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  1. Duran heart races as he charges into battle against an ambush. A sole mist ninja shrouded behind the mountain and attacks a fellow genin in the area. Nearly defeated a Medic ninja, Angelik arrives in time to support. Duran leaps into action to provide support and they manage to corner the assailant. "I've decided to become a Shinobi to protect my home, I've been training for this moment." Duran flickers in front of his opponent. "Hidden Sand Taijutsu: Sand Oasis!" The Heavy blow from his fist renders the assailant unconscious.  Duran excited runs to collect his first bounty which happened to be a mist ninja named "Heaven". 

  2. Duran  shudders as the  Giant Scarabs of the sealed cave corner him. His eyes flare,  determined to make it back to the village in one piece.  He begins to breathe deeply activating his chakra points in his feet to increase his speed that he had been focusing on. "I think I've surpassed my limits! Flicker Mirage " Duran instantly flashes in front of the beetle which instinctively tears into Duran's body..... Or so it thought as the image turns to sand.   "Hidden Sand Taijutsu: Sand Oasis!" Duran exclaims as he crashes his fist into the beetles shell.

  3. The sand stretches far out before Duran, as he watches the horizon, that lay in front of the village. The vast desert is quiet as the young shinobi venture into its depths too continue to hone their skills. While the land is ravished by war, and the enemy rains upon their doorsteps. Duran admires his comrades desire to grow in adversity. 

  4. After a successful solo delivery mission to Takumi Village, Duran shops locally and finds wonderful deals on Senbon. He notices his clothes are starting to wear down, and stumbles across a clothing store. He purchases a sleek new black jacket with a purple tank top. He smiles as he ties his new forehead protector around his forehead, and begins his journey back to the sand village.

  5. A flock of scarab beetles storm around the ninja, training in the desert to improve his taijutsu. The flew around the sea of them was so dense it blocked out the sun. He smiles as he had been waiting for this moment to try his new technique. He crouches down and begins to sprint towards his enemy, gathering his chakra in his leg. He kicks his foot forward letting loose a shockwave that seemed to send his foes flying backwards. "Hidden Sand Taijutsu: Crashing Sand Wave!" He exlaims.


  6. Duran continues his perilous training in the desert, his speed has been improving while dealing with local threats. Adding the Clone and substitution technique to his arsenal. A raid on the village  brings him face to face with members of the Sand Military Police Force. Notably Nauq Vongola, who is a general of Alpha Unit. A meeting with him at the headquarters gives the young ninja a new goal before accepting him as a member of the force.


    1. MrChubb
    2. Duran


      -prays not to land in chubb's unit-

    3. MrChubb
  7. While training in the Desert a beauty  slowly walks up to the young ninja. She plays with her hair flirtatiously and winks at the boy. Nervous at first stumbles over a scorpion's corpse as he backs away. She peers down at him and smile and says "Do..... you have a bbc?"  Duran face goes blank, and dusts the sand off his pants as he walks away. "I don't got time for these hoes." He says plainly as he walks away.

  8.  For weeks Duran had been training his body relentlessly in the desert, fighting off scorpions and coyotes surrounding the village hidden in sand. Those were his duties as a genin after all; that and scouting for leaf ninja. His frustrations with not being able to protect himself or his home fueled his training.

    "I have to become better, faster....stronger. "

     The Desert seems to mock his weakness as the sun beats down on his brow.  His breaths become more labored as he beats down his prey one by one, becoming more bloodied from the many claws and stingers that meet his skin.  Slowly a Coyote backs him into a corner, taking advantage of the boy slowly losing steam and chakra.

    "Che" He lets out. "I can't let it end here."

    The coyote creeps forward steadily before he suddenly lunges forward claws and teeth bared. Duran smirks and begins his counter attack. "You are right where i want you!" he roars. Duran firmly stomps the ground propelling himself forward while also  creating a sand cloud. The coyote eyes go wide as Duran appears from the cloud slamming his fist across the coyote's jaw in a split second counter.

    "Hidden Sand taijutsu: Sand Oasis(Seismic Dash). Don't underestimate my taijutsu!" He exclaims.




  9. Duran deep down felt over whelmed by all of the skilled ninja he had met on his first day out of the academy. During this War torn period, he had to keep up with his training but continuously avoid the leaf ninja who so far only seem to bully the sand's smaller force. Some times he got away, other times he did not. He persevered and trained his mind and body to the limit learn a new technique: Fuma Wind Shuriken!