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  1. Sirch

    I dont believe Zeref8 is Nagamushi. Zeref8 said he wasnt Nagamushi.
  2. The mission tracking is a great feature that a lot of times is over looked. This feature could use a toggle to keep it on for new missions, currently you select missions in the menu individually to track-- It would be nice to see the tracking missions enabled and pop up for newly accepted missions as well.
  4. Sirch

    I'm a big believer that every village should have one entrance(for entering and exiting) and one villager exit(can just leave village through this). Just my opinion though.
  5. We have gathering and fishing in game now as a limited system and resource, lets expand on this just a small amount by at a minimum creating missions for these. I think these would work best as either level increment missions, or another form of daily mission. Examples: Level increment missions— Level 10 unlocks a mission where you turn in 10 specific fish(probably less rare fish) for ryo and experience. New mission every 10th level(20, 30, 40, etc etc), raising the rarity on fish needed for the turn in. Same example of increment missions can be used for gathering/crafting bandages, antidotes, etc. I would imagine these personalized for the players specific village, unless you want to allow players being able to do each villages mission similar to current deal missions. Daily mission format— Either an additional daily missions could be added to the current daily mission rotation, or an additional fifth/six could be created for gathering/fishing and provided by another NPC. Fishing collection I/II/II/IV/V - Bring in 5(or whatever number) of X specific fish. (Rarity of fish raising with each level) (Provides ryo and experience) Gathering collection I/II/III/IV/V - Bring in 10(or whatever number) of X specific resource(herb, cotton, whatever) (Provides half of whatever the crafted materials would be if turned in, and experience)
  6. To clarify, nothing can be done or influenced on how items are implemented in the game. I’m simply looking for item ideas to help with art, if there are items or clothing not in the game that you would like to see please bring them up and post examples
  7. From village shops to event shops(or even drops), what new items/clothing would you like to see? Provide examples if you can to better show what you’re talking about, try to keep it somewhat Ninja or anime related as these items need to fit into the Nin Online atmosphere. We all want more items and clothing to be available but the hardest part is the creation. If good examples can be provided this can help content creators know what’s wanted and what to work on. I don’t want to make promises but if there’s a good bit of examples provided I’d like to reach out to get the pixel art for those items worked on. EDIT 11/15/2022: To clarify, nothing can be done or influenced on how items are implemented in the game. I’m simply looking for item ideas to help with art, if there are items or clothing not in the game that you would like to see please bring them up and post examples
  8. When in a team and not the team leader a nice quality of life option would be if you invite a player it provides a prompt in the chat for the team to see stating you suggest we invite them to a team. Could add a pop up prompt for the current team lead, but that might not be necessary. Example: -Be in a team and not team lead, -Right click player and invite, or /invite [player name], -Insert prompt "You are not the team leader you cannot invite them! Would you like to suggest an invitation?" Yes/No prompt here, press yes, -"Sirch has suggested to invite Burnfinix to the team." Prompt comes across chat or pop up prompt for the team lead
  9. Theres been more than a handful of instances over the last three weeks of new people showing up in the discord to state they cannot create new characters because they are not receiving the email from Nin Online for character creation. Staff member Kenock acknowledged this weeks back, but no mention to any fix for this as time went on. With more people showing up mentioning the same issue in discord I thought I'd bring this up within a support case to see if this helps new players create characters.
  10. Sirch

    Rage7 sent Nagamushi a pizza, Nagamushi left notes for Rage7
  11. Sirch

    I believe he's referencing the right click hold, where you can turn and face other directions with your mouse. Sounds like @Genshin is requesting keybind additions for this. Maybe I'm misunderstanding though, but if I'm not I do agree keybinds for facing directions would be a nice addition and should be available.
  12. Sirch

    You want specific targeting for enemies only is what im understanding right? Theres a bunch of small keybind/key stroke related changes the game could use and I do think this could be a nice one. In other MMOs I play that use tab targeting I would usually have the tab key used for cycling through enemy mobs closest to me, while using shift+tab to cycle through friendly mobs closest to me. Would love to see quality of life changes like this added.
  13. Sirch

    Would be a big fan of adding a handful of dummy/training logs that could be used for testing damage or practicing rotations. Using them for leveling Jutsu should definitely be out of the question and glad staff believe this as well. Could be a great addition to Village Academies.
  14. Sirch

    "More Jutsu" and "More RP related stuff", Two in one easy. Not the be all end all for the help we need right now, but would make a lot of people happy.
  15. Sirch

    You don't understand these highly voted ideas don't get ignored /s