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  1. Rumaki

  2. steezo you're a disappointment, a failure like you can't spread no harass.
  3. Rumaki

    Nin online has always been a pvp driven game in my eyes, people NEED to fight and stroke their own egos in some way there NEED to be these kind of events that put factions against each other because dzs aren't up the task. -Rewards has always been the motivation for everything since the dawn mankind. Previous war events people were not motivated enough to participate since there was no reward black war armor is as common as spider eggs + you can't trade them which doesn't help its case. If there's nothing valuable to win then the event is a waste of time n no enjoys that. Atrane alrdy gave his ideas here i mines---- i'll go with the war event tokens and shop system since that'd b the most satisfying rewards in this shop could include anything from recolored weapons to black bamboo hat ( everyone been craving this ) and the hashi capes/cloaks that hasnt been released yet ( giyu n zenitsu plzzzzz) -Make room for skill expression. There are a ton of egotistic maniacs in this game that wanna prove they're the best and war event is the biggest showdown in nin cuz it happens twice a year so everyone's gonna watch it. There should be a stage were factions put their best ninjas against each other could be anything from 4 v 4s to 10v10s(preferably) - allow one or two rogue organizations to participate to make it more competitive and to not just exclude the largest population of players out of such a great event ( yh its rogues not leaf *i think*)
  4. Understanding " extremly strong " as must use else you trolling, there's very little counter play to it/ using it boost your overall power by a very significant amount/ will win you most fights by it sheer strength in the meta. "broken" = is too strong, there's very little to no counter play/ will win you most to all of your fights/ would only lose with it only if you make a grave mistake yourself/ Can make mistakes freely and the weapon is so strong that your mistakes don't matter. i'd say that you are " extremely wrong " and whatever mental state you were on while typing this was "broken"
  5. Rumaki

    No that would 1 break RP 2 make it very hard to make the difference on who's akatsuki n who's not 3 akat robe is exclusive for akat members only let it b that way 4 get lost.
  6. Rumaki

    Lmaoo nice troll post.
  7. atrane black mailed me to come listen to jun on the track help

    1. JunPachi


      Just listen to the Bogdan diss then you can leave 

  8. Rumaki

    me and @Atrane are interested in joining
  9. 1- wait a year 2- send a support ticket with the name change option you'll pay about $15 for that
  10. Rumaki

    this was supposed to be the fix instead of mastery locking them which did almost nothing
  11. Rumaki

    Greetings, Among all of the Mizukage term , yours was the one the stood out to us. Thanks for your short Mizukage term these 3 Months were really fun you pushed every mist villager to their limit and everyone was showing results. You're the one who truly molded the mist army into elites, every raid we were doing better and everyone was learning from their past mistakes. Tons of ryo was made for the mist treasury then distributed back to the village in the form of clan wars, MMPF Guard Duty, other PvP events and much more. It was a privilege to play in the mist village under your leadership. We hope every mist villager who participate in the raids and scrims you hosted learned something that will be useful for them in some future raids. We hope the upcoming mizukage will live up to ur name. From : The Mist village To : 11th Mizukage Exodia
  12. Rumaki

    Horrible. The game's balance been mass nerfing n earth which was considered " balanced " is now strong because everything has been nerfed to the ground. other masteries should get buffed instead. that being said if the mastery needs nerfs anyways here's what id suggest. Pillar has low CD because it's the lowest scaling elemental homing if anything the dmg should be lowered since spikes does so much dmg alrdy Ep def needs a player targets cap Spikes can't b a runcast then earth would have no instant casts dmg earth wall shouldn't cancel that made it a bit overturned and mud river slow can b lowered
  13. Holy molly id love this i've played so many games with these types of quests n trying to find out everything without being fed infos is so much fun Kinda like valheim @Atrane we kinda had to try out everything and experience everything first hand This would surely open a new path for RP in the game tbh @Atrane the best thing to do is try to create a quest example like that for rory so he has a better idea of what exactly this is about This is nothing like LOI which was a pretty str8 foward quest line it was just mad tedious cuz everything was so tanky n u had to kill so many of them