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  1. Seifer

    Like what was mentioned, Leaf is the main village in Naruto and first released in this game so that's why it was put as first and why people who are actually new will more likely click it. I don't think weapons/balance really has to do with attraction to a village for new players, but it does have an effect on maintaining players in the village long term. Special organizations really is what hurt Leaf from it's existing player base. For the new incoming player base, although I can see your point with player to player interaction, I think the grinding areas are a lot tougher in Leaf compared to Sand and Mist (Not that all three village's grinding areas can't be improved).
  2. Seifer

    Performing terrible? What an ego. You contradict yourself. You warp in front of an enemy and got to turn around? You don't warp backwards. And if your attack goes backwards it does the same thing for Flicker combinations. Yes, I am serious. If you fought against people like you say, you WOULD know if someone flickers to you, you can hit them first because flicker and jutsu are separate moves. It happens a lot. You are more likely to get blown in the face flickering someone instead of doing your crescent and risky that CANCELS these incoming moves. Come on, bro. And your math is wrong for a full str build. Don't talk about str wm move calculations if you are doing hybrid builds. Ofc Risky's damage is going to be low if you got 60-70 stats in strength fighting someone with 130. Dragon is so slow that the user can out-run it and it has no splash damage, its only use is for these type of situations. Your crescent combo damage even with hybrid ele+ will come out pretty good no matter what. --------------------------------------------------- I don't care if flicker changes, but it shouldn't be because of these wrong reasons. Flicker is universal and has properties similar to a lot of jutsus in this game that are C-H-E-A-P. These people use these jutsus that can lead to 600+ damage combos and then they talk about a 200-300 damage combo being evil. When you talk about Flicker, it shouldn't be because of Taijutsu. Masteries with high basic damage in this game are stronger as they are fast/hard hitting/require no chakra. This is also why Agi>GF, as Agi has utilities that give them high survivability with constant basic damage (No breakable charge that has a downtime as long as BI) I agree that Gentle Fist should be changed, but not for reasons like a lot of people here bash on. Gentle Fist has two copy pasta moves from Taijutsu. These abilities (which coincidentally are the combo people have a problem with) should be change to something that fits the Hyuga chakra drain/Gentle Fist moveset. Again, 200-300 dmg combo, vs 600+ dmg combo ele's have Break one cheap (Homing/Warp/Combo), break them all. Bye.
  3. Seifer

    Mans said the easiest punishable homings. LOL First of all, for Risky and Cresent, you are full speed running. You can't run diagonal or sub to counter it like FLICKER. You get a free basic hit everytime. If you land Crescent. Crescent(which stuns) ->ele->basic->tool-pierce if you miss crescent. Pop sub->basic If you land risky. Risky(which cancels)->slash If you miss risky. Pop sub-> basic If you land Flicker which is harder to do. Flicker->(any flicker combo I mentioned above) If you miss flicker-> Nothing Note: If you flicker to an enemy, the enemy can also hit you first.
  4. Seifer

    Safe Zones, But Not Safe Areas - Nin Online needs to move safe zones behind their villages! It's a place where lowbies train to become stronger. There is no reward for killing them in safe zones, so why are these still not safe areas. With lowbies safe zones secured behind the village they can level without frustration for being killed by people who do so without an in-game reward. Mobs - More mob levels need to be added to this game. Instead of having maps with the same mobs, the maker should use this space to create a broad diversity of creatures. If creatures don't seem to fit with the scenery, no sweat! Make an evolution of the same creature with different given levels. Players should not have to stop grinding at a given level! Players should be able to grind for satisfactory exp at any given time, Lv 1-60! Danger Dangos - This mission needs to be deleted. A 3k exp reward for a person who needs 69k experience to level up is not satisfactory. Especially when the mission desk asks you to go back to the location you were just at, three times! Well, what can we do to replace this and make it better? Keep reading! Garbage Missions: - Needs to be changed in that, trash does not spawn behind trees or the description explains to use your mouse to look for them. Waging War I - What? Lv 20 Genins sent out to assassinate enemies? Out beloved Kage would never! Lv 20s should not be giving missions to eliminate 0/4 enemies that turn out to be the members of the (7sm-I like my sandwich cut, not me! 12g-I can guard myself thank you! PB-I see you brought my coffin!). This mission should be moved up to level 30+, if not more. A ninja doesn't even learn all his first masteries jutsu until around level 35. Medicine Supplies -The first medicine supplies mission is good. The others, not so much. They need to incorporate creatures within village radius that keeps going from lower to higher levels. Medicine I - cacoons, eggs. Medicine 2- Tiger fur, rat tails. Medicine 3 - Honey and wings. Docs and Spa - A group of 10 pesky ninja want to sit at (Mini, DB, KB, GD Vill Entrance, etc). You are alone and call the troops! Only....two people came..and well, their levels aren't that dazzling. How can we sneak past an army who are swinging at the map entrance and are spamming sensory w/ maplock? We can't. We are ninja, and this is a ninja world. Missions should not be given if they are un-achievable. We need to add more maps attached to these one-way sites! Villages need more gates. No one has ever sneaked by someone by going right up to their face. Even though sensory should not maplock, we still need to stop having one-way maps for the players with no int/cloak! Survey and Spa - These missions should stay collective. If you die, the timer should leave where you left off. If you feint, you still remember what you did -- if you didn't and had brain damage you wouldn't even remember you were a ninja! Missions We Need To Implement - Here is where we implement our philosophy. Our philosophy that Academy students and newly arrived Genins are new to this Shinobi environment! Missions should stay within a village and gradually move out as you level. Lv 1-20 in village, 20-30 to the next ring out, 30-40 to the middle of the world, 40-60 to the enemy villages. The creator should make rings for each village, giving different parameters of difficulty. Too soon are ninjas at lv 13 and such are asked to go to an enemy village to retrieve something. Docs are too similar to the Dango Mission. Clans: - There needs to be more missions with clan NPC's involved. It really increases the RP atmosphere. By making the clan NPCs apart of the missions, you are bringing personal value to the players who represent those clans. 3 dailies a day needs a change: Genins Lv 1-20 are expected to run around the village crazy doing miscellaneous chores. By doing such they are honing their skills, wax on wax off. They should be able to do more missions at a time, say 5. It's simple and here is why. The missions they do are easy yet tedious tasks so they can perform a lot of them to teach them discipline. Experience points can be tweaked to make more missions a day for this range more suitable. A level 17 for example has 69k exp requirement to level. They should be able to earn 8-20k xp per mission. A fair amount for lower levels is half the exp for a level to a level and a half for missions. For Lv 20-30, Genins are expected to grind more mobs, it should be a mixture of the choirs and training. The work is getting tougher, so less missions to do, say 4 missions. Lv 30-40, is when Choirs, PvE are kicked up a bit and sprinkled in with PvP. You have your toad training, and you are starting to enter your prime! Missions will be, say 3. Lv 40-60, is when there are no more choirs, you are a Shinobi. Your missions will be heavy PvE and PvP. Missions will be, say 3. New Mission Ideas (Lv 1-20) Delivery Missions: 1) Miss (Inoki) has asked for you to deliver flowers to spread cheer in this time of dread. She has noticed people's moods have been down in the dumps. Meet (Inoki) at the (Flower Shop). (Inoki) Greetings! Please give these flowers to (Duke), (Kotaro), and (Sugita). Note: 2 stationary, and 1 wandering NPC or vise versa. 2) (Ninkame)'s (Shell) looks a little dull. Please retrieve (wax) and deliver it to them. 3) The village's favorite tree is dying! Retrieve the special water from (Well, Hokage Statues, Waterfall) and a chakra pill. Bring it to the (hospital) where they can increase its properties. Note: Can have a water fill time. 4) The (Hayashi) clan has hired you for assistance. Head to (Koba) to see what it is about. The (Hayashi) clan is hosting a meeting and requested you to deliver this (Food Token) to the (Ramen Shop) make sure to bring it back before it's cold. Note: Can implement a short time, expecting the user to flicker across things to speed process. Cleaning Missions: 1) The (Inn Keeper) has spilled his (coffee). Go inside and clean it up. Note: can be a timer or destroy an amount of the splashes inside. 2) A genin has defaced the walls of our great (Leaf Village). Clean the walls at (behind Hokage building), (Gates), (Ramen Shop), (Suwa Building). Note: can be a timer or destroy the paint. Decorating Missions: 1) It's time for (Leaf Village) to get really festive! Bring these (Lanterns) to (front of houses), (gate edges), (NPCs). 2) This here is a priceless painting given to us today by (Kotaro). Please deliver it to (Muteki Sango) for their clan house. (Lv 20-30) Grinding Missions: 1) Mice/Mosquitos/Geese/Tiger Cubs/Lions/Hounds etc 2) House bosses in each village. Some for lower/Some for higher levels. "Take care of this intruder" (30-40) Bandit quests: - Obtain "X" amount of drops from bandit (New Bandit 'Bandit grunt') - Kill 'Bandit Grunt' "X" times (40-50) Top Tier Grinding: - Alpha Wolves - Snow Bears - The man behind Snake Lair (BOSS) (1-50) - Village Boss from summon toad for gradual village fee of (20k) - Clan Missions specific to description of clan (Hard, but not impossible to obtain clan titles) "The Hero of (Clan)" Hayashi Example: "Forest of Secrets" "The Man Under The Hood" Sasayaki Example: "1000 IQ" "The Deer With Horns" Muteki Example: "The Watchman" "Eagle Eye" Ukiyo Example: "The Wealthy Artisan" "The Dragon On Gold" Suwa Example: "The Florist" "A Petal In The Wind" Summoning Toad - Summoning Box should be changed from 100 ryo requirement to 50 ryo requirement. - Boxes should include a special drop chance for increased purchases from the summon toad and fun use for new players. - Summons Village/Group Bosses. Flicker Pads - Should not be utilized in heavy mob areas or should allow players to go through mobs who step on them. Medic Lowbies - Should have a new weapon "Scalpal". It's not a jutsu, it's a weapon. It shall be med locked and have a chak requirement. The damage will be low and the weapon will be replaced by chakra scalpals when medics hit lv 15. Thanks for getting this far if you have. I really put a lot of work into this!
  5. Seifer

    Flicker-palm-mc-tool Flicker -psn fist-elemental spam-tool Flicker-Phoenix-tool Flicker-water bullet- whip- tool Flicker this, that the third. Crescent-tool-stabbystabby-pierce risky-free hit even after sub lightning cutter-blah blah Waterprison-blah-blah Fan+Bubble only usable by exclusive villages blah blah Every homing that fish hooks ----------------- I think the real problem is Rolls/Homings in general. Flicker is only a part of what is in every single part of this game. You complain about Tai using flicker, but a lot of masteries can utilize it well. Have you ever got hit by a flicker-psn fist-wind bullet? And what about these other moves that are exclusive and not open to every mastery like Flicker is that have almost the exact same thing? I think str+wm free hit everytime on risky is more bullshit than flicker combos. My point is: If you change flicker for these reasons, you should be changing the rest of the game's jutsus for the same reasoning. I'm down for more trick shots and less CC rolls, but then you will have to change these homings/CC rolls along with Flicker. "Oh, but Flicker is instant" Oh, but the CC timer on the others last how long now? Some of this shit lasts a whole 10s.
  6. Seifer

    Separating weapons (Fan/Bubble/Wm) as their own mastery slot imo is an odd decision from the beginning. The game should have made it so everyone is required to have a chakra nature and could train in whichever weapon thereafter on start. The way Rory made it, made it unreal and unnatural in that you cannot learn a weapon if not in the same village it was invented. (Not bashing, just the truth). That being said if the weapon is not learnable by everyone why would it be specific to the village? You cannot say because it's the village's secret, as the village also possesses knowledge of all the elements etc which is classified as a mastery just like the weapons and all people cannot learn that either. I think everyone would be happier if the game didn't classify weapons as their own masteries...Elements should have been main focus and weapons should be usable by everyone with training.... To sum it up: Although the game shouldn't have, it classified weapon classes as masteries just as elements are masteries and therefore should be specific to the mastery. Update: Also GF being strong has nothing to do with reasoning of whether all of village should have a weapon or not. GF is meant to be a solo class as it has one ADV. Taijutsu which is available to everyone has TONFA weapons that boost already incredible damage... And tbh I see chak blades as a thing given to 12g, although I don't know how the org having two item drops would work.... maybe sash for pure cosmetic and weap for boost/jutsu. It would balance out the buffs a bit between village orgs...although these buffs from special orgs, as I re-iterate, really hurt the majority of players for 0 reason.
  7. Seifer

    Sand Every villager can have more than one puppet in arsenal. Their whole village can use fans They got PB with stat buff and special puppets. Special puppets has NO DOWN TIME. After hundreds of damage killing the damn thing it gets instant re spawn on re-equip. It can insta kill players with splash damage. It's range can amount to a good portion of the map. I will not be able to see the puppet on my high res computer and still get hit by it. Sand gets 100% invisibility. Med/tai/str wm...who gives a shit. High close range damage that's supposed to be harder to land gets a free ticket to upfront you. Mist Whole village gets bubble pipes. Free CD for everyone in the whole village? What the actual $##$ dude. Get two people and you get infinite bubbled. Why do they deserve this? What's the RP behind only all of mist having bubble pipe. It's incredibly unbalanced and unfair to other villages. 7sm they have swords that do a basic damage of 100+. Each swing is ranged, stuns, and is widespread. Is there a cd on this? NO. Each swing is a crazy amount of widespread dmg with CC. This is not to mention of the stat buff they get as well! Mist has no drain on water allowing for advantage on fighting on maps. All of Kuraken maps, mini, tigers, Takumi river etc they got it. Leaf 5% WoF. This is garbage. When you are dead you got no chakra, no way to defend yourself. Enemy just has to be in view there and strike on pickup. Admittingly, WoF can be useful if you get killed on map change and try to map change back, but how likely are the odds of that? It has no tactical advantage. 12guards has stats, no jutsus. ----------------- Stop with these mega buffs for these groups. It makes it completely unfair to the average players who make up the core of the game. I suggest nerfing PB to not have insta kill splash damage and to make 7sm not have widespread CC with no Cooldown. They are village backed, come on. If not nerf, at least FIX. Sand's PB puppets should not instant respawn. And all of the descriptions are wrong on these things.
  8. Seifer

    "It isn't rewarding if you don't spend all your life trying to get" Can go eat some dirt. I don't care if it sounds harsh. I hope your boss withholds your paycheck for 3 months and tells you it will be rewarding at the end. Or let me go and put a kunai in your hand and see if you magically become a damn ninja. RP is more than just throwing an aesthetically pleasing thing at you which this game doesn't always do. It needs an environment to support that, missions to support that. Like guarding a caravan or taking a village etc etc. There are raids in this game, but it's not RP raids. If Sand were to raid Leaf today and won you couldn't write that down in the history books as Sand taking over Leaf because a raid is simply a raid in this game, there is no benefits or lasting effects. You got toxic GM's who chase E-girls or have done nothing but been in shitty groups talking trash or breaking rules. People who bought acc's and broke policies who are GM's. I believe in redemption and I believe minor offenses can sometimes be overlooked, but don't do it for favorites and don't fall for fake masks to just be in a position they want. "If you don't like it then leave" That's why your player base is low. You should be liking people who criticize and still stay. Those people are your loyal and actual player base, not those that kiss your ass and say everything is okay while your community and game are on fire.
  9. Seifer

    Seriously, this game has no RP. Simply because people are in it they think it's a RPG. Toxic asf. Can't even do Christmas events without GM jailing you for 30m because you stood over a token you worked when some douchebag ran to you and stood there waiting for it to be low and last hit it. Screw off.
  10. Seifer

    I've said this in the past, but I feel like there should be more surrounding maps too. There's so many one ways in this game that prevents individuals from going anywhere. If people camp DB, KB, edges of ST, River, Wolves, etc etc no one can go outward from there and do anything. You can't magically make people log on when they aren't there or expect people to want to team against those with buffs. There should be more surrounding maps including those with different level ranged mobs. This allows lowbies to train in area's more strategic to them and continue to go to where their mission requires. This game asks lowbies to get a dango all the way in an enemy territory that have so many one way maps that can get locked down. I know regardless people will be able to still lock maps, but this will lower the chances at least of being stuck not being able to go anywhere. Missions more associated with a proper level range should be there, more maps with said mobs, maps connected from more than one direction if not all, and more rewarding drop rates/items to make the game more rewarding to those who like to farm. Those who grind like to do so for rewards. Small things along the way to one big thing is the way to go to make you want to progress. If you keep dangling a dollar at the end of a fishing rod in front of us and never give us the dollar, you can't expect us to stay.
  11. Seifer

    It's not that you get killed so easily at least for what I'm talking about. The point is that if a raid comes into your village as it should be able to, they will kill the first few players there. Then when reinforcements come, they will obviously die to because the past members are already being put on Bi. Then your hospital is blockaded with no form of strategy able to help you because your spawn is being spammed. Hospitals need more exits. It's true that you would be injured after fainting. However, I would not say I am lucky the game mechanics don't punish me more. That's like taking a bullet to the knee and saying at least I'm not dead. Rough comparison, but I won't like getting hurt either way. In short, I agree Bi is acceptable, but saying "At least this" or "I'm lucky" that doesn't solve anything. Yes. You are. Well, besides the people who don't play it. Anyway, a boat ride for 5 minutes is non-beneficial. People don't mind the travel if there is merit to it. Again, it's a game. It takes me 5 minutes to run to 7/11, shouldn't have to take me that long to get transported in a game. It's not so much that people want max level, rather they want to be able to do something. A level 30 is nothing compared to a 7 sm buffed character, fighting in danger zones to complete WW. That as an example, if you can't win you can't progress and if you can't progress why play? This is mostly a pvp game. There is a flaw in understanding that you think people want one end game reward. Although any reward is somewhat satisfying, people would like small rewards along the way. And again, if it takes literal days to complete one task you are asking for too much. New players are getting more and more turned off from staying. Nin mostly has been having the same community. I know you might be okay with this, but it is the truth relating to the topic thread. Again, relating to the tiers. These people will always kill the lowbies and thus they will stop playing. This is in relation to topic thread. Making a game very narrow for a select few people is WHY you aren't getting new people. Instead of saying go else where if you don't like it you should try to make some aspect of the game enjoyable for each type of person. This is far from the lineage 2 app and never will be. It's a pvp game, no one realistically thinks or wants the things done for them automatically. Except for those being allowed to use macros for some reason. All of this is true. It's more so that pvp is the main aspect of the game and that a max level has an actual chance of contributing to a fight. There should be more roles that lower levels can do to contribute. I do agree that there is a social aspect to the game, but that is mostly just people sitting in square talking unless a once a month event occurs. I don't mean to offend anyone. Just stating my opinion. Thanks all if ya got this far.
  12. Seifer

    I'd say the same thing as Skyward. Why would anyone want to spend 5 minutes on a boat ride just because? Grinding for days for not even a single level achieved just because? Farming bosses that one shot you, that people will camp and kill you at, that you can't go fight on Bi, that even if you killed for the 1000th time over a week of complete no lifing you won't get any reward because the drop is .00001% and no small amount of ryo is given in compensation of effort... I'd also say the same thing as Jero. There is no respect among players. The game can heavily be rigged by spies which outcasts new players. Mods don't enforce rules equally or enforce half heatedly at times. There have been cases when your best friend did one small thing and get banned while another player has gotten away with selling acc's and exploiting cheats that benefit whole raid parties. I'd also add that Rory has started to destroy the chances of new players even further recently. He added tiers in this game. There are regulars players, there are ANBU, and then there are special orgs. The buff range further and further moves away from the lowbies power level. This makes lower levels incapable of doing legit anything. Additionally, there will be a level increase with even harder grinding pushing the gap from lowbie to a max player even further past the already spent limit. Then advanced will come into play... All in all, everyday regular level 50 players are already being pushed aside, trashed, given a disadvantage...what makes you think a new level 1 has a chance? Leveling takes literally months unless you no life an entire week and a half with full blessings (if you don't get spam killed). Rory says often that we should be grateful of game content when it comes out because it takes a lot of time, but doesn't consider the player bases time and dedication to the game which requires a ridiculous amount of time to do anything. It's a game.
  13. Seifer

    I too know the pain of switching maps and after waiting on black screen, coming back to a dead body.
  14. Seifer

    I actually like it. Nice work. Looks like the hairstyle from Witcher.
  15. Seifer

    For shame. You forgot Sasuke's best form Playboy Sasuke