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  1. Mana

    No, no and no.
  2. Mana

    I just don't think it should be a stun. It was fine when it had 3 tile wide range, no stun. Granted, senbon was instant cast stun then but instant cast CC is too strong. Most of them have been removed already so I don't see a reason to keep this the way it is.
  3. Mana

    Balance post without poison scalpel being talked about? Pepeweird.
  4. You people just can't help yourselves now, can you?
  5. Mana

    If you are asking me if I am fine with how scalpel, GF, Fan or Tai are right now, then my answer would be no. Same answer would be with WM. What is your logic again?
  6. Mana

    What is this logic? Everyone has already talked about GF. Me included.
  7. Mana

    I have played str, but I don't main it. Hence no bias when talking about it.
  8. Mana

    Knockback from more than one sword, Dance, Risky, Shadow. 4 crowd control in one mastery sound good with constant non chakra reliant dps.
  9. Mana

  10. Mana

    Melee knockback with no aim.
  11. Mana

    Because It's already overloaded with CC and cancels, turbo boosted by homings and swords that are no different than pre-rework fans which were considered cancer. With new client and it's features, the basic attacks are easier to land than ever before and they are not done optimizing things. Nah.
  12. Mana

    I think you have a very wrong idea for what weapon master should be. All I see in this suggestion is stun, stun, stun. With the swords being as powerful as they are, what I would suggest is to remove stun from crescent moon dance. I don't see the reason for a weapon master to have such a oppressing kit it has now with every new sword being stronger than previous.
  13. Mana

    They don't. Hence this list is just an opinion of someone who decided to formulate his thoughts in this form. Of course it's biased. Most of the people are. So are you, in your own way. There are some ridicilous placements in this list that make very little sense, a lot of them contradict what SDZ has said himself about the topic. But it's his opinion and not something set in stone.
  14. Mana

    Give me what you smokin, I want some too.
  15. Mana

    Throwin my two cents on this. I think the way squad operate right now is fine. Grinding in squad at lower level is better if everyone work at the same pace, rather than doing it alone. I think to make early levels more attractive, they should create more side-missions for lower levels especially to make the leveling process more smooth and enjoyable. I think that another optional one time side-mission for those that want to grind more should be added. Something like slaying (0/200) Larva. Reward would be focused on EXP & RYO, maybe throw a blank scroll in there as well. Bye.