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    Calling All Suna Ninja! Beginning Monday, May 11th; Suna Season 1 Begins What this Entails: Over the course of 1 week; each participant will fight in 7 Ranked Battles. (The Battles will be randomly generated). At the end of the season(Sunday May 17th for the first one) The top 3 will receive prizes.(There will be a playoff set if there are enough participants) In Order to register yourself, DM me in game, on the forum, or at my discord at Tresmorne#3527. The Entry fee is 250 ryo! This is for Suna ninja only!
  2. Tresmorne

    Do people not get Batsu has 20 people in it too? Saying hes trying to nerf seigi not realizing the more drastic impact would be on his own org as well just makes yall seem so self obsessed. who cares about you lol 20 is too much. there should be restrictions.
  3. Tresmorne