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  1. Roei

    Thank you, I added that in now.
  2. Roei

    Suwa Clan Attires The suwa clan like many clans have been waiting on new clothing. @Ryutekzu, Takami and @Sin, have contacted me, to create an updated attires for the suwa clan. We would like to ask @Ueda if he accepts the designs and whether or not he likes them, so that we may continue working on the sprites. Large Size Normal size Artist: @Roei Guidance: @Ryutekzu, @Sin And Takami
  3. Roei

    I hope It's gonna be available for leaf too
  4. Roei

    What about Shiny Summons :> (PS. Also when is Turtle Summon!?!? )
  5. Although you are gone, your good deeds and memories which you've made will remain.

    You are one special shinobi there's no doubt.
    Rest in peace Melina.. :(

  6. Roei

    Oh, well in that case.. It's On..
  7. Roei

    I would gladly accept the challenge but I don't have 10k to put in.
  8. Roei

    I can't see why not to add that. Game hasn't really been adding many masks, so it would be nice to see this in-game. Also great Job @Fuze and @Delp.
  9. Roei

    Haha sure why not, as soon as I'm done with some of my stuff, would be really nice to do that.
  10. Roei

    Finally, I made it to a tier list.. I am so honored.
  11. Roei

    Haha, that was a really good fight! Thank you for that 1v1, I had a lot of fun! Your performance was really good as well, you can be proud!
  12. Roei

    YO THESE ARE ACTUALLY SO GOOD! Good job @Adarya ~ !!!!!
  13. I'm not sure I like where this is going..
  14. Roei

    Whatever is true, true.
  15. Roei

    Just a few things I'd like to comment on: Even back than, there were people who complained about fan (including leafies), although they were not many. Besides, it's understandable why not many talked about it, because it was a weapon that everyone could use for a small stat points investment, so you couldn't really argue that it's not okay, because everyone could have it too, meaning there were no real disadvantages here. (Mind you, back than fan Used to be a 1 tile long which is basically like a swinging a sword with knock back, you had to either run up to them to cancel a long cast jutsu, or use flicker and stop their jutsu cast. My point here is that it was more limited back than, and obviously didn't have the new fans) On a personal Note, I'm just so disappointed that in almost every new weapon or jutsu or anything that is related to pvp that we came up with, instant cc is included, and the pvp relies on that too much. and it's frustrating how everything surrounds over that. Not a long time ago I said I'd be making a post and maybe even a video talking about instant cast cc jutsus, So I guess I'd be trying to make it just expressing my thoughts on it. I think almost everything you said I agree with, but the main thing we need to do, like you mentioned is to ask @Ueda for his vision and have an open discussion about it. cause otherwise we can be talking about this forever.