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  2. Currently I think that Gf is the only village mastery that is kind of out of control and without identity, the mastery of the wind with fan and, mastery of the bubble with bubble blower, has its own characteristics, I think a little of this is because the kit of skills that limit your mechanics, I think a mechanic focusing on chakra removal with the melee buff (which today only increases the damage of punches), AOE skills and having more options for skills that lock the opponent's chakra is a good one way to change the Skill kit. I think I'm not the only one who thinks this way, Gf doesn't have a good big fight or in small fights and has a very reasonable 1v1. Comparing to its rival mastery, Taijutsu AGI, with the GF nerfs, AGI does basically everything that Gf does today, only better and more useful in teams fights, the only good difference for Gf would be the Chakra Lock skill (16 Palms). Concluding, the Rework that I think, would be skills with more effects and less damage and something that would give identity to the GF of the other mastery, something like FAN and BUBBLE, maybe this would give a better face to the mastery that is basically the face of Leaf Village.