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  1. ForestEdge

    I'm gonna download world of warcraft again and play with u so no goodbye for me!!!
  2. ForestEdge

    U get the criminal rank once u start slaughtering players in DZ. Giving this rank in 1vs1 is pointless. I think the criminal rank is good as it is.
  3. ForestEdge

    What i understood from the "hacked" one is that he had no internet for 42 minutes or so. But this has nothing to do with the game and staff won't solve this kind of problem. Dropping someone's internet is a basic thing nowdays that almost everyone can do if you show them how to work with a vps and an archive. Best u can do is to restart ur router to change ur ip adress and that's it.
  4. ForestEdge

    ba zozi lasa smecheriile pe forumuri
  5. ForestEdge

    I'm here just to say sand is the best village Cheers
  6. ForestEdge

    authority in mist forces u to get meta or very useful group masteries to gain manpower for the village, it is a benefit but ppl shouldn't be forced to do that. About advanced masteries, if u really want to get advanced masteries you could remain medic for a while, see if in final earth/med will recive something or not and that's it. If it doesn't just get advanced med because it gonna be very strong.
  7. ForestEdge

  8. ForestEdge

    U can't change something based on anime.
  9. ForestEdge

    group of champs cheers
  10. ForestEdge

    Did Anyone Ask about Ur Opinion?
  11. ForestEdge

    I'd cancel my activity if someone would dash with his sword towards me
  12. ForestEdge

  13. ForestEdge

    that's mamadou bah
  14. ForestEdge

    Good choice fellow ninja. Tendo clan is the best in game, for clan discord invite PM me on nin discord BogdanDbi#5444
  15. ForestEdge

    pandora for gm we all love our god pandora