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  1. Rumaki

    stop making a forum posts to revert every new changes added into the game.
  2. im going to kill you with the truth before making you smile with lies, you take it however you like.
  3. Rumaki

    Imma b real with ya ma ninja The community does not have a good record of people using cute anime girls pics/pfps. You're headed towards a harsh path of stereotypes, In my case i opened one of ur first posts was about to read n noticed the cute anime girl n was like " nope im out ". And uhh... As @Slifer already said in one of ur posts. It'd b better to experience the game a little bit more n get to know the community, through the discord server preferably. Most of them are more focused on the pvp aspect of the game or more ninja stuff than real life stuff. Remember it's a ninja game we finna throw hands with mad jutsus n sht not kiss n marry.
  4. Greetings, Just thought this could be a benefit for being silver for a long time and a way to thank/remember some popular old players who helped the game in one way or another. + there's still some npcs that are just random boxes Ive got some suggestions ready . There is plenty spots especially in clan houses and random npcs roaming the villages for popular silver players. If this gets approved ill definitely go on a quest to find how these players typically looked like and help implement them. Obviously its not limited to whatever n whoever i suggested there these are just people i could think real quickly and it could this could even be done For Past kages who stayed full term and GMs who did a good job @Erox . This could be a way of reward tell me what u guys think. Please sign the petition by upvoting so rory can see it.
  5. Rumaki

    They've done way more work than i could ever know since then, the game is nothing like it was back in 2008 hope u have fun discovering the world of nin online its lovely.
  6. Rumaki

  7. Rumaki

    Lambo my son is that u?
  8. Rumaki

    Oh lord
  9. Rumaki

    Nerf gf.
  10. Rumaki

    Passives on swords is the way to go at this point if we want more diversity, every new swords feels like it's just more numbers . As long as we keep them simple n nothing crazy.
  11. Rumaki

    Here's what i thought about, it's gonna require quite some work so -There should be a map designed specifically for this event - for players to enter they should get a temporary hooded robe and Orange mask - every player should spawn in a random spot in the map after entering it. - Supplies should spawn after the event started, the later into the game the better the supplies get ex ( 5 mins in -> supply boxes contain 1 blue n red pills// 15 mins in -> supply boxes contain 1 toad oil 3 blue 3 red pills) supply boxes can contain tools too - Every consumable and drop able on death items such as org buffs in your inventory will be lost as soon as you enter the event map. - any item acquired inside the event map will be lost as soon as you leave it. Heres a quick 5 min horrible sketch of what the vent map could look like _ Players will randomly spawn on one of the red stars when entering the map - The map is a no zone until the event starts then it changes to a war zone - There are 4 zones --> Circle one --> Circle 2 -> Pentagon -> Rectangle. - every five/ten minutes every survivor should all be in the next zone by crossing in where the green arrows are starting from Circle one. - With the help of the new furniture system all entrances to the zone should be blocked either by the GM hosting the event or automatically if possible after the time to cross to that zone is up. - it should go like this >>>> 10 mins after event start an announcement should tell all players to move out of Circle one and they have 1 minute to do so, anyone who fails to leave circle one should get eliminated. 10 mins later repeat the same process with circle 2, then Pentagon and the last survivors will battle it out in the rectangle. - The purple triangles are where bosses/mini bosses will spawn - circle one mini bosses respawn CD should b around 3~ minutes || Circle two about 5 mins || Pentagon boss 20 mins - Circle one and 2 bosses should drop items like temporary stat buff items example: Purple pill that increases your Intellect by 20 for 60 seconds. There should be a variety of these to be dropped and these items should be droppable on death, so it works like a loot bag - Pentagon boss has a chance to Drop a rare weapon with no stats requirement and more stat increasing items + items that gives you Movement speed or vulnerability. example ( Red oil increases your movement speed for 30 secs making you move faster ) ( pure chakra potion that gives you chakra regen for a period of time ) ( potion that gives you invulnerability for a very short period 2 or 3 secs) - all items acquired during the event drops on death including weapons and consumables, anyone who picks them up can use them. - the event map should be well mixed with water/river areas forests areas, rocky areas, foggy and more. Al that to make room for for players that have different kind of playstyle n masteries to play around and work out amazing strategies. IF THIS GETS CONSIDERED AND GETTING WORKED ON WE CAN GET INFINETLy CREATIVE AND MAKE THE EvENT REAL FUN SO WAT U THINK SO FAR