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  1. Kuraen Elodin

    Claims without proof... Just the type of person who would group people together.
  2. Kuraen Elodin

    I know when there is no point in talking. I stand by the decision that were made BY the clan, not by what an individual does on his own. I am proud of the work and effort that my clanmates in and I stand by what I said. If you judge a group of people by just one person's actions then I feel sorry for you. I think I've said more than enough, there is no point in me continuing to repeat myself
  3. Kuraen Elodin

    People aren't even reading everything I say at this point. So I don't know I even bother, I'm just gonna be repeating myself for every person. A lot of talk, very little done about it besides talking. Go team up together and get those votes if you don't want us in council/kage/org leaders. If so many hate us you'd easily outvote us, with new leaders you can kick us out of orgs. Go work together. It will do you more than just talking.
  4. Kuraen Elodin

    Those are actions of just one person and you know it. He admitted it himself. Ask Seki too, Vali acted on his own for that decision. This is not a decision by multiple people. Not a decision made by a clan, not even 2 people from the clan. And this is where you group all people together by actions made by one person @Sour
  5. Kuraen Elodin

    You're wrong about the timing of the Anbu leader. Again, I will not discuss the details here, but if you dig further you'll know that what you said isn't true. We were surprised Ohiya even got the council. We had 2 Kuraens running for council at the time. Wilkor was running too, our votes were divided, yet people still voted for Ohi because they liked him as council and wanted him there. How can you blame people for being friends. No one told Ohi, Mid, Wilkor (and probably one other person) to take, drop, or refuse the council position. Do you not understand that it took them 3-4 people to get to me after Ohi stepped down. Kuraens have always done well in Chunin exams, almost always got to finals. I do not have to remind you that there is a Kuraen who made it to finals last CE and didn't get promoted. Those who got promoted deserved it. Others outside of the clan got promoted too. Bring me proof of what you say regarding unfair promotions @Cosmos
  6. Kuraen Elodin

    Anbu leader wasn't even Kuraen. Kage was choice of majority by council, one of which was Hayashi and other was Sasayaki. Council was 1 seat awarded by clan's efforts, after-which, 4-5 people tried to claim that seat and failed (none were Kuraen). Later I came in and claimed the seat of council. LMPF leader has worked very hard in LMPF and you can ask any LMPF member whether or not he deserves it. He was recommended by the previous LMPF leader himself (Not Kuraen). Chunin promotions weren't majority Kuraen and those who got it deserved it. Bring on any other challenges you have. @Cosmos @The Avatar @Sour Why is it so hard to see that there can be multiple successful people in a clan. If you wanna discuss Anbu leader, it shouldn't be discussed in public.
  7. Kuraen Elodin

    That is clearly not what I was saying. I'm saying that those who put in the effort got to where they are. If you had put in the effort in LMPF, stayed in the org and worked right. If you had shown the initiative to wanting to improve and help the org, you would have become LMPF leader no matter what clan you are from. Because it happened to be someone from our clan, we are being blamed for it. So would you rather we purposefully avoid making the right choice just because Mac is a clanmate.
  8. Kuraen Elodin

    If it happens to be that our members worked hard to get their positions in orgs, I don't see how you can consider that to be unfair. Think about those who have positions in these orgs and think about how much work they put into these orgs to get to a leadership position. It didn't all happen in a blink of an eye. Name someone in a leadership position who didn't put in effort to get there.
  9. Kuraen Elodin

    I've made a full post regarding this problem and how bad it is. It's clear that we do not believe in such actions. If you are claiming that's how we got a council seat, please provide proof.
  10. Kuraen Elodin

    You say no one wants to bring us down but you should see how people are acting in public. I don't see how planning things as a clan is an issue. Council and Kage are made to be a fair and square system. Anyone who puts in the effort can get what they want
  11. Kuraen Elodin

    Whatever happens, whoever ends up being the Kage, Kuraens will be backing that person up in Leaf. Best of luck to all those who are aiming for it.
  12. Kuraen Elodin

    People see the actions of others then group up their entire people behind a couple individuals actions. You don't look at whether or not it's true, you don't look at why the decision were made. You see and you judge without knowing. I'd like to see how well the decision you make will be if you ever make it in Leaf
  13. Kuraen Elodin

    Instead of finding ways to bring us down. Instead of throwing insults, trying to get screens from people. Screens that don't really account for much in the first place. Why don't you spend some time working on yourself and your clan to gain the power you want so bad. If you had spent half the time you spent on this bs, you would have "ruled" Leaf multiple terms. Allocate your efforts, work on yourselves, and try proving that you can do better than we have instead of just talking.
  14. Kuraen Elodin

    There's a difference between being competitive at a pvp game and getting involved in matters that don't concern you, then following up and talking about people for no specific reason besides trolling and being spiteful to others. There is little to no correlation. So yeah, you're perfectly fine. Let's leave it at that.
  15. Kuraen Elodin

    You don't need a clan, you need therapy.