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  1. Roku Fist of Asura


    I can't say which one is the best or my favorite because they are all amazing. Congratulations @Erox and thank you.
  2. Very good, incredible, sensational, splendid ... but where is the real Rory and what did you do with him? @Ueda
  3. Roku Fist of Asura

    Como assim?
  4. Roku Fist of Asura

    Not to mention the use of macro, people used it before and without global cooling it only increases.
  5. Roku Fist of Asura

    O miserável é um gênio ! Já era esperado vindo do segundo Hokage .
  6. Congratulations to the whole team for your hard work so far. Note:"... this means Nin is more than 66.6% modernized now." Is Rory confirmed illuminati?
  7. Roku Fist of Asura

    I know what you're feeling, I know you're a good person and a good ninja. I don't care about positions and rankings because I know that there is a lot of corruption in this medium, but you care about that... I don't think you deserve Chunin, I think you should be Kage or at least Jonin.
  8. Roku Fist of Asura

    I think that was the best structured suggestion I have ever seen on this subject. Congratulations, I liked the concept.
  9. Roku Fist of Asura


    Thank you for all your effort. The future looks so bright.
  10. The best Kage in the game without a doubt. I hope that the advanced masteries arrive soon, I can hardly wait to use Edo Tensei.
  11. Roku Fist of Asura

    Sobre isso aq dos contatos... eu acho difícil, como eu disse os BR ficam ocultos e tem muita gente tóxica nessa comunidade, ninguém vai mandar os contatos aq nesse tópico, mas podem fazer isso por privado aq do fórum msm ou do jogo, porém prefiro Discord q é mais impessoal.
  12. Roku Fist of Asura

    Ter tem, tem até como mudar de vila, mas aí vc tem q resetar o char (ele volta para o level 1).
  13. Roku Fist of Asura

    Tem eu e mais alguns remanescentes. Parecemos até o clã Uchiha, existem poucos, alguns até se escondem/ocultam, outros acabam com os próprios membros do "clã" e alguns se destroem por si só. Seja bem vindo! Edit: Quase esqueci da xenofobia, cuidado, mas muitas pessoas vão ser toxicas de qualquer jeito, elas só buscam uma desculpa pra isso, independente da falta de logica do msm.
  14. Roku Fist of Asura


    Great planning, but I didn't see anything about the jutsu slots. Are we going to keep 15 slots forever up to level 100? Or are we going to win more of them as we level up it like today? I ask this because the statistics "will change" after level 50, I want to know if the jutsu slots will change too.
  15. Roku Fist of Asura


    Good job Rory, I know we complain about your game a lot, and it's good when you tell us more about what happens "behind the scenes," so you and the team show us your reality, just as we players show our side to the developers. Anyway ... great work from everyone involved, not only in Mist Village but throughout the game.