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    Kōsoku/Speed of light New Clan Affliation :MissingLeaf History&Past : Wars between villages and clans are common. Many clans are destroyed. Many survive. We make part of the second group. With the technique passed form generation to generation, the focus on our intellect, the oponent will probably underestimate us. We use the jutsus the best way there is, we mainly use body flicker. We are not absurdly strong, but there are prodigies. That way, we contradict the rule of "The strongest survives", because to us, the ones that survive are not the ones with better power. Your clan can be the best, but a great strategy war can be a even better, even stronger than a pure raw power. The ninjas and normal humans survived for years to strong animals thanks to the pure skill of intellect, while also becoming better in many areas. Because of that, our potential has to be reached, used and abused. With our great skill of furtivity, we prefer not to live in territories. We are nomads. But, within the camps we make, there are ones that prevail. So, we use that making we have a place to call home. ------- Characteristics : People of our clan Usually have "Dazed" Eye style and Black Eyes Clothes Idea : Simple Clothes But great for mobility (That's just a Concept, We also have the symbol on the back of the shirt ) About Abilities : We made some abilities but we are not posting them here, only if the clan is approved. Also the idea is on the history