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  1. Mana

    Pretty cool.
  2. Mana

    Nonsense. Why would I hate on someone inferior to me and my village?
  3. Mana

    I don't, even though it is. I have already given a hint towards why nobody wants to join it, hence the line up is as it is.
  4. Mana

    However nobody is interested because everyone knows how this organization is being run.
  5. Mana

    How would you know how people hunt when you and your organization are completely inactive. :bakecry:
  6. Mana

    Mana for Kazekage.
  7. Mana

    Where is the mapswitch camp in there? Over the past weeks, I have personally ordered people to stay away from mapswitches. Otherwise we all know what you people will do.
  8. Mana

    What am I even watching?
  9. Mana

  10. Mana

    Well Played.
  11. At 50 you can either choose to spend a mastery point or not. Everytime you gain a level past 50 you can either choose or not. It will always be up there as a pop up.
  12. Mana

    To give my honest opinion on what @Ueda said in that clip. If he wants to continue having the sub-path masteries available without locking them, then there needs to be done some serious changes to them. Things that should be done to create a balanced hybrid system: Level 10 Bubble Pipe should be nerfed to the ground. Level 20 Bubble Pipe with much higher (40) strength requirement should be added. This pipe would be what the current level 10 pipe is in terms of ability. In order to be a hybrid and to use the powerful tools you should be forced to sacrifice more stats. Level 10 fan jutsu should be swapped positions with the Level 20 or 25 (the long piercing one if I am not mistaken). The wind users who want to use fan jutsu should also be forced to invest more stats in order to use the more useful jutsu. - This is the way that I think is one of the few possible to somewhat balance things out -
  13. Mana

    Gentle Fist - Solo.