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  1. Souei

    Good idea. It is indeed a very difficult mission to do when going to Sand. It's doable in leaf and mist only because you can hide at the top border of the map where the text is not visible.
  2. Souei

  3. Souei

    Raid points used right now = 1. Kill the raid point with an alt. 2. log out with your alt nearby the point. 3. log back in after timer to repeat process.
  4. Souei

    Good ideas for consideration.
  5. Souei

  6. Souei

    That is what I am saying. Just remove the stun, the rest is ok.
  7. Souei

    Remove stun = profit? Don't see any other change need to be done for it. 1 tile is not optimal for everyone, it is good to see a 3 tile projectile for other fan users who are not running around with 10 ping.
  8. Souei

    We need more fans, not swords. :pepegasm:
  9. Souei

    BugsBubble Chakra Charging Bug: Charging chakra is interrupted whenever an enemy mob walks into a Bubble (melee) - This is not a bug. It happens with every damage dealing jutsu. ImprovementsBubble Clone Improvement: Bubble has a very limited amount of jutsu and is very underwhelming as a solo mastery. I would like to see Bubble Clone be used as an additional summon, rather than being interchangeable with actual summons. - I can also clearly see a pattern of cheese here with a panda summoning, which can stun for a long period of time. What clone should be, is a higher HP summon that can use bubble jutsus like great soap bubble and bubble shark. Similar to what other summons is, and not some 1 hit wonder that @Ueda clearly failed to design. You can also see clone melee hit sometimes leave a bubble on the ground, and yet it does not work. Potential Buffs: Bubble could use a little bit of a damage buff on their jutsus since they tickle more than they actually hurt people. I'd also like to see a new lvl30 jutsu because there's a gap between the lvl25 Bubble Clone Jutsu and the lvl35 Bubble Shark Jutsu. - Giving bubble extra damage won't solve it's core problems, which are following: Bad design on certain jutsus. Bubble split for example. It is said that bubble is not an offensive mastery, and yet you have this jutsu that screams "Flicker me for double split hit for more damage.' Bubble Shark - The most useless jutsu, because of it's tremendous high cast time and slow travel speed. Bubble does not need damage when it is not even fixed to do what it was designed to, which is support and crowd control.
  10. Souei

  11. Souei

    Points for effort, keep practising.
  12. Souei

    Can't tell if sarcasm or serious.
  13. Souei

    Female base look nice. Male yuck.
  14. Wind Scythe + Spike Ball on decent int should be able to 2 shot scarabs or snakes, ryo to make there. I've hit the rock bottom quite a few times, just had to put in some work in danger zones and grind zones to make it back on the track.