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Name: Omega

Age: 18

Day of birth: 21 November

Zodiac: Scorpion

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Current Rank: Genin

Current Mastery: Water/Lightning











  • Black-rock-shooter-and-mefe.gif.c33defcf8f5fe23b8854b0470c13e92c.gifAt The Beginning:

It was late in the evening as the rain dropped drifting down the windows. A certain marriage was taking place by the fireplace. They both knew that on this night, their child would come into the world. However everything was happening too fast. Her mother had died after childbirth as her father tried his hardest to be a good father. But he couldn't do this alone. It was too rough for a Shinobi and single father to stand on his own feet while taking care of his newborn daughter. The burden of losing his wife was too much for him to handle. He then decided to commit suicide a few days after the birth of their little daughter. A good friend of the deceased married couple found her a few hours later, looking at the corpses of his two beloved friends and their little baby. He gave her the name Omega and raised her as if she was his own daughter. The man who had raised Omega could not bear telling the truth to her as to what happened to her real parents. Omega grew up not knowing the faces of her parents, and their names.




  • giphy.gif.ef8feb40d7d3895797e413dbef0d0886.gifKonoha:

He took her to his home. He covered her with a warm blanket and fed her with warm milk. Not a year had passed, and she has already made her first steps. Several years later, Omega curious of the world saw the blue light coming from the backyard. When she looked furtively through the crack at the door, she saw her dad training his skills. For several days in a row Omega didn't ask for anything. She didn't want to ask any questions, because she didn't want to bother him. But her curiosity grew as the light attracted her and drew her attention. She asked him what it was. He said it was Lightning. He told her it was his mastery. He also said that he chose it because of its potential. Enchanted by what she heard, she followed in his footsteps. They spent long days together on their training.

When he saw how quickly the girl was able to learn and pick things up in a fly, he remembered her mother. He couldn't stand the tension building up from the inside. When she came back from training he ordered her to sit down and listen to what he had to say. He told the whole truth about what happened to her parents. She couldn't believe it. Her real father had committed suicide. Her real mother died after childbirth. She only asked: "What kind of people were they?". He replied that: "They were really good people" After that Omega cried for weeks. She fell into depression.

But she remembered what the man said to her. If they were good, I have to be also like them. Since then, Omega has never let anyone down.

Once she saw the invaders in the village. She wanted to help, but she was still too weak.. One of raiders was nice to her. He wanted train her and be like her friend. She started talk with him. Villagers didn't support her behavior.  They put her in awkward situations, saying bad things about her.  She couldn't bear it.  Persecuted at every turn, she decided to leave home.

Omega started smiling again. She enjoyed life all over again. She saw the beauty in the light, which now has control over her direction of life. 





Little Trip:

Nothing changed Omega's curiosity. During her vacation, she went to Suna.  During the trip she noticed how drastically the grass had changed into sand. She saw a huge gorgeous desert. Omega was close to the village and then she saw her. Little girl with pink long hair and blue eyes.  Atsune ( the name of little girl ) was tired of training. Omega offered help to her. And that's how they started amazing friendship. They could talk about the future all day. Then they met a pink haired man. He had a huge sword  and he ruled it majestatically. Now they were three. They traveled together endless deserts in search of adventures. Omega finally found a real friends.  She will give life for them. 




tumblr_mq21r7oAU01squhg7o2_500.gif.27ba4b1e697d79debb1cb5b992a2b77c.gifA Secret:

Omega grew into a capable woman. As she decided something when she was a child, so she's doing this so far. By day she's helpful and nice to everyone. But at night she is like a hunter. She waits in a safe place for her victim. Whenever the victim isn't concious or aware of their surroundings while they're running around carelessly, Omega strikes from within the shadows when they least expect it. Her attacks are brutal like an animal. Her eyes turn red as she's compeletely absorbed and consumed by her blood lust. Her wrath rages on like a wild animal as she howls and cries like a wolf during the night. But in the morning as twilight begins with dawn, Omega reverts back to her old self and takes on her real face once again. She doesn't remember any of her victims of the night before. Whoever she murders at night will remain forever clouded as her evenings end with dusk. Not a single trace of their bodies will be kept, as the faces of her victims are forever kept in the dark. No one will know about the true face of the night hunter.

When she wears a night mask. Run away.




She has always been watching people.  She remembered faces. She looked mainly at how someone lives. Then she felt empty inside. Something was missing in her life. Everyone had a home. A place where they can always come back. Someone who is always waiting for they return.  When she ran to Suna to her friends she felt like she was coming home.  Some incidents pushed her towards change. Omega wasn't one of the residents.  She knew that she didn't belong to them.  Despite her different origins, people weren't angry with her. Inhabitants of the Suna village received her with respect and care. Then someone said "Omega isn't missing". He was right. She spent every moment in this village.

One night she decided to start her life again. She took the name Aurora. Why? Because she is like this light in the sky when around you is only darkness. She will light everything around you, so that you don't take a step straight into the abyss.