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  1. Sacrifice

    Agree, we need more hairstyles anyways
  2. Sacrifice

    Sometimes it happens tho, last time I bought it worked fine but ya it happens. You sure you didn't write the wrong email or something?
  3. Sacrifice

    Agree. I been in sand for around 2 years now, most of the kages just ruined the village or didn't actually play. And let's be honest, aikya might be a good person, Idk never actually talked to her much, but she doesn't deserve to be kage. Most of her time in nin she wasn't even active, she was leader of the medical org which was inactive af and people didn't even care about it. But, that's how it is it seems. That's how sad it is, once you're a kazekage you can choose your fav persob to be kage even tho that person don't deserve it or never play. She never attack any enemy that comes to gates (ya I been there fighting lvl 25 as lvl 12 and she didn't even try to help killing him), that's a small thing a kage should do at least.
  4. Sacrifice

    With jutsus and blood.
  5. Sacrifice

    This is harass.
  6. Sacrifice

    Agree, sand keep getting inactive members big roles for no reason. Inactive kages tho. That's why sand always dead compared to the other villages, that's why when sand finally get their players back, they leaving after a week. No one cares about the sand rules, no one cares about the SMPF.
  7. Sacrifice

  8. Sacrifice

    Who you lying to? lmao Trust me Ik too much, you know it is the truth yourself.
  9. Sacrifice

    When they put Steezo in the list that's when you know nin is fked up big time.
  10. Sacrifice

    Anbu leader lol, it's when the anbu members weren't active at all and broke the sand village rules Nice role.
  11. Sacrifice

  12. Sacrifice

    Well, that's kinda true tho, yet, you can't say sht cuz the way you act and do things. Sometimes I wonder maybe you actually a terrorist liking those garbage ISIS mfkers. Lol
  13. Sacrifice

    Good luck.
  14. Sacrifice

  15. Sacrifice