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  1. Roei

    Haha sure why not, as soon as I'm done with some of my stuff, would be really nice to do that.
  2. Roei

    Finally, I made it to a tier list.. I am so honored.
  3. Roei

    Haha, that was a really good fight! Thank you for that 1v1, I had a lot of fun! Your performance was really good as well, you can be proud!
  4. Roei

    YO THESE ARE ACTUALLY SO GOOD! Good job @Adarya ~ !!!!!
  5. I'm not sure I like where this is going..
  6. Roei

    Whatever is true, true.
  7. Roei

    Just a few things I'd like to comment on: Even back than, there were people who complained about fan (including leafies), although they were not many. Besides, it's understandable why not many talked about it, because it was a weapon that everyone could use for a small stat points investment, so you couldn't really argue that it's not okay, because everyone could have it too, meaning there were no real disadvantages here. (Mind you, back than fan Used to be a 1 tile long which is basically like a swinging a sword with knock back, you had to either run up to them to cancel a long cast jutsu, or use flicker and stop their jutsu cast. My point here is that it was more limited back than, and obviously didn't have the new fans) On a personal Note, I'm just so disappointed that in almost every new weapon or jutsu or anything that is related to pvp that we came up with, instant cc is included, and the pvp relies on that too much. and it's frustrating how everything surrounds over that. Not a long time ago I said I'd be making a post and maybe even a video talking about instant cast cc jutsus, So I guess I'd be trying to make it just expressing my thoughts on it. I think almost everything you said I agree with, but the main thing we need to do, like you mentioned is to ask @Ueda for his vision and have an open discussion about it. cause otherwise we can be talking about this forever.
  8. I am an artist too, haven't done much in terms of actual manga, but I'd be happy to help out with anything, If you're interested, you could hit me up on discord or the nin website, we can talk it out and see if I'm fit for the job. Not gonna lie, I had thought of doing something like that before, for some of my Nin experiences, and important events that have occurred I've been to, glad to see you guys are planning on doing something official like that, I'd be very happy to contribute to this project in any way I can. Also @Ueda is that a one spot job? or will multiple people be working on the art?
  9. Roei

    First of all I never mentioned wanting to punish those who abused the Leaf CE arena. People who used the dodgeball npc, weren't punished for using it, it's just was a problem with the game, not the players. If there's something wrong in the game that is not intended that is exploitable, people are gonna do it. You would be stupid not to use such things that the games offer for your benefits. Another example for this would be for way back when you could get a guy who had GD mission and shared it with others over and over, and people would use that for their whole daily missions to get money quickly. when it was later found out, sharing missions was removed, rory explained that sharing missions was intended for people to help each other and have a good time together doing missions, but it was easily exploitable. Sometimes it's the game's problem for allowing such things. Heck, I'll even admit that I used to do the same thing. (Trying to get someone to share "GD" mission with me) "Back in earlier versions of the game, we could already see this behavior when we allowed players to share missions (this was an experiment that Seth did). What happened was the entire game play became a matter of finding players with the high experience missions and begging them to share it with you. Because you'd be stupid not to!" (here he talks about experience rather than money/ryo but you get the point). Here's a link to the full Post. I think we might have misunderstood each other, I don't wish to punish those who abused the Leaf CE arena, they shouldn't. But calling them abusers is definitely, Right/Legitimate. But calling it anything else but abuse is quite literally a joke. I really don't want us to get the wrong idea of what each other thought, I hope I got my opinion is across now.
  10. Roei

    This was tested again, you cannot enter while in combat. (I could have sworn last time it worked) Thank you for correcting me. But as for Black rain's comment, This was never meant to be a feature, if you look at other villages they have no feature like that. What I'm assuming is that it is a feature that was used by the GMs only, and right now it's bugged, or just turned on and someone forgot to turn it off. Non leaf villagers who go in CE arena, whether they know about this "feature" or not does not matter. because I think we all can agree that having a place for enemy villagers where they cannot be attacked or punished, in your village is not intended. they shouldn't be even able to do that in the first place. I'm sorry but it's an abuse. we can go on and on forever with this trying to justify ourselves. But I think we all got across how we see the situation, You'll see it that way I'll see it that way. Please do not mistake me for being mad or offended by any of your comments and replies, If anything I appreciate you guys a lot for commenting on this matter/topic, so thank you @Black Rain and @fox Hopefully this will get fixed soon. and we could move on fixing other stuff.
  11. Roei

    Last time I saw someone got hit and still went in anyway. (We'll check that again anyways)
  12. Roei

    @Tekkey Hinodeso lemme get this right,its abuse if i run to CE arena even tho u could combat block me and stop me from that,but its ok for u to run in hosp even IN combat? And its not abuse? I like how the hosp bug was a thing for so long and u never tried to report it despite the fact u just said it should be fixed but once u saw me or a few more ppl run to CE u instantly make a post about it Comon homie C: Alright let me explain some things cause you got some stuff wrong. First of all, Leaf CE arena just like hospital, can be entered even when IN combat both in and out. and once you are in the no zone there is really no way of stopping from logging off [except from killing you with a summon before you log off(which weirdly does do damage in there){attacking someone with a summon does not pvp lock them}] Second we never said running into hospital even when in pvp is okay. It's a thing in all Non Rogue Villages, the reason why we are complaining is that all the other non rogue villages have their CE arena locked, so this is unfair towards the leaf. cause while they don't need to worry about that, we do. If you have problems with the Hospitals being entered even when pvp locked, you can make a different post, this is not the place to state your frustrations with a different matter that we aren't discussing here. As for this, People who've been in the game for a while, remember that entering the CE leaf arena has always been open to anyone, back then there were no restrictions, so really leaf was just outdated, and with that knowledge that anyone can entered they kept entering. whether they knew it or not at first doesn't matter, if they keep entering leaf CE, that means they are aware of this "bug" and so yeah they abuse it. Therefore calling them abusers is legitimate.
  13. Roei

    I know you are on a break right now Ueda as of this time we are speaking, and I wish you to rest well, but when you're better and get back please take care of this matter.
  14. Roei

    Leaf arena Is supposed to be used as a place for leaf villagers to spar at. But the the problem with leaf's arena is that, everyone can access it, Unlike other village arenas which no one can access except for their villagers. It wouldn't be much of a deal for us leafies if it was just another building where they hide at, but because you cannot attack them within the leaf arena. It makes it the perfect place for all sorts of enemy ninja to hide, regen, log out, distract, and the list goes on. As @Tekkey Hinode said this is not a new discovery, this has been unresolved for a lot of time now, and we expect that this will be taken care of as soon as possible. Just make it like the other arenas, that is all we ask for.
  15. Roei

    I don't know what is causing it but a few times have happened to me where I get into a map and I am suddenly get ambushed by people, or people are in the map And all of the sudden, I can just not target anything at all, it is as if target does not exists. I am not sure but I think it has something to do with cc and stuns, It might not be true but I think that if you time the targeting when you get hit by cc you'll be no longer be able to target. I'd be happy if you can look into this.