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  1. Yousei Reiketsu

    Your ok in my book. Hope you get it, Nin could use the positivity.
  2. Yousei Reiketsu

    Thank you ^^ was a tedious process but finally managed to turn shapes into something lol
  3. Yousei Reiketsu

    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited May 24, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
  4. Yousei Reiketsu

    In all honesty, Its no surprise at this point.
  5. Yousei Reiketsu

    I too, desire to be a voice for the leafies' by running for council
  6. Still the best profile page in this game. @Yousei Reiketsu

    The sheer amount of detail and effort into this is astounding. Not only that but you also helped a bunch of OTHER people with their bio's and other various things (Such as the Chinome Clan Kekai Genkai). A very talented girl with an incredible imagination and love for detail and art.

    keep being awesome haha

  7. Busted! >.> sorry for lurking! But your profile is amazing! 

    1. Yousei Reiketsu

      Yousei Reiketsu

      You're perfectly fine ^.^ In truth, I was just about to redo it

  8. My first three original pixels :3


    1. Dog (Head)
    2. Hayate Inspired hair w/ bandana (Headband)
    3. Cloud Strife Inspired (Shirt)

    Yousei dog 2.png

    Yousei Bandana Headband 4.png

    Yousei Clan Attire 2.png

    1. Agav


      Hm, that's looking good.

    2. Yousei Reiketsu
  9. Yousei Reiketsu

    I envy these creative thought processes you tend to concoct. Way to bring life into the game aside from the basic "war between nations" protocol. Nice work