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  1. Sirch

    I'd like to imagine RP hosted events would be popular, at worst mildly popular. Event GM that tries to poke the game with some RP wouldnt be the worst(or records RP history)-- at the same time im all on board for completely shifting away from RP, but seems like theres some lingering want for it from the game leads.
  2. Sirch

    Yeah PvP first at all times I get that, but wouldnt hurt to have a staff or GM member going around promoting RP or taking RP notes for the game.
  3. Sirch

    RP Lead

    Hermit org lead event was being hosted today by @Erox , "RP Lead as in someone to host an RP Session but cant be apart of the players, think a Dungeons Master in DnD" He mentioned not hosting the event as RP RP since they didnt have a RP Lead to host the event, which made me think why doesnt Nin have a staff or GM position that focuses solely on Nin RP or RP oriented events. Maybe a position that keeps up with the games RP state, monthly post on where things stand.
  4. You used to say you were better than them though so what's the problem
  5. As title says, no matter if you adjust the size of the mission tracker box, it will always revert back to its smallest form(where you can only see a single mission) when you map switch.
  6. Sirch

  7. Sirch

    You really just described the gameplay here, not Nin Onlines endgame.
  8. As title says, I think it would be intuitive to have a timer for essentially when we go into combat/regen goes on cooldown. Similar to the buff/debuff timers.
  9. Sirch

    Pick up around us

    As title says , and as picture below shows-- Possibility of letting us pick up in front of, beside, or around our characters?
  10. Sirch

    Cant change title

    As the title says, I cannot change my title. When I click the title option from the character menu I am met with a frozen screen and the mouse icon doing what is shown below when I move the mouse around. If I press escape to cancel/close the action, everything going back to normal. I can change my title on alts without issue. EDIT: Added Video
  11. Sirch

    Can confirm this happens to me constantly as well. For a long time I thought I was just really messing up my typing, but more it happened the more I'd notice a key entered wouldn't register correctly, resulting in constant misspellings. Might need an issue ticket for this
  12. Sirch

    Would be nice if they can be used/placed on the hotbars.
  13. Sirch

    Obviously clans dont exactly have any meaning outside of RP purposes currently, but GMs were going to accept clanless participation in Clan Wars event through Marriage of a clan member. This information was suppose to be pushed out to the villages regarding the event(I know Sand is aware). Dont think this means Marriage = You're now part of said clan, but that could be a small feature to introduce for the time being since Clans dont have any current use and GMs appear to be on board with the situation.
  14. Sirch

    Yes, the legacy weapon should still be able to drop too.