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  1. Bmore

    I say keep it in!! I always enjoy watching bears or tigers devour yound ninja in front of my eyes as I laugh.
  2. Bmore

    It took me 350 Blanks to get a contract! and I agree with @Agav the Summons and Puppets should get diffrent movment animations other than just teleporting to you.
  3. As the title states... Cresent Moon Beheading and Exploding Spiked Ball Technique are entirely not working @Ueda @Seth I have reset internet, pc, exitlag ect it isnt from my end.
  4. Bmore

  5. Bmore

    @Dyan left bc he was to strong... No one village could handle the spirit or the amount of trening and PVP Dyan did.... We miss you old freind RIP.
  6. Bmore

    They want the grind hard af sadly.... @Hoshen Im willing to help when I can as u know but @Rory idt is willing to change it.. even if it helps raise the low ass player rate the game has atm....
  7. Bmore


    Looking good!