that but you have to manually press the key-bind a 2nd and 3rd time for it to shoot the other two. If you land the first Sphere then you press the keybind again to shoot the 2nd sphere and miss it you wont get to shoot the 3rd sphere and the skill will go on cooldown. Also! you only have 3-5 seconds to shoot your next sphere after the first Sphere lands. 1:5/2:3/3 First Sphere you have 5 seconds after it lands to shoot the 2nd and land it...2nd sphere you have 3 seconds after it lands to shoot the 3rd. All together you have 8 seconds to land the spheres and if you only get to land one the skill goes on cooldown for w/e its cooldown is set too in game. Example *Shoots Vacuum Sphere* You hit PlayerOne with Vacuum Sphere I You hit PlayerOne with Vacuum Sphere II *Runs out of time to shoot Sphere III and skill goes on cooldown* You hit PlayerOne with Vacuum Sphere I *3 seconds pass* You hit PlayerOne with Vacuum Sphere II *1 second pass* You hit PlayerOne with Vacuum Sphere III *Skill goes on Cooldown* This will also allow Vacuum Spheres to be made instant cast again due to the change of the way the skill works. Also remove its ability to stun its opponent and lower the self stun/remove it completely.
  14. Ninja

    I regret resetting my first character which started the reset trend for me. If I had kept my first Tai/Med i would still probably be top 10. Shit Happens though