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  1. Hashirama Cell

    You can find Clan's history etc in this topic, look for the ones that were accepted. Muteki is a great choice, only the strongest are there.
  2. Hashirama Cell

    You're washed up, Jun. Welcome aboard.
  3. Hashirama Cell

    If someone flickers to you while inside the earth wall, they will appear on top of the walls and be able to damage you. This should be tweaked.
  4. Would be better if you used different colour scheme for wood instead of Yamato's. Hashirama's darker/ green tone of wood looks more like actual wood. Looking at this I'm seeing an earth jutsu.
  5. Hashirama Cell

    None of these jutsu fit the playstyle of nin online, especially for the organizations mentioned. 12 guardiands I dont even... 7SM and WMs are not assassins in nin online. Silent killing wont do them any justice. Puppet Brigade I dont even... Akatsuki blocking out chakra for a target, doesnt do any justice to the org in a fight against more than a few targets. I dont see this jutsu becoming homing for multiple targets to be relevant, so no.
  6. Hashirama Cell

    I guess my life is not bad enough to act like a maniac in someone's DMs because of some balance change in a 2D game. Get help.
  7. Hashirama Cell

    It appears I hit the right spot for calling him out.
  8. Hashirama Cell

    @Niti but the villagers are only going out as 4-6 people! They don't have people online! Give absolutely everyone buffs so that its normal again! The other missing orgs with no player cap limit dont have buffs, its unfair! It's impossible to 1v1 against a buff! All official orgs members and their leaders are biased! Favoritism! :sip_lean:
  9. Hashirama Cell

    It's true though. The weak complain while the strong fight. The one who couldn't get buff in any village, now complains about others having buffs. It is natural order of salt breed from one's insecurity and a lack of will. This topic was made by the guy who tried to defend GF + MED with no stat requirement and pre-nerf scaling. Same guy who sent death threats to a dev, after the changes were made. Same guy who didnt get 7SM and wont get anything in leaf either now. Unlucky hypocrite.
  10. Hashirama Cell

    I completely disagree. The new players must experience harass in full at firsthand. Otherwise they grow into weaklings such as yourself.
  11. Hashirama Cell

    Get good.
  12. Hashirama Cell

    You are correct. The 7SM swords & PB Puppets are too strong. They should be nerfed.
  13. Hashirama Cell

    How many different rosters do you people need to see until everyone is happy?
  14. Hashirama Cell

    @Jero maybe once the summons are actually reliable, then I wouldn't mind a living statue.
  15. Hashirama Cell

    In my country there is a wise saying. If you don't have anything smart to say then don't say anything, you'll look smarter.