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  1. U want the highest damaging mastery in the game also get ez to land CC ?
  2. ForestEdge

    making a leaderbord to motivate even more leafies to log out next to every single raid point and log in to destroy them when absolutely no one is around? no thanks
  3. ForestEdge

    Nice work. Might want to host a RP with genins from every village one day and I'd be happy to contact you for it.
  4. ForestEdge

    Just add a button where you can have the hits being 1 tile wide with no chakra cost that if you press you'll get the 3 tiles wide mode but with 5-10 chk cost each hit.
  5. ForestEdge

    this post sounds like : ''hey i know we're allies but you see, I don't care and i dont like you at all so I'll just kill you because I'd rather make an ally experience harder than my enemy's.''
  6. ForestEdge

    merry christmas
  7. ForestEdge

    I know who are you !
  8. ForestEdge

    we need maplock on the event npc
  9. ForestEdge

    aren't u the guy who died to guren the other day
  10. ForestEdge

    Is okay son, you can join sand and sand academy if u want a proper roleplay experience and of the ninja world.
  11. ForestEdge

    Nice edit
  12. ForestEdge

    I completly agree with you. Giving mastery resets would also reduce game's diversity. This add would basically delete every med elemental, med wm and gf wm.