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  1. Rumaki

    @Erox "corgee replied to topic's Erox in Bug reports " makes no sense at all or this
  2. Rumaki

    ye WM in mist get a chance to be part of the 7 swordsmen org if you're aiming for that go wm then else just go wind and make sure to have 20 points on strength to use a pipe it will help ya
  3. Rumaki

    wind is excellent for both pvp and pve forget about wm n light
  4. Rumaki

    Because it's not a map on it's own it's like snake floor 2 n 3 they're in the same map
  5. Rumaki

    Oh no.... *having fed morde flashbacks*
  6. Rumaki

    i think azhura can see the whole takumi map lmao
  7. Rumaki

    they have the byakugan it has nothing to do with resolution its a bloodline limit all jokes aside i agree
  8. Rumaki

    i dn't even know how to say 10th hokage in japanese
  9. Rumaki

    That's how i find random blanks around lmfao
  10. Rumaki

    For village orgs i think it's better for the next leader to be chosen after a meeting between the kage, council and the current leader
  11. Rumaki

    i aint paying 3k for t3 no more
  12. Rumaki

    Imma pay ya 30 bucks to make me a short story
  13. Rumaki


  14. Rumaki

    lmfao i was there and it was so danm funny
  15. Rumaki

    takumi wasnt meant to be an actual village it was supposed to be somewhere rogues spawn and take missions but that's where to problem is there is nowhere else to take dailies as a rogue other than takumi and its a free respawn and you are safer from other villages there are no other respawn places for rogues that offers the same thing so everyone stays at takumi when rogues are supposed to be separated and act independently. Akatsuki has been this way since the very beginning and i think it's better like this because finding members for akat is really hard and im not talking about people who wants to join im talking about people who are able to fight properly in a 10 v 20. If people aren't able to keep akat leadership in a loop between their friends it would be a mess and there would be alot of randoms in the org and it would be useless just like my 6 months leadership was. I think there should be an exception when talking about akat The members and leaders should be able to stay for way longer compared to village orgs Akat doesn't have the support of a village so having high skilled team fighters is always a must.