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  1. Tetsuya

    Remove Chakra Scalpel and Poison Scalpel when a Weapon is equiped is the way i think maybe exept with Kunai for Pscalpel. We are on a cancer Meta with Full Wm Med spaming Flicker PScalpel or Tai Med blood tonfa with CScalpel
  2. Tetsuya

    I think just remove the stun and keep slelf stun in instant cast and it's fine land vaccum with running cast without cc before is or very lucky or impossible
  3. Tetsuya

    I agree with vortex and Scalpel unable with weapon. Rest is fine in my opinion. Vortex just need same duration of self stun than stun, 3 tiles radius would make him very good btw. Unable sclapel with weapon equiped seems good too. Because Tai is already the best mastery in 1V1 and it's more Op with this weapon. Running cast on Fan or pipe ??? Why ? I think there is possible to lock weapon to fan masteries if Bubble and fan will become a real masteries and not sub-masteries. This is 99% impossible to hit someone with pipe or fan with 1 sec running cast.
  4. Tetsuya

    Azhura Yuki Mylu Sparky and tbh i don't have idea for the last
  5. Tetsuya


    Good Job Erox nice sounds
  6. Tetsuya

    And this is the same guy who cry when get killed on Mist alt. :faceplam: If a Modo can lock that topic it's usless.
  7. Tetsuya

    Just remove stun and it's ok. Crystal fan need to stay better than Blue Fan. 1 tiles large with lower range would make it worst than blue fan.
  8. Tetsuya

    And you don't do the same when you camp Sand Gd Entrance maybe ? It's hardcore open world game. You were like 30+ ppl vs 10-15 max and did'nt come. Don't search excuse if you push you win ez number do the Job ez but leafies are " ho wait an Akatsuki is Mini !! Wait for 10 ppl to get him he's ringed.
  9. Tetsuya

    No Nin don't need Eu Server. And Rory already said it. We have 2 server Atm. Rory can't split more ppl. And in my case i prefer stay in NA server with my friends to go in Eu server without them.
  10. Tetsuya

    I don't agree with you. There is a lot of sword don't need more and more. Land of iron is comming and pretty sure we will get new stuff. Don't need more atm. Boss are ok. They are World Boss it seems logic they are hard to kill solo. Fps lock and Eu Server. With new client Fps will be done for all and rory already said no EU server. Nin community is already split on 2 server. NA/BR so we don't need split more the Nin population.