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  1. On windows defense threat alert press action then choose allow, that should fix it for you. @Tahjiri @Lea They are working on fixing the issue where antiviruses show nin as a virus but until its solved thats all u can do.
  2. Kyreno

    I know,thats what im saying as well. Thats why we are trying to get the combat log mechanism updated so it will give the kill to the person you are combat logged to if you suicide.
  3. Kyreno

    Everyone has done it and everyone does it bcz "if they do it why shouldnt i?" . People with 0 bounty will suicide to mobs just so u dont get a kill for ur mission. Its not about just saving bounty,its about annoying the other player and stopping him from getting a kill for his mission or a kill at all and thats byond coward or cheesy thats straight up being an asshole who ruins the gameplay for people.
  4. Kyreno

    There arent a lot of people in dz nowadays.You go around for 20 minutes dz to dz and u finally find some guy and you waste your time and tools to kill him,he is now low on hp and knows that he will die so he runs into a group of bears and all the effort u put into getting that kill goes to waste. Doesnt matter how good you are,u cant stop mob suiciding.
  5. Kyreno

    ive posted about this like 2 times yet nothing was done about it
  6. Kyreno

    Xpadder works well with nin
  7. Kyreno

    clans will have special abilities,each clan its own
  8. Kyreno

    The reason we dont have bank system in nin is bcz rory doesnt want people to hoard things,is what he has said once if i remember correctly.
  9. Kyreno

    What about people who are on the peace list ?
  10. Kyreno


    Nice work Woof!
  11. Kyreno

    You shouldve written a ticket here You can refund any cash shop items within 24h of being bought.
  12. Kyreno

    this is a clan related jutsus so its probably gonna be given to one of leafs clans but dont get your hopes too high.
  13. reset and lvlup again u pleb.
  14. Kyreno

    Rory said he will be working on earth wall next,so look forward to it.
  15. Kyreno

    As the nin world grows there will be more than one way to get to one village for example sand oasis will be connected to tanzaku with a few other new maps and im pretty sure there will be passages that will allow us to get to the other side of sand in the future