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  1. Charky

    As if other villages don't do the same
  2. Charky

    is there anyone here who can translate this
  3. Charky

    I like the idea of the slug being able to revive, but I think the time to revive a fallen ninja should be increased to somewhere around 10-15 seconds. 5 seconds doesn't seem like a lot of time, especially in large group fights. Edit: I think this ability could easily be overpowered if 2-3 slug summoners appeared in battle.
  4. Charky

    pretty sure this applies to both villages Also: "You are a sweat and tryhard for not playing risky."
  5. Charky

    Ah yes, let me just equip my GENTLE FIST and smack you with it as an elemental. I can equip my GENTLE FIST as long as I have enough strength, like a pipe or a fan.
  6. Charky

    Welcome and hello! Hope you enjoy your stay. Tip: Passives/Buffs/Whatever don't matter as long as you have fun with the community.
  7. ah shit here we go again. "fix leaf topic," everyone floods in and says "no"
  8. Dear lord lol, I hope you all know what you're getting into. Good Luck.
  9. thank god rory thaaaaank you
  10. Charky

    someone translate pls
  11. Jeez, 7 years? Well I’ll be damned. I’ve only here for bout 3 if those, huh.