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  1. Balcoin

  2. Balcoin

    I mean I'd vote for anyone with a vision tho I still have yet to see what council members actually do for the village tho
  3. Balcoin

    How many friends you got?
  4. Balcoin

    I'm a bhaddie and it's hot girls summer so yh that's why
  5. Balcoin

    Who's even in the balance team? cause so far I only see raitou
  6. Balcoin

    Only if bubble clones included
  7. Girl rn you're serving canteen snacks while tear took the time to serve a dish miss me with touchie feelie emotions skit instead of taking a dump on someone else's work you should take the time to work on your own if forum combat appeals to the rest of your girl squad hit me up on nin gen where my claws are always Sharpened Tata sis
  8. Yet instead of making a post of your own you preferred to leave this on a post she made? Bet you thought you ate that huh
  9. Balcoin

    Yes please
  10. Balcoin

  11. Balcoin

    Yass Queen setting up incase kraken drops your new pipe man I see you
  12. Balcoin

    Is it possible the dome can be used in 2 ways say offense for a prison jutsu and defence to protect yourself?
  13. Balcoin

    Ok I'm Highley feeling this I need more ASAP!!
  14. Balcoin

    Umm Leaf = 1 map away from sz Sand = 2 maps away from sz Mist = 2 maps away from sz Why is mist n sands options more difficult than leafs make it make sense