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Suna_Assassin_Captain.thumb.png.434f0944755368fdfbdfdc3e776c51f5.pngNinja Bio

Dyan, is an apprentice of sword art and is evolving more and more through the ages..

Little is known about the ninja's story, Dyan comes from a line of very old assassins who have as their natural gift the art of killing and completing their mission that was almost all extinguished in the great war due to an internal conflict within the family. Dyan is the son of a couple who was murdered during an invasion in the land of the Wind and continues with the legacy of his family and lineage. When he grew up he met Master Vaga-Sama, who taught him and taught him to a new level ....

After years of unremitting wars and battles fought with his enemies, Dyan moved to another level of weapons skills. Now dyan rests his sword with the aim of being a trap man so he can effectively help Raids and small battles in his village.


  Dyan along with the clan Toitsu and his pack of pirates led by Dona are at war not only against the leaf, now they have a common enemy: org Kurobaku and the Yagyu clan. His sensei who was VAGA now is no longer by his side and yes with his inmigrants, Dyan was betrayed by his own sensei who joined the yagyu clan and is now considered a high-powered enemy of considerable strength but as Dyan lost a sensei he won many other things like great friends, partnerships and respect among the citizens of the Sand




He gained a lot of experience in the course of his Shinobi path and improved in weapon arts by defeating enemy after enemy defending his village and his friends in this great ninja war, the country of the Wind not only gained a great swordsman but also gained a water user, Dyan became stronger and struggled with his second Master.

(Creating a monster.......)





After a long time as a swordsman, he sought to hone his weapon abilities by killing more and more everything and everyone who meets him. Without compassion and without love Dyan continues walking in the wind and defending his friends and farmers his enemies suffer with much pain



Ninja Info

Name: Dyan

Age: 22

Village: Sunagakure-Sand-Suna-Areia

Rank: Chunin






(Ex)Desert's Pirates


 I entered this great organization through a request  from the current Captain Dona and by himself I was promoted to second in the org.  
 A great org, we are always on and promoting spamkill and more security to the country of the Wind

Time has passed and several battles have occurred against other organizations and for village improvement with the help of Dona, Dyan and Bmore we have been able to prove our worth we are so strong. they'll even try their luck, but their misfortune will be right.  We are your nightmares.

 Over time Dyan had to leave the pirates for security reasons to his village but still having much respect from Dona and the pirates!



Clan Toitsu


I joined the Toitsu Clan, I was called by Kenock to join and help the clan with the same goal. Like me, another member has no family and we need to protect Sunna



My Rp's hosted by

Vaga Igarashi

Mrchubb The Hozuki




I am a villager of the Sand village and very faithful to my nation and people, I am trying to improve my sword skills to protect the Wind and the Sand.


I feel like killing