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  1. Akimito

    Horny / Happy Beasts? ;x

    When you accept Mist Village daily called Horny Beasts chat decides name is inappropriate and changes it to Happy Beasts, mission name is still displayed with correct name in Mission Log.
  2. Akimito

    Visual Bug

    In Sand Village inside Abandoned building (the one where you get seals mission) interior is weirdly blinking (changing every other second? not sure how to call that).
  3. Akimito

    Level 20 Arc mapswitch abuse

    In Land of Waves arc you can enter the train from Weird Frogs map even if you are combat locked.
  4. Akimito

    Mapswitch "sliding"

    If you are combat locked and attempt to switch map while also moving in parallel to mapswitch your character will slide with some crazy speed along mapswitch, this makes it easy to run away from combat and avoid jutsus until you are ready to change map. Works especially on large mapswitches like the big desert one.
  5. Akimito

    Cell Regeneration

    Cell regeneration is healing only 4 tics instead of 5 like it was in the past, no patch notes mentions that so I guess it wasn't balance change and just a bug. Also, healing sound appears 5 times during jutsu duration.
  6. Akimito

    I have the same problem and rain is making me laggy ;-; HELP
  7. Akimito

    Yes please!
  8. Akimito

    Maybe some kind of "bad luck system" could get introduced here? Whenever you fail to enchant blank into sealable/summon contract you should get some small success chance increase. When you finally manage to successfully enchant a scroll your chances go back to base rate.