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  1. Sour

    You need to just suck up getting to lvl 20 through grinding spiders/wolves and missions. After you do your missions dont hand them in until someone pops a blessing. The missions get better after 20 though.
  2. Sour

    Im gonna end like this. Thanks @Vali for welcoming me back in leaf and making your own decision on it. Sorry this post about your clan feels so personal, the truth is you are actually a real cool dude. If everyone in kuraen was as chill or ez to talk to this post probably wouldnt come to exist. I was right on the money about your clan, but feel obligated to say I was wrong about you being a puppet. Respect
  3. Sour

    Update on the situation. Thanks to @Aikya 's intervention we managed to get Ataris monk robe back. Dumb and dumber even got jailed. The snake belt is still out there, but we are grateful for her stepping in and getting the monk robe back. Respect
  4. Sour

    @Oriax @Michael @Ueda
  5. Sour

    Anything I have said here I've said to you directly through DMs and you know thats a fact. Dont act like a vendetta with Alarnin is why ppl arent happy with your org. Take responsibility for your actions, like being Ohiya/Youseis pawn your first month.
  6. Sour

    Go get me a glass of water. That is an order from a Jonin little guy.
  7. Sour

    Someone gave me the SS if you really wanna know. Sent it to me this morning and the post was made 5 minutes later. I dont need to waste my time spying. Ppl know you are all on your kuraen bullshit. Thats why the info was given to me freely. Because they know I would actually speak on it.
  8. Sour

    In case you missed it @Kuraen Alarnin
  9. Sour

    I dont kill leafies im gonna need some proof of that bogus claim. Even your own kind snitched on you with the SS of the kuraen discord. LMAO You guys really stick together huh? The person who exposed you knew it was wrong, just like everyone else afraid to speak up.
  10. Sour

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck.... then it must be....
  11. Sour

    Your org is so sneaky and self absorbed, I dont actually know. What I do know is the facts in front of me that led me to make this post. I already mentioned them here multiple times. Sorry you are caught up in the crossfire.
  12. Sour

    So someone like Ohiya getting pardoned twice under Vali, but Ichika cant get one pardon because? He isnt successful enough? Come on dude you are a reasonable person. Idk how any rational person can disagree with what Ive said. lol
  13. Sour

    This post is me putting effort to get what I want.
  14. Sour

    Lol point of the post is no one should have that power. No matter how educated & proper you try to sound your org still got exposed. Sorry Elo