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  1. Bmore Johnson

    Dopeeee I'd grab it
  2. Bmore Johnson

    agreed it's good in team fights but not 1v1
  3. Bmore Johnson

    As a user of lightning for a month, I respect your effort with it!
  4. Bmore Johnson

    I recently been playing lightning, just curious as to why it takes higher lvl to get jutsus
  5. Bmore Johnson

    I agree
  6. Bmore Johnson

    This is what paying for a GM does.. never seen so many people muted for basicly bs reasons in the 3 years I've been around >...>
  7. This looks like the best event sence I joined in 2017! exciting !
  8. Bmore Johnson

    @Ueda Not sure if this is supposed to happend but Clones can break friendly traps
  9. Bmore Johnson

    Mist sucks.
  10. Bmore Johnson

    Sand best village.
  11. Bmore Johnson

    Nobody went rogue through this jail spree LMAO and this was 40 days ago why yall so late to complain?? HMMMM
  12. Bmore Johnson

    Ayeeeee that's me lmfao