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  1. Rumaki

    I regret letting @Atrane go back to leaf
  2. Rumaki

    yknow i luv ur sht the result of good diri ak sos pwa everyday my boi
  3. Rumaki

    rogues can be in 7sm they just need an invite theres nothing blocking a mist ninja to go rogue with their sword as long as they dnt get kicked from the org that is
  4. Rumaki

    oh sweet baby Jesus
  5. Rumaki

  6. Rumaki

    happened to me a lot using the new client but not with the normal one
  7. Rumaki

    - needs to be lvl locked we don't want lowbies to get hurt by this - will have too much of an impact on people just doing dailies/farming/ running around doing normal stuff that had nothing to do with BI in the first place - does not rlly stop anyone from bi warrioring when it comes to defend raid points or just a village raid - will negatively affect rogues more than anyone I suggest to make the HP cap you lose with bi scales with lvl instead the high ur lvl the more hp u lose from BI bi warriors would ve way easier to deal with and without hurting anyone rlly
  8. Rumaki

    im all about that ramenswag
  9. Rumaki

  10. Rumaki

    gotta sign, gotta siiign signed
  11. Rumaki

    Dnt wanna wait an additional hour for my -5% to reset no ty
  12. Rumaki

    Ill take care of that