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  1. I can provide you with the base sprite, just dm me over discord, I am both in the nin discord and the leaf village server.
  2. Roei

    (Erox read the message before, and don't touch it). Do not get me wrong Rory, I think that this Update overall will help Nin in the long run, stability is an important thing. However as much as I don't wanna make you feel bad, there is a lot of criticism which you do need to acknowledge, these critics matter and people say these because they care about Nin. and while they may sound hurtful to you, they are necessary to take care of if you want Nin to be better. While you all been working on hard and focusing on the development part on your own you left out the community. First, there is no player transparency, people would like you to involve them in the decisions and the actions before you're done doing them. People feel lost and do not know anything about the development part, and while you may think you're making the best decisions do not be upset to get these reactions afterwards. Second there are hundreds if not thousands of amazing people who can and want to help and contribute to Nin online, they are a great solution to a lot of the problems regarding the lack of content made. You often times forget this but Rory this game is community focused, and your players do not get their voice heard and that is a fact, say whatever you want posts of discussions and suggestions about important things people care about go unnoticed or not replied. (these are obviously just a few of the critics but it's good to start there first) I suggest you'd start to involving the community a lot more with the development of the game, and do not let critics of any kind to stop you from listening to the players. And this is a quick message to all the Nin players, if you all want the game to be better, and not just rely on hope to get what you want, take an action make a change, show them that you matter, cause otherwise this behavior will just continue, and you being all nice and good kids every time does nothing for you. Your opinions matter, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As some of you may know, I as player am done with Nin Online, but I want to believe there is hope that the struggles we had to deal with won't continue to be a problem for those who still play and care about Nin Online.
  3. Roei

    Thank you, I added that in now.
  4. Roei

    Suwa Clan Attires The suwa clan like many clans have been waiting on new clothing. @Ryutekzu, Takami and @Sin, have contacted me, to create an updated attires for the suwa clan. We would like to ask @Ueda if he accepts the designs and whether or not he likes them, so that we may continue working on the sprites. Large Size Normal size Artist: @Roei Guidance: @Ryutekzu, @Sin And Takami
  5. Roei

    I hope It's gonna be available for leaf too
  6. Roei

    What about Shiny Summons :> (PS. Also when is Turtle Summon!?!? )
  7. Although you are gone, your good deeds and memories which you've made will remain.

    You are one special shinobi there's no doubt.
    Rest in peace Melina.. :(

  8. Roei

    Oh, well in that case.. It's On..
  9. Roei

    I would gladly accept the challenge but I don't have 10k to put in.
  10. Roei

    I can't see why not to add that. Game hasn't really been adding many masks, so it would be nice to see this in-game. Also great Job @Fuze and @Delp.
  11. Roei

    Haha sure why not, as soon as I'm done with some of my stuff, would be really nice to do that.
  12. Roei

    Finally, I made it to a tier list.. I am so honored.
  13. Roei

    Haha, that was a really good fight! Thank you for that 1v1, I had a lot of fun! Your performance was really good as well, you can be proud!
  14. Roei

    YO THESE ARE ACTUALLY SO GOOD! Good job @Adarya ~ !!!!!
  15. I'm not sure I like where this is going..