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  1. You were looking for some complex answer in my comment but the answer was already there and it was quite simple. If you get a feeling that you are following a storyline, then that is all you need for a immersive gameplay.
  2. Nobody wants to look for clues or spend a lot of time on a questline. As long as the actual storyline is immersive and the quests are not filled with kill 100 this and collect 100 this without any storyline progression as if you were stuck in a typical asian arcade that the lead developer seem to love, then people will actually enjoy going through it. There is 0 need to overcomplicate things but 100 need to make it look and seem more interesting.
  3. Mana

    Very well detailed and balanced take on the problems haunting this mastery. One step at a time.
  4. Mana

    Agreed. The homing-one shot clone experiment is a failure, we have the data to support this claim. I would much rather change it to a traditional summoning with higher fortitude or go with this suggestion.
  5. Mana

    Nerf HP regen while you're at it. After the first change it was too slow, now it's too fast.
  6. Mana

    So let's omit the numbers and percentages for a second. If by killing tentacle which is far easier than to combat the Kuraken itself, you deal damage to Kuraken then would this not mean that you could omit fighting Kuraken entirely by simply hoarding or soloing the tentacle(s) since they always respawn?
  7. Mana

    No for advantage in PvP. The rest of suggestions like charm re-selection, tool and pill discounts sound nice.
  8. Mana

    Well done!
  9. Mana

    In no way self heal is ineffective for training unless you are healing from 1 to 100. The new system is a joke the ticks you get in between taking damage are a joke and you need to have full chakra for it.
  10. Mana

    Why do you contradict yourself within this sentence? You do realize that with the current regeneration system the time it takes to regenerate is a lot longer than before? If you were not having a good time regenerating before then now you should have even worse of a time. You should miss the old health system.
  11. nice u caught michael's rant about dildos before he deleted
  12. Mana

    Finally something good comes out of that hollow head of yours.
  13. Mana

    Delete topic.
  14. Mana

    It will still remain as a one time use jutsu you would cast before mapswitching. It's incredibly boring no matter how you look at it. You can cast heals on top of the engager and it won't be much of a difference between that and antibodies.
  15. Mana

    Remove it all together. Useless jutsu no matter how you look at it because of how situational it is. Interesting idea for replacement: Barrier Jutsu - Barrier Tag's big brother that does a far better job and scales barrier's HP with chakra. This would already see far more use than antibodies and would be viable in all sorts of situations because it is a good jutsu for a chakra medic to have.
  16. Mana

    Would also love to finally have some PvP content ex. new Jutsus, necessary reworks, fixes that have been long overdue. Feels like the greatest aspect of the game has been in the backseat for a very long time.
  17. Mana

    You are too late to make this comment. They have been given out before.
  18. Mana

    Completely agree with mostly everything said in this topic. I have never understood the desire from development team to create more "playstyles" when in fact what they are allowing to be created are simply overpowered combinations. People did not complain about this because the Advanced Mastery was supposed to be the "balance" solution to these problems in the eyes of the community. But since that has gone down the drain I completely support separating everything. You are not making more "possibilities" you are simply allowing people to take the best from every option to create an overpowered option.
  19. Have said this in the past when I played bubble myself, the level 10 pipe should not be equal to Seathorn pipe in terms of any stat and yet the only difference they have is the abysmal poison dot damage. If elementals want to use pipe at it's potential, they should waste more points and get Seathorn. WM's switching between swords and pipes is fine.
  20. FR BRO D/A #fklumy #notmyleader #seigiK
  21. Mana

    Team Depression flooding the topic with negativity as per usual. @Antar keep up the good work, you guys are doing good so far. Important is to keep the events going on an active basis, which you people do. Don't mind the toxicity or ''bias'' discussions.
  22. Mana

    So Runescape's Grand Exchange. Good.
  23. Mana

    No, no and no.