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    That's what it looks like it's boiling down to. Aviary is useless because any important information won't be able to be relayed quick enough. Like Midnight said, someone kills a lowbie as close as larva, by the time the process is done the missing is gone. Also, we still got restrictions on v-chat (i.e. 50 characters 2 minutes for non-ranked). Trading isn't even good enough because of the restrictions, plus we don't even got an auction house. Aviary by itself is flawed, it needs more content to supplement it if it's to be implemented at all. What keeps happening is we are releasing content in this game fragmented which is breaking the game. For example taking away fans without adding different weapons to balance it out. You need a balance, not to just take that one action. By just taking stuff away with nothing to compromise with you're hurting the community. And yes, I'm butt hurt about spending months grinding for blue fan to see me not being able to use it out of the blue. Ik it seems like a separate topic, but when it comes to updates to this game it's completely relevant. Proximity chat inc.
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    Reiketsu Cold Blood - 冷血 Lore: Long ago ancient beings dictated over the course of human affairs from the shadows. Those humans -- our ancestors lived under bondage serving the ancient beings and fighting needlessly under their control. The strongest of the ancient beings dwelled within the Land of Fire, controlling more humans than any other. These were dark times for the history of humans and yet there was one man who dared defy the ancients who ruled over them all. This man was the first of the Reiketsu. Once a common thrall to the ancients, this man rose up against the mightiest of the ancients, the one who ruled in the Land of Fire to free the people of its control. The fight did not go as the man hoped for however. For how can one man kill an ancient being alone? Severely injuring the ancient being of the Land of Fire, he freed the people of its control. Yes, that would seem an invaluable victory, but the story did not end with the man banishing the ancient being. As the ancient set out to flee for his life he let out a final curse upon the man. The ancient said, 'Let your blood run cold.' Thus, the man's blood felt as ice and his skin pealed as he was involuntarily transformed into a creature resembling the ancients. The transformation of the Reiketsu was not permanent, but it lasted long enough for the people to see the man as one of those who controlled them. Weapons were raised both to protect the man and to slaughter him. There were those who saw his accomplishment as a hero who defeated the strongest ancient and made the rest flee in horror and there were those who saw him as a man who shared their blood. In hope to ease the tension between the people, the Reiketsu vanished from their presence. Now a days, the Reiketsu have slowly simulated back into the Land of Fire. In fact they have been suspected as never to have left. The clan blood has grown strong and has spread to many new Shinobi. Reiketsu have held many titles and achieved many things. There are those who still hate the Reiketsu, those who love them, and those who altogether have forgotten about them. No matter, the Reiketsu are still there for days to come. Affiliation: Leaf Clan abilities: 1) Last Resort: At 0 hp, you go on fighting for an additional 5 seconds. (Your character is transformed to a more undead appearance to show ability is activated) Fun facts: Reiketsu are cold to the touch! Their skin slightly glows in the light. Their eyes slightly glow in the dark. Style: Black and Red Logo explained: The clan are sort of like vampires, cold blooded and cursed for days to come so a bat is taken up in remembrance. The moon signifies the restless nights and curse. (I lost a lot of stuff for this clan, but I want the memory to live on even if it does in a new way. Special thanks to @Yousei Reiketsu for creating it and being my friend.) P.S. We were a mixed clan, but our origins and lore were the Land of Fire (Leaf) so that's where we shall stay if Rory permits. Old Roster: Arty Reiketsu Yousei Reiketsu Wolfskin Reiketsu Yen Reiketsu Smokez Reiketsu Mystogan Reiketsu Nagashi Reiketsu Maj Reiketsu Riley Reiketsu Niti Reiketsu Kur Reiketsu ...and more! Currently: Wolfskin Reiketsu Letsco Reiketsu Tri Reiketsu Yousei Reiketsu
  3. Wolfskin Reiketsu


    I wouldn't mind people trapping where they wished, but there is a flaw. If given enough time which doesn't take long they can always win a fight 100% of the time. People can spam traps at entrances especially bear traps and take all your health or leave you stunned. Now what can be done to prevent this? There is nothing! You can't stealth past a trap! "Well, Wolf you can just use substitution on entrance." Here is the thing though.... Trappers usually sit in front of a trap too! So either way you are paralyzed for them to combo enough to kill you without you even being able to attack/move! To summarize: First, there should be "no trap" placement tiles in front of all spawn/hospital zones because that affects everyone, not just your target and is obnoxious. As for other entrances that is up to debate, I see both sides. People are constantly spying, avoiding damage through map switching, so in that situation traps seem okay, but if some wandering lad is coming by rip. Second, as Tetsu said, there should be a way to counter traps so that you aren't getting hit by trap and dying no matter what you do. Third, if the first to conditions are met, let traps be wherever else they wish to be. Traps should be playable, but like all masteries, it shouldn't have a way where there is no counter to the jutsu. Another Possible Solution? Add a mechanic where they got to detonate certain traps. A double tap option. But in regards to Rory's main point of how these players aren't breaking rules, there are just certain flaws in the game at this point of time I agree. There are certain aspects whereas the game itself is what is getting you killed. You can't punish players for playing. Also, GM's/Admins have a hard time passing judgement on cases because they don't know the past history of the actions between the two players. Someone might be killing someone on sight because that is what was done to them. Would it be fair to pass judgement on the latest offender for retaliating against someone who got away with doing it the first time? I don't think so.
  4. Wolfskin Reiketsu

    I'm split on whether or not to restrict certain clothing for villages because: 1) If you are a sand wearing leaf clothing at a time of war you seem like a traitor and vise versa. 2) At the same time, one might believe wearing enemy clothing would be good and accepted by the Kage for reconnaissance reasons. 3) Like the reason above, different clothing makes up for a "Transformation Jutsu" we don't have. 4) There are already few clothing/cosmetics as it is in-game and limiting it in this way would take out 2/3 of the options that were once available. I know I haven't gave any answers to this problem, but my goal was to make others reflect upon all the pro's and con's to make a more solid decision for themselves.