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  1. Deathmall.....the best leader I have met in this game, and one of my favorite people to ever meet on Nin Online. It's so sad to see you go, but at the same time I believe it's time that you move on. (To Heaven :pepecry:) You will never be forgotten.
  2. Kureji

    Yeah you not gonna land those combos with solo lightning though in a 1v1 , which is my point xD unless you play against someone bad Anything that lightning has is easy to dodge, so you can just keep your sub for Chidori if you want to Fire on the other side deals big damage, can camp fire wall and got those quick 3 tile bullets. Which is all good for 1v1 Therefore Fire is better than Lightning 1v1 wise ( you said this is a 1v1 list)
  3. Kureji

    I am pretty sure Fire is stronger than Lightning Solo
  4. Kureji

    This would probably be cool.
  5. Oh damn, I really enjoyed watching your story. Great job on that one @Ketzu
  6. Kureji

  7. Kureji

    Wow, nice video. I love those
  8. Kureji

    @Levi Ackermann Yo man, I am sure you would like this idea
  9. Kureji

    I really like any new hairs, it gives more options for individual customization. And this hair is already pretty much done, so might aswell just add it to the game
  10. Kureji

    Well these days the leaf army comes to the sand village while Taka raids it, meaning the Leaf village helped the Sand village.. so after your logic Sand is allied with Leaf aswell .. but I don't understand your english anyways @sajin You guys always put every ninja into 1 box (a org or whatever) ... Lately I did a raid with a leaf ninja , a missing ninja and an akatsuki member on a mist account ... does that mean all those villages/orgs are allied? No it doesn't, people can do whatever they want.. Alliances are only there when it is made official
  11. Kureji

    and Taka and Mist (or 7 SM) isn't allied, we just have a good relationship to each other (no homo).. but we wouldn't help each other out if needed like we don't ask for help, we can do good on our own
  12. Kureji

    How is this possible? I don't know man, must be magic