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  1. Balcoin

    Still trying to figure out why yall got yall dicks out when this was suppose to be a positive discussion Sure sukki got a few kills he feels like he stuck a gold mine let the kid has his moment it's not like he gets alot of that anyways keep it classy because we are mist we don't encourage that kind of energy in our village
  2. Balcoin

    here's an idea Take a Page from Jakusha's Book we never needed a kage or a ranked official to make a change in sand we did what was needed to be done Sure Sand got mad and decided to lash out cause our clan gain the respect they never received mist had it's moment of inactivity Feinz did the same thing over time he didn't just change everything when he became kage it takes a few people to make a small change for others to follow to make a big change @Atrane @Kurean Macdom@Dredge Hinode clearly you lot can do this leaf has always had the largest community in the game if smaller villages like mist and sand can make these changes you can also if your leader can't do what needs to be done i'm sorry but he isn't the leader you need
  3. Balcoin

    i also saw the 200 damage dmg marker yesterday on fox map and but i didn't take damage
  4. Balcoin

    950 failed blanks with still 0 summons
  5. Balcoin

    Honestly speaking i'd have to say i find the game to be a rare Gem since i have yet to find another like it plus i legit live for this community being lucky enough to grow with this community was amazing sure it has it's ups and downs but i wouldn't trade it for the world Yet...
  6. Balcoin

    Sure i agree some people shares said views tho think about it if everyone from all villages ran around with fans and pipes wouldn't that minimize the masteries that actually need those weapons to cast jutsus? why would players even choose the masteries if the tool was a much better choice anyways the idea behind rory locking weapons to villages was to make village have a sense of difference i'm sure leaf would be pissed if any and everyone could grab the Gf boost, also not to mention GF doesn't exactly need to have the boost active to use it's jutsus from what i tested last time i tried it but fan and pipe users actually do need to weapons to use the jutsus they have also incase you think back on WM in all of this remember anyone can use a sword as far as i know from any village since all villages had ninjas that used swords whats next yall gonna demand that rory allow leaf ninjas to use puppets? cause yes sis that's also a weapon
  7. Balcoin

    Hmm wouldn't that mean all villages should have the Gentle fist boost as well?
  8. Balcoin

    umm Harmony i just wanted to point out that that kid could use fan style because he mother was a fan user so it would pretty much make sense to say that idk maybe she taught him a thing or two i personally believe that Fan and pipes weapons should be locked to the sub masteries they belong to just as leaf doesn't have anyone running around with gentle fist besides the users of the mastery also sure i'd agree with leaf having the Asuma blades if sand and mist also gain other weapons also because comparing a tool that originally belongs to a mastery to a weapon that isn't tied to any doesn't really make sense to me Maybe rory can correct this hopefully it was a mistake because Tools like fan and pipes should only be used by players using those masteries Periodt...
  9. Balcoin


    Stunning does this mean i can use the reanimation jutsu to bring back dadmall?
  10. Balcoin

    It's a good idea but when it comes down to lowbies I'd have to draw the line also remember intel was passed from nurses if a patient was mumbling words while not being conscious you could make a player say to a nurse npc which would send a msg to vchat the intel he gathered on the where abouts of an enemy but doing so would have a downside aswell say make them unable to leave hospital for a few seconds to a min or 2 but it would be optional to rely that info to the nurse you can either rely that info and hope your village finds the enemy or risk going after them or leave it alone
  11. Balcoin

  12. Balcoin

    I understand where you're coming from because i personally don't believe a ninja that has killed members of the village he wants to get back into should be pardoned so easily Akatsuki and other rogue orgs that caused havoc should not be pardoned easily but when it all comes down to it the only person that makes those calls are the kages and we all know sand is famous for doing things like this The village community's should speak up and show the kages what he/she are doing is a mistake sure villages need strong fighters thats fine but think of the community will at those kinds of decision.
  13. Balcoin

    Yes please as a person that grinds alot and burned 950 blanks for a summon i have yet to get this would actually make me a little bit happier
  14. Balcoin

    I mean as a mistie when i raid sand and leaf i normally leave lowbies alone abd revive them if they're killed if an outsider is kind to you it doesn't make you a traitor maybe your village members should what they should to be sure by watching and investigating instead of randomly accusing you of being an alt for surviving if it makes you feel any better sand has always been that way #Paranoid