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  1. Yousei Reiketsu

    Typically some of the most rewarding experiences in Nin involve materializing ideas from nothing. That said, I really like this concept. I can see you've invested a lot of thought into it and with a little more tweaks and/or simplifications this org can prove to be a great asset to the village. I think if the focus of the org is to permit aspiring Chuunin promotee's ("Advanced Genin" and Special Jonin) to have a sole location where they can help growing lowbies with general mastery tips and/or permit these instructors to conduct RP missions (with a ranked shinobi supervising of course) it will indirectly create those "Naruto-Genin chronicle" vibes all while providing lowbies with a more reliable method to getting their RP missions done. The instructors would probably benefit the most, considering with this system, they can essentially help build their own ninja resume if you will, having the credibility of all their feats as an academy instructor via how many roleplay missions they've done all compiled in one org for the Kage's convenience. Its common for shinobi to achieve the rank of Chuunin and/or Jonin and not be up to doing roleplay missions, which there's nothing wrong with, it happens. With this system, you could run the org with it essentially incentivizing itself, helping all tiers of ninja whether they're ranked, aspiring promotee's, and lowbies, alike by upkeeping the consistency of individuals to conduct these RP missions. And that's just the surface value, you can still sponsor your own village events as the Headmaster occasionally to upkeep the morale of your org while in turn raising awareness of your org. I gravitate toward these kinds of ideas because its things like this that give Nin a little more color, making the virtual world a little more immersive. Naturally this is all just a suggestion, As stated above, if you do choose to attempt to begin this org you cant negate the realistic variables such as difficulties upon startup and getting initial cooperation. All the same, its not impossible. You get what you put in to it. It's nice to see other's attempting to create these kinds of org's in attempts to advancing the performance and structure of their village. Good luck!
  2. Yousei Reiketsu

    I've skimmed this topic over a few times and saw a few notable points. And to be honest... WoF: I think any rational person would agree that WoF is in fact the most underwhelming passive skill in the entirety of the game yet it still hasn't been addressed in full as to why that is. Aside from the unreliable RNG mechanic, You have to wait a full 10 seconds usually before you get back up. Which in all honesty, means nothing when the enemy can just camp your body and place a stationary jutsu such as tags and/or firewalls on top of your body to ensure you die instantly if you were to get back up. The counter argument is that it's supposedly clutch in raids however with the vast amount of crowd control the other villages possess, whether that be from their buff (Grand Puppets and Seven Swordsmen) and/or their village specialties (Wind Tornado's and Stationary Bubbles), you'll find yourself caught up yet again in the chaos of battle. Not to mention you have to also account for the the lag that comes with heavily concentrated maps and while everyone if usually affected, the puppets, in sands case, are still usually still in motion. Even in a 1v1 scenario, the passive literally does nothing but prolong the inevitable. Reviving at low health with no chakra is a bit overkill, you're just flicker or homing away from dying again. Overall: Nin is in an era where the majority of players travel in packs, which surface wise there's nothing wrong with... Excluding the fact leaf doesn't have much to utilize to repel, let alone compete with opposing groups. Other villages will claim that leaf is disorganized, which at times can be true however there isn't much you can do whenever narrow maps are littered with Grand Puppets that all have high damage output, backed with shinobi who all pretty much have a 3 tile wide tornado stun or 3 clams stunning ninja upon entry to camped maps for a barrage of ranged attacks that if you sub, you'll run the risk of being chained into a bubble stun. Leaf has no such utility. Sure, we could go to Sand, Mist, Takumi, wherever and attempt to place a bunch of slugs that barely fulfill the role they were designed to do, to serve as our "stun mechanics" or "heavy damage dealers" at the entrance and see where that gets us. That said, its not so hard to cop kills from leaf by camping Dark Bridge. In fact its such an effective method that's all sand and mist would do. Majority of that isn't skill, its just lack of balance.
  3. Yousei Reiketsu

    Short, simple, and straight to the point. I Think this is the most suitable resolve as well tbh.
  4. Yousei Reiketsu

    Thank you ^^ was a tedious process but finally managed to turn shapes into something lol
  5. Yousei Reiketsu

    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited December 19, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
  6. Yousei Reiketsu

    I too, desire to be a voice for the leafies' by running for council
  7. Still the best profile page in this game. @Yousei Reiketsu

    The sheer amount of detail and effort into this is astounding. Not only that but you also helped a bunch of OTHER people with their bio's and other various things (Such as the Chinome Clan Kekai Genkai). A very talented girl with an incredible imagination and love for detail and art.

    keep being awesome haha

  8. Busted! >.> sorry for lurking! But your profile is amazing! 

    1. Yousei Reiketsu

      Yousei Reiketsu

      You're perfectly fine ^.^ In truth, I was just about to redo it

  9. My first three original pixels :3


    1. Dog (Head)
    2. Hayate Inspired hair w/ bandana (Headband)
    3. Cloud Strife Inspired (Shirt)

    Yousei dog 2.png

    Yousei Bandana Headband 4.png

    Yousei Clan Attire 2.png

    1. Vaga


      Hm, that's looking good.

    2. Yousei Reiketsu
  10. Yousei Reiketsu

    I envy these creative thought processes you tend to concoct. Way to bring life into the game aside from the basic "war between nations" protocol. Nice work