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  1. Shouri

    Write a support ticket or talk to a GM on the discord. Also a friendly tip - Rory renamed to @Ueda so you've been tagging the wrong person for idk how long. Don't blame the staff on this one.
  2. Shouri

    Then, i agree. This would be really cool. There will be diversity and etc. +1 from me.
  3. Shouri

    The thing is that, perma death isn't good here. It's not like in GTA RP where you perma and you start on a new character. There it's always easy to get money and etc. Here, it's a grind. I do not think this is a good idea. I do appreciate the thought of it, i was thinking about it yesterday but it just doesn't fit imo.
  4. Tried to do Kisame's hairstyle (i suck at any kind of drawing). If you can improve it, feel free to do it! I just couldn't get the spikes right.
  5. Shouri

    Was looking for a mmorpg to play and i just googled Naruto 2d mmorpg scrolled down and i found it. Made an account instantly and no regrets ^^