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  1. Booty Gang Pinku

    Just like the title says remove auto-turning because why the hell is punishing something thats done for you rather than something semi-skillfull you can do. Before it was something you had to learn with turning keys now everyone and their mother can punish. And to everyone who disagrees, the fact still remains that you were never destined to pvp.
  2. Booty Gang Pinku

    My suggestion is to make each auto drain some amount of chakra, or simply raise the requ's to use said weapon. Also no weapon is longer tripple meele'able. They all have 1 projectile now.
  3. Never had a chance to meet Melina but what happened is truly heartbreaking. R.I.P
  4. Booty Gang Pinku

    Hey, so I recently switched from the old client to the new one despite the pink color looking as trash as it does and theres one thing that IMO should be added. We should be able to change the ui size (hotbars, health/chak & chat) while keeping the same resolution. I played on zoom on the old client and now that there's no reason for me to play like this to hit my monitors refresh rate I've now realized how TINY the ui becomes when I play on my native rez. Like it gets to the point where I have to squint my eyes in order to see my cd's lol
  5. Booty Gang Pinku

    Happy that somebody mentions both as they are a problem, lets just hope rory sees this.
  6. Booty Gang Pinku

    Now you see with SDZ,'s list I had a few points I'd personally disagree on, but this.....I must say you nailed every combo and I agree with this list 100%
  7. Booty Gang Pinku

    :pepehands: Whether or not I think I should be on this list, its subjective but for the most part I agree with this list 100% and its really accurate.
  8. Booty Gang Pinku

    :bakecry: Time to win 5k ryo
  9. Booty Gang Pinku


    I personally play with fan (as a non wind user) and I think this mastery lock change is very much needed. For me the weapon just provides to big of a benefit with the auto-turn and I think auto turn should br emoved all together. For pipe its pretty much the same although the benefit is arguably better. It's just that these weapons require too little sacrifice and give you too many benefits.
  10. Booty Gang Pinku

    You get a pink robe from doing hte land of iron missions? Does anyone have a picture of it?
  11. Booty Gang Pinku

    Heyo its me again with another suggestion. We all know pardon/exile abuse is a thing, many of us have experienced it on both ends. Sometimes its to take raid points, sometimes its to prevent villagers from raiding, sometimes its to get a free tp to village places, doesn't matter what it is, what matters is that there are easy ways to prevent it. Now the first suggestion I wanted to post was one suggested by @Mana on Nin discord. How about we make it so that there's a cooldown on exiling/pardoning for about 24 hours. Meaning that one has to wait 24 hours to get pardoned if exiled. My second suggestion is something that I came up with personally, and that is to make it only possible to pardon people in kage offices, this encourages roleplay/kage meetings and prevents any form of exile/pardon abuse from ever happening again (hopefully)
  12. Booty Gang Pinku

    Change the last answer on the test from "suck it up its a harsh world" to "suck it up, its a harassing world" Cheers, 6ix.
  13. Booty Gang Pinku

    It saddens me that I have to wait a little longer, thankfully I can use the old client and by the time I'm forced to swap you'll have the option to bring it back almighty Ueda. It has been rough day for me but it's one that brings hope for the future of nin.
  14. Booty Gang Pinku

    This right here ^^^^^ Not gonna speak like I know every stat requ and so forth but I noticed that with these new swords are almost always for 1v1's and while yes they dominate in the field it leaves you practically useless when fighting more than 2 people lets be honest. These fans are viable in both groupfights and you can also make dominant 1v1 builds with them with minimal "stat sacrifice". All these new weapons may seem busted while you are fighting 1v1 with someone who maybe has a ring build or someone who puts almost all their stats into STR. Take Ainz'es build with the monkey staff for example, while yes he has high auto damage the weapon brings no interrupts (thank god) so if he isn't careful then he can easily get caught off guard and get bursted down. While yes they can kill me in 10 auto's they also get killed in 1 split combo. And yes I am aware thats its way easier for them to kill me then it is for me to kill them but thats just how these builds work. That being said I do think that the Claymore is way too overtuned (Haven't seen the meele speed so I guess my opinion is not set in stone), but im not gonna argue that so its w/e. I do have to say that I dislike the current state of the game which favors these 1v1 type builds way too much but I do realize that while they shine in 1v1's its way easier to outplay them in groupfights.