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  1. I've had this problem since I can remember. When I try to remove someone from my friends list, someone else gets removed instead. Now that I think about it I dont remember anyone else complaining about this.. Is it just me? Will this ever get fixed? EDIT: ok it was mentioned in comments of another topic so its not just me but anyway its just an annoying detail. Thanks, Atari.
  2. Atari

    Yea last two weeks offline bingo book mode is a great solution too
  3. Atari

    Hello, just a small suggestion, I dont think the Last Active line in the Bingo Book is a useful info, it will always say Today. So it could be replaced with a Title at least or something- Thanks. Atari
  4. Atari

    Is it normal when I had sub on and cloaked then I got hit and it broke the sub but i stayed cloaked? I thought its supposed to break the cloak too even when i have sub on during cloak.
  5. Atari

    Well, the hp bar is visible over trees too. But anyway the text "will of fire" doesnt have to show up when i get wof..
  6. Atari

    Thats legendary . If you managed to run away when you got WOF and enemies were right around you and then you killed them, congratulations. It was mostly cause of their slow reaction if you could agree with me tho. But often times you cant do anything simply because of the popup above ur head announcing you got WOF. Its unnecessary is what im saying. When me and Kyreno were fighting Black Rain and SDZ earlier today I got WOF twice in a row and once I wasnt behind a tree so yes they couldve noticed me even without the popup but the second time I was behind a tree and the popup is visible over a tree. So even tho they were fighting Kyreno, when I got WOF Black Rain noticed me and managed to kill me again, twice. It might be because I was slow or he was fast but without the announcment of WOF Id have a fair chance to do something at least when I was behind a tree. If you removed the player name being visible all the time, then this is similar in that it makes me less stealthy like a ninja, thus should be removed too imo.
  7. Despite many people complaining about the Leafs passive, I think it is useful at times and can even change an outcome of a battle. But there is one thing I see as really unnecessary and often times defeats the chance of actually staying alive again and fighting back. It is the orange pop up text "Will of Fire" flying above my head everytime i get WOF. It attracts the attention of enemies immediatelly and screams "this guy got wof lets target him cause he is defenseless". I'd suggest just removing it. Comment what you think.
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