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  1. Ishyn

    I will take part as well. Let's all try for the best!
  2. NANI!? Can't believe it,I thought I was out of league haha!Thanks a lot @Rory hope you liked it!
  3. Ishyn

    Well that sounds so interesting.Specially if RP is part of this clan. 1.)Name:Ishyn 2.)Age:23 3.)Masteries:Water / ? 4.)Activity:~4 hours working days / 4+ hours days off. 5.)Why do you wish to join:One of the reasons I want to join this clan,is the background story.It's really interesting and would really like to RP something like this.Morever,Ishyn's personality In-Game(and a bit IRL)is very similar to this clan's characteristics.Calm,bored,smart yet strong and always doing his best to help.Also,joining a fresh clan and building seems really interesting.Would like to take part in this.Ishyn's habbits are reading books,smoking and chilling in general,yet he is well trained and pretty strong,making him a trustful fighter. 6.)Roleplay:(Check my profile) ( @Yousei Izanagi You did an awesome job again as it seems )