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  1. Wanheda

    Umm Leaf = 1 map away from sz Sand = 2 maps away from sz Mist = 2 maps away from sz Why is mist n sands options more difficult than leafs make it make sense
  2. Wanheda

    So give puppets the same shit effect as bubble clone? got it
  3. Wanheda

    I wish a besty would try to retire I ain't give you my blessing
  4. Wanheda

    didn't you already make one of these
  5. Butch Queens bout to defend the most broken mastery this game has
  6. Wanheda

    Wym seifer bubble shark legit bounces by its targets in the slowest possible speed even a larvae can dodge it
  7. Wanheda

    I mean 2 wrongs don't exactly make a right also I'd assume folks would know better than to use the N word since if you're a gamer you'd probably know things like these since alot of communities don't along such words I do agree that the administration should have taken action in punishing both sides if they didn't but regardless your ban was deserved
  8. Wanheda


  9. Wanheda

    Almost made me cry love you Hageshi
  10. Wanheda

  11. Wanheda

    Hold tf up WHAT!!!! Also why am I a newbie I'm a old ass hoe I've been twerking my way straight to the top for the past 5-6 years
  12. Wanheda

    Well was a good run Takashi I wish you the best ♥
  13. Wanheda

    You forgot to ask him who his fav Nin player is
  14. Wanheda

    i love it can we also make night time last alot longer also making it alot darker
  15. Wanheda

    read this post and somehow got distracted by the drama but good idea tho add transformation jutsu to the list and sold