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  1. Hi everyone. I have played this game on and off for years now. This truth is, I would have spent more time "on" than "off" if I could finally resolve some of my lag issues. I've never been able to play the game smoothly, and its really debilitating, especially for pvp. I've tried a lot of tricks and suggestions, but I'm out of ideas and I really want this solved. I'll gladly provide any info thats asked that may help someone assist me. I've always thought the lag was high ping, as it simply seems like delayed input type of lag. This issue, though, is that my lag is clearly better on some maps and with less players nearby, which strikes me as not being ping related? I'm not sure, though. Additionally, I'm sure it can't be my computer -- it's not super high end but I can play way more taxing games 60+ fps no issues. I have 16 gb ram and nvidia 970m graphics card -- I will provide any more specs if needed. My internet is also more than capable of playing many other games without issue, such as LoL, so I can't see that being the problem. Lastly, I live in the NE USA (Pennsylvania) Which I am told should naturally have low ping anyway. I really need help and want to play this game more smoothly. I appreciate any advice in advance. Update: I did some more recent exploring in noping, that program reported that I never fell above 30 ping, so I'm rather confident that's not the issue. The number that did fluctuate a lot, and seemed to drop very low when I had performance issue, was the bandwidth number it reported. Is that number represented of my ISP plan bandwidth, or is it the current bandwidth between myself and the nin server? And either way, can I improve it? (Obviously not an expert here)
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