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  1. Seifer

  2. Seifer

    Rory said he was going to do this eventually.
  3. Seifer

    It was stated that non-clan characters would receive a stat increase of some kind instead.
  4. Seifer


    Since "Sasuke" style is a hybrid build and Shirokata is his sword, the sword should have its strength requirement reduced. That makes the most sense, making it viable to more players without making it over powered. Btw, the buff turns off when you feint/die.
  5. Seifer

    Rotation being able to deflect jutsus is an awesome idea. MC + Palm no longer comboing is good, however since they knockback away from your basic they should do a good amount of damage as they are finishers. Vacuum being nerfed to 1 tile is not good because again you prioritize in taijutsu, why would you want to use vacuum over basic at that range. Also making it come out faster will not work, people will outrun it making it not hit at all. Vacuum should stay the range it is at or be returned to its original range which was longer. Pressure point adding chakra drain on enemies (even if it is not alot) is great and helps differentiate it from standard Taijutsu. The Bi cool-down on pressure point should be fixed as well.
  6. Seifer

    Medic + pipe +anything insta-poison scalpel every second then snare them for a year then blast them.
  7. Seifer

    100% this. Additionally, what I personally would be overjoyed to see are the implementation of mini villages with their own locations. That way people can be their own leaders, have their own crews, and not hospital stomp.
  8. Seifer

    1) There is a lack of quests. The quests we do have are not all completable to certain masteries (i.e. stealthing into sand village with no int). Depending on the time of day you cannot do any missions because of 1 way maps (if an army camps a map, you are shit out of luck until they decide to move). The quest's experience scaling is not perfect either. 2) There is actually an abundance of ranked however, they do not get rewarded enough to spend the time doing RP missions and helping others. If you believe that them not wanting to help without a reward is reason enough to not have rank blame the promotion process. Other than that, Kages will accept ranks that don't help into the village while forcing others to pay to get in or not get in completely. 3) There is a village map however your position is not marked. This can be used for realism I guess, but let us be honest it is not. There is no other maps for other locations besides the overarching one that is useless to look at. Having a map would extremely help new players. 4) There is a lot of grinding early on, but once you hit level 36 from toad quests it completely stops. Recently LOI was added, but it is better to not do those missions completely because the experience points rewarded is not worth it. There should be mobs for every level to have a better scale with experience points so that it does not turn into this "hunting monster simulator" early on. Additionally, the zones themselves should be fixed. It is 100% easier to grind in Mist/Sand over Leaf. Reverting Leaf's rats to what it once was may help put Leaf back on equal playing field. 5) When you say "forum" I assume you mean on this website. I never used it, but there is a Wiki that is supposedly more informative on what you can do. Otherwise, it is best to find a mentor in-game to teach you what side quests there is, what is worth doing, and to help your build. For such big villages you would think there would be missions within them to make players fill up the empty spaces. 6) A lot of old players have already fallen, or only touch the game from time to time. That being said, the new players that remain after being weeded out from Nin's inflexibility sort of fill those spots. I believe the game mechanics allow the community to yeet people out of existence too easily. Examples of this are: Hospital camping, one way maps, no organization cycling, rigged elections of Kage positions, broken meta that assist in unethical behavior (i.e. bubbles on doors), and more. @Ueda should really consider this imo.
  9. Seifer

    That's a pretty cool idea.
  10. Seifer

    I agree with this. @Ueda I think it is better for more open responses even if you are saying no to things. That way people can think of new ideas together and understand you better.
  11. Seifer

    I would have to disagree. If you look at elemental users users they have kunai due to putting points into int, then they get fireball/waterbullet/pillar/lightsenbon/poisonsenb at lv 10 Then you got tai which hits fast and is an easy grind past lv 15. All special village masteries have the wooden katana to begin with. It is only pure chakra medics that can only hit for 2 damage with no damaging jutsu at level 10 because they get bandages.
  12. Seifer

    Well you aren't wrong there. Suggestions are often ignored. Obviously there is a bias when selecting what to change. It sucks, but nothing you can do really. Maybe make a poll on a decision to show that the community is strongly against or for certain changes.
  13. Seifer

    Yeah, the only problem I see is the level between start and Chakra Scalpel. Other than that, medic is fine. People need to use senbons. If people want actual change to medic meaning more jutsus, there has to be a scaling nerf on heals and BI needs to be applied to all healing.
  14. Seifer

    Suggestions are a great way to improve the game. Not all of the suggestions have to be good to be heard. You, yourself Primal have made many suggestions. It is obvious this game needs a new balance patch. Aaaaand there is not much else to discuss on this forum other than game related events.
  15. Seifer

    What chakra medics need are regular medical scalpels for low level characters with a chakra requirement and a str scaling that become useless after the Chakra Scalpel jutsu is obtained. They can even be mastery locked. That will help new players overcome the initial low level grinding.