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  1. Bmore Johnson

    good idea!
  2. Bmore Johnson

    This makes me so sad.... But I understand it... wish you the best.
  3. Bmore Johnson

    Tunnler Boss and Tunnler summon for sand... I mean COME ON!
  4. Bmore Johnson

    What a crack head
  5. Bmore Johnson

    It took me 350 Blanks to get a contract! and I agree with @Agav the Summons and Puppets should get diffrent movment animations other than just teleporting to you.
  6. As the title states... Cresent Moon Beheading and Exploding Spiked Ball Technique are entirely not working @Ueda @Seth I have reset internet, pc, exitlag ect it isnt from my end.
  7. Bmore Johnson

  8. Bmore Johnson

    @Dyan left bc he was to strong... No one village could handle the spirit or the amount of trening and PVP Dyan did.... We miss you old freind RIP.