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    6) Subbing puts you diagonal of players 7) Projectiles stack, go separate directions, or fire tiles apart
  2. Seifer

    Nin is Dying

    The game is dying so here is a list of issues that could potentially help the players comeback and balance out between the villages if fixed. Game Changes 1) Change Kage Term to 3 months instead of 6. 2) Swap Mist GD and Totori Village. Swap Mist village and foxes. 3) Make Totori a rogue spawn point. 4) Add multiple drop off points for Mist Boat 5) Allow Citizenship change with approval of Kage (w/ this village masteries become coded to be locked to village) 6) Add village left of sands puppets for new rogue spawn. 7) Boost xp to lv 1-19 mission. (i.e. find cat/hawk/dog. Get drink/dango/ramen. Deliver message. Pickup Trash) Raw PvP Changes 1) Fix players clipping through each other when both running at each other with projectiles. 2) Fix jutsus not registering if pushed too fast 3) Fix tool delay if pressing on last second of CD 4) Fix flicker randomly stunning 5) Fix knockback not canceling heals if back against wall Weapon Changes 1) Change base pipe to no longer snare 2) Change all weapons to do a hard max for each level range. (Common lv 10 -> 10 dmg, uncommon lv 20 -> 20 dmg ...... ultra Legendary Lv 60 -> 60 dmg) 3) Change weapons/basic to no longer auto face direction. 4) Add wooden Bo staff (uglier skin of reg bo staff) to shop, available to everyone Mastery Changes 1) Lock sub-paths completely. (i.e. You can either be full int wm or full str wm, can stat switch in-between, but only have access to full jutsu of one path) 2) Possible str wm jutsu buff once weapons are balanced 3) Implement Tai/GF Patch (There is more that could be added here, but I think this would enough to revive the game a bit. Give a like or comment to spread awareness)
  3. Seifer

    wym, you did learn. That's the sum of it.
  4. Seifer

    Not really because any jutsu they added recently like the chakra medic ones is just to catch up to the 6 jutsu per mastery amount they created. This means 2 masteries = 12 jutsu + basic jutsus. Anything they add (if they add at all) for advance, is going to be one jutsu per pure mastery and then per combo. This is because the totality of them all adds quite a bit of jutsu for them to have worked on. This means when/if level 70 hits you will have the slot for it and an extra. Basically, there is enough slots for you if you keep leveling. I do agree though that unlimited jutsu would not hurt the game, and you should never lose the levels of any jutsu that you toss out for another. The unlimited jutsu has been locked down because of hybrids, but if hybrids are consistently over-powered than they should make you choose a sub-path where you can only have jutsu for that whole path at a time based on the most stat of path. (Example: You were water and pick WM and have 70 str 40 int; the game sets you to str wm and can only use sword techniques yet you can use all your water techniques still) If this was done in the first place we would not have gotten wonky hybrid nerfs that ruined the masteries as a whole because of hybrids.
  5. Seifer

    We used to have unlimited jutsu slots, but then they got locked along with the ability of using the same level jutsu of two different sub-path (example: poison fist and chakra scalpels can't be used at the same time). Now you will have to wait until lv 70 () to be released to have 2 new jutsu slots (1 per every 5 levels).
  6. Seifer

    The new and blue Phantom Menace
  7. Seifer

    I want more jutsus, but not a raised level cap
  8. Seifer

  9. Seifer

    It's either this, or keys not registering at all and making my sentences cme t lik ths
  10. Seifer

    I think missions need to be fixed in it's totality. The experience you get from most of them are not fair as they are too little for the amount of time and work. This is not unique to any one village. What is unique is the easier farming time mist and sand have over leaf. Mist even has a bounty house right next to their village while Leaf has a rogue house. Even though missions, farming, experience points should be adjusted, I don't think making it an easier time specifically for just Mist has shown to be effective. Why is that? Because we have seen an incredible amount of mist accounts have already been made. They are rogue or dormant, but there are a ton of maxed accounts. I agree with these changes below 1) This game is pvp heavy so, travel time to get into the action means a lot. The boat ride should have multiple drop off locations with a range of different timers, but the main one to the port should be reduced drastically. (This will make it harder for people to camp boat switch too) 2) The Kuraken should be moved to a side map to make running on water for lowbies easier. 3) Running on water should no longer stop health regen for all villages. 4) Fix missions in totality. a) Don't send lowbies to enemy villages and/or expect them to comeback. Instead offer missions closer to home. More dialogue quests will be better since lowbies can't pvp, but can RP. b) Get rid of missions like time off for higher level players. 30k is nothing to lv 40+ . Instead give them (for example) "kill 5 boss ants, kill 5 boss fox, 5 boss spirits" for 90k+. c) Up docs experience. 120k is not enough. What is Mist's two most appealing masteries? WM and Bubble which is STR. How can they enter villages without being caught, especially sand with GD as their square. There should be a greater reward to allow people to make the attempt and a side entrance to make it more possible. d) I don't hear of spider and snake boss being used that much anymore. Maybe they need to be open for all levels and give experience to these lower levels. I could go on forever, but I think you get the point... 5) Leadership in a village can really make game play dead. If people have title but never log-on, are afk, don't host events or raids, exile everyone or never pardons, masks up, or pays for leadership; these could all be red flags that the village is going to suffer. Nin needs a better way to decide the leader, intervene if it's going bad, and give councils better perks. 6) Clans could use a heirarchy or some structure and unique missions. Maybe like RP's there can be one for each clan for each level range with a title at the end.
  11. Seifer

    Bo Staff

    1) Keep the current Bo Staff skin as a boss drop and add a regular Bo Staff to the shop. 2) Adjust all weapons, making shop weapons better and hard drops worst. This should follow a vertical tier until a certain point where all weapons then become horizontal tier to create balance. Make jutsu better than sword for more skilled gameplay. 3) Bo Staff currently equals having about 70 points in strength without the actual cost and this should not be a thing. 4) Stupid grind should not = broken gameplay To Bo Staff Users:
  12. Seifer

    Going through other players

    I don't know if this is a bug or meant to be this way, but during spars when I use projectiles I find myself going into or through other players or them doing the same to me. This causes the projectiles to not land because the character does not stop in contact with another character. This does not make sense and should be fixed for a better pvp experience.
  13. Still dealing with this typing problem in game has me #frustrated

    Missing the old client /oof  👻

  14. Seifer

    I mean what makes a clan? The Surname? Everyone has a surname and a family tree with blood relations. If you are an orphan and do not recall your heritage would that make you any less of an Uzumaki if that is what your mother was? Let's assume not everyone in the Uchiha clan were incestuous. If they married someone they loved, would they not be considered apart of the clan? And if they had kids, would they be Uchiha clan or something else? I see the argument both ways, but support the realist approach. You can join a family or clan, but maybe people won't accept you and maybe you are not of blood. Maybe you are an orphan, but always were blood tied to that clan. Joining can be done if RP is right.
  15. Seifer

    It's known, but yeah the hitbox does not align to animation which should never happen in a game imo.