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  1. Azhura

    All you have to do is to be a part of the police force believe me nobody will dare touch your rogue alt , cause they will be afraid of the switch acc to the police and the jail
  2. Azhura

    I like the wz idea , the game is a open world so make thing like "safe to grind or farm" is a no no and i rather a dz than a safe zone. Why will you make puppet summon a torture ? go get puppet part to restore it ? oh no
  3. Azhura

    Many people try to make nin a better place at this point just ignore toxic people and enjoy the game cause nothing will change
  4. Azhura

    that's my fav youtube Dairuto
  5. Azhura

    Well in the anime it is and it can be remplaced by something else
  6. Azhura

    I think this jutsu should be free for all
  7. Azhura

    I should wave @Harmony form the other side of the map , also it is not the full power of my byagukan i can see beyond that but i rather not do it cause it is not healty
  8. Azhura

    I totally agree how people can play like that !!
  9. Azhura


    Bro that's fire
  10. Azhura

    Sand downfall arc ? Impossible
  11. Azhura

    Hahahahah Love it
  12. Azhura

    For sand second entrance i have my idea of make a road at theirs war zone and the next path before going to theirs other entrance (the one no used atm) For mist I have no idea.
  13. Azhura

    This is a harsh world when i am going out i am ready to get killed, when i am doing doc i am ready to redo it , As for Dm just ignore them they will eventually never dm you again.
  14. Azhura

    I totally agree with your idea , Mist road need a second road so nobody gonna camp a certain map to block lowbie doing theirs mission