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  1. mav

    Nicely said without any rant/trashtalk. I believe mistake was solved poorly by rematch, as it gave two losers idea how to win this time.
  2. mav

    I am honestly not sure why is this mission for someone else than Sand. Since new areas are part of Sand areas and not neutral-like as f.e Snakes or Hosts are. Since we didn't get missions such as Kill Big Scarabs for Leafs or Kill rats for sands, why change now and not wait until more areas which are around other villages to get their specific missions too?
  3. mav

    While wm / med doesn't have advanced (or from what we know), nothing is 100% for players yet as Rory didn't confirm or put on list of mastery combinations which will have advanced and which not.
  4. mav

    Make pipe affect bubble jutsus dmg same way fan or wm does.
  5. mav

    Nice updates! Though for future I don't think making threads about wiki updates is needed. Also if you need any help updating wiki or don't know how to do something, ask me up.
  6. mav

    Don't wanna sound offensive but you clearly have no idea what are you talking about. If you choose path of chakra medic, you cannot expect having 3 high damage jutsus and awesome healing ability over any other mastery. Chakra scalpel instant cast would be just unnecessary too op, it's already same cooldown as it lasts with only 1 second cast time. It gives people good option to play around it (as your enemies) and it also makes fights more interesting when people realize it's your main damage and they actually can prevent it being cast instead of just getting op dmg buff for free with no cast time. Adding some kind of slow after some number of punches sounds interesting, but I would say after like 10 hits, no less as it would just become way too good for not only chakra medic, but for tai/medic aswel. AOE heals are promised to be for advanced, be patient. Scalpels are fine as they are now, ever since they moved tier down, it became HUGE buff because you are able to get them 7 levels sooner than they originally were (chakra scalpel). If you wanna be medic with more damage jutsus, you need to sacrifice heals for int and choose poison path.
  7. mav

    Killing them is for their own good.
  8. mav

    Cool vid!
  9. mav

    Indeed, you cast heal, but if you poisoned someone before, it switches target in moment poison tick deals damage to them. So things like you cast heal on mob instead can happen a lot while trying to farm as medic with someone.
  10. mav

    Both drop rates are under 1% which was confirmed by dev. You are just not lucky enough. My fault on wiki to write it incorrectly, I'll fix it right away.
  11. mav

    It's same as white mask taking same slot as double bandages. Slots overall needs updating.
  12. mav

    I mean, pretty sure just fixing mission sharing between missing/village would solve thing instead of removing option that allowed people to team up.
  13. mav

    wouldn't this make hybrids better because you would need less stats to deal more damage in comparison to now, when you need way more in damage stats to not deal 30's?
  14. mav


    No plans to finish bandit quest line? Kinda sad Bandit mask is no longer obtainable anywhere because it was removed as drop. Would be cool to put some use to Blood Vials from bandits also... But looking for future updates!
  15. mav

    would like to see slug actually not being useless for once. Currently it's still lowest hp in game, lowest damage and if it heals you can stop fight and go celebrate.