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  1. Rumaki

    Make it happen!
  2. Rumaki

    Come war in takumi im bored too
  3. Rumaki

    He's talking about the player @Black Rain
  4. Rumaki

    The secret to solve all the world's problems Rework gf Nerf/rework crystal fan Make scalpel a silence Remove cc from lvl 10 pipe n fan
  5. Rumaki

    I started makin nin vids for fun, i was just a toxic annoyin kid back then never expected them to get that much attention. I rlly like when someone appreciate the work I've done that's what pushed me to make more and more n naturally get better at it. As long as nin continues to b fun ill make more. that being said, I cAn'T wAiT tO pOsT mEMes oN Nin Gen
  6. Esty : we managed to overthrow the dictator @Atrane supported by the imperialist Takas. Taka : n the taka leader ->
  7. Atrane : @rumaki Come home bruh the leaf village is a nice place. the leaf village :
  8. Rumaki

    I remember rory saying weapons make up for weapon users' low scaling, that was ight when bandit was the rarest sword in the game but now swords are starting to deal more damage on basic than any of my jutsus would ever do and fans are a whole new lvl with free wide range cc on basic and elementals are just being left behind. If you cant beat em, join em imma b abusing them broken weapons too
  9. Rumaki

    istg this was fixed the new client thing prolly broke it again idk
  10. Rumaki

    Rated on how often ive seen them in dzs/wars/event/scrims n how good they are at doing it
  11. Rumaki

    what you betrayed ur village n just want to go back there for free as if nothing happened
  12. Rumaki

    The kazekage is absolute. There was never a rule that says Kages cant charge for pardons. Kages, especially the kazekage are free to rule their village however they see fit n setup they own rules. Requirements for pardons like that been happening since i joined the game although it was a little different (farm items, spy on rogues, provide infos about your rogue organization, or just simply ryo)
  13. Rumaki

    irrelevant, unnecessary.
  14. @Atrane bow before the real king, lumy !
  15. Rumaki

    -I agree that the early lvls should be easier n the punishment for dying should be a little less. as it is right now most hight lvls kill lowbies for missions n i cant blame them because the missions they are doing is really annoying basically you have to kill 10-14 ninjas and that is very hard to do if you're not buying/begging people to let you kill them . I personally dnt kill lvl 1-10 because i know they're struggling n they wont count for my mission anyways. The creator of the game been working on making early lvls better by adding weapons for lowbies, side quests and sings around the villages. I think he has more planned for the future including changing the early lvling (1-10) so it's not an endless grind and not putting new players at the mercy of High lvls - Everyone here been through this they have been traumatized then transformed by the harass spread by others that's why they're a little harsh on you. - If you're planning on continuing the game make sure you do with you buddies the game is far more enjoyable w/ friends and this will keep you safe in some situations, most people avoid attacking a group. There are several lvling guides n posts to help new players on the forums try to find them they will help u a little.
  16. Rumaki

    yes plz im tired of being stalked by @Atrane
  17. Rumaki

    free my ninja issa
  18. Rumaki

    but why does @Atrane looks so damn ugly thooo
  19. Rumaki

    I believe tanzaku is a neutral village n doesn't support ninjas or something like that it's only problem is being too close to leaf which rory said he'll fix in the future
  20. Rumaki

    what an absolute chad.
  21. Rumaki

    the 20 str pipe having a snare is unnecessary. make the bubble explode, dealing dmg or something and leave the snare for higher Str req pipes - delete crystal fan.
  22. Rumaki

    we cant count on these coming anytime soon, we have no idea if they are half done, not just the art but also the coding, balancing n everything. My point is we cant wait for these cuz they aint comin anytime son
  23. Rumaki

    a quick fix to nadoes could be just to raise triple nadoes requirements to 40 str or something