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  1. Seifer

    What a champion. Don't give up, I heard Leaf has the best Ramen.
  2. Seifer

    That sucks, but... Thank you for the honest reply.
  3. Seifer

    I know this has been discussed before, but many things have been relooked at and implemented even though the idea was once turned down. I think Nin would benefit a lot from people being able to switch village’s with Kage approval. When one village is at large with numbers, another one is suffering. With citizenship change, there is a greater chance for balance between the villages. This is because those rejected by the village are stuck to be rogues. Now what if these players follow the rules, but are still subjected to banishment? With citizenship change, people can still play with the mechanics they enjoy instead of leaving the game for extended periods of time. tldr; Larger villages are more likely to banish > rogues may not like rogue life > rogues join smaller villages I know Rory does not want hidden masteries in other villages so: Suggestion: 1) Allow Citizenship change between villages with Kage approval 2) Village lock Hidden Masteries making them unusable when switching villages. @Ueda What do you think? Still a no?
  4. Seifer

    Definitely, and this needs to be fixed before making changes to str fan. 1) Remove kb/snare from fan/pipe and/or 2) Add a function to stat reset that makes you have to pick a sub-category for masteries. (i.e. you cannot use fan/fan jutsus because you do not specialize in Fanjutsu wind mastery!) ----- Key thing to note is that Fan should make up the difference of being solo mastery if Rory chooses this route OR Fan should be compatible with another mastery (preferably str stat) HOWEVER Fan wind should not benefit from 3 masteries which is what the community is currently arguing about.
  5. Seifer

    From a 2017 player myself, all of this was in the works. There are endless files buried in the game of jutsus and items worked for all of these things. Cursed mark and reaper death seal were already discussed for forbidden jutsus. These were going to be super rare scrolls you had to find from drops. Rory has made constant jutsus for advance (giant waves, twin lion, wm hybrid eles, etc) and was going to bring back pre-2017 jutsus (32/64 palms, Rasengan, Chidori) that were once in the game or sitting in it for a longer while for advance in addition to it. These jutsus were going to be a % chance to obtain scrolls like harder T3s/summons. Jinchiriki was WAY further down the timeline, however Kyuubi's were being made for WB towards that section of thought. Sharingan is in the game, but that was a pre-2017 animation (reused for GM jailing). Clan jutsus were not worked on yet because the ideas for each clan was not planned out as it's a new addition. Sage mode plans were at most, rumoured to come with toad arc/snake bosses. Genjutsu has been worked on slightly with toad boss racoon jutsu's teasing it. In fact, the ??? mastery bubble on the 'N' tab was supposedly for Genjutsu. So, in conclusion: Rory is aware of all of these things, but canceled production for it.
  6. Seifer

    I can agree to this. Maybe a longer two way immunity that can be broken with your first hit, but definitely not full hp/chak. That's dead broken. Both Naruto vs Sasuke are Leaf ninja so how does this even apply? I think the concept behind Leaf being the default village and getting doodoo everything should change. I ain't with Leaf anymore, but that doesn't mean I am going to switch up on the truth. The other two villages have better passives. Although with their village masteries getting weapon locked, the overall gameplay has improved. There still needs balance changes however like early fan/pipes losing kb/snare and GF getting PP buff and rework of cheap MC/AP combo.
  7. Seifer

    Yes, because you get 6 unique jutsu's that everyone else does not have access to. Everyone in reality can hold a weapon as we all have two hands, but not everyone has mastered the sword and that's what mastery is about. Don't get me wrong -- if Z is nerfed WM jutsu's should be buffed or even reworked to become better. This keeps WM's uniqueness. This is not the correct comparison. The correct comparison is two people holding swords with their own unique 6 jutsus. One being fire and the other being sword techniques. Additionally, 1) there is a 2nd mastery and 2) sword is not mastery locked. Meaning people can already do what you have mentioned. This is in no way an accurate statistic. People who use tools use them as melee in close quarter combat, utilize a weapon, or are specialized in taijutsu. 4th GNW shows this on the villages side, and Gato's army shows this on the rogue side. My Stance: I don't necessarily want "swords for all", but I would like to hold something other than a kunai for elementals. Does not even have to be strong, just between kunai/poison kunai damage. Back to Topic: Fan and Pipes getting free cancels on every Z makes no sense when they got 6 jutsus that can utilize CC like every other mastery.
  8. Seifer

    Nin could really fix the non-elemental masteries while making weapons for everyone, by nerfing weapons Z's and buffing WM's jutsus. Or simply make reskins of kunai for people.
  9. Seifer

    Majority of people -> Never touched or fought against these swords so can't comment on them. I am sure they need re-balancing though like all the other swords. 5k sword -> slow, expensive, low damage, no effects Twin Blades -> 50% kb chance 10k sword -> slow, expensive, low damage, no effects Muramasa -> too slow Bat -> lv 20 with 70 str req etc etc All levels, requirements, speed and base damage are simply messed up. Level 60 swords doing 100 dmg looks broken at face value right now, not looking at speed. But, my point is what it was in the other post; I hope dev's just sit down and fix all the swords at once so they are scaled in proportion to one another until they reach a level where swords are tiered horizontally. Ex: Lv 20 + 20 base, Lv 30 + 30 base, Lv 40 + 40 base + 1 int, Lv 40 + 40 base + 1 chak, Lv 40 + 40 base + 1 fort
  10. Seifer

    I among many others have made so many sword suggestions. Really devs should just sit down and redo the stats of them all at once. There's like 2 useful swords and that's it. Your opinion may differ and say blah blah is alright and so on, however that's still that many out of 10+. So yeah.
  11. Seifer

    I mean achievement titles are not necessarily things you are known for by the community. It is the game itself giving you the recognition so I think those are different things. However, a mix of the two ideas would be nice. Either-way more titles gives out more customization.
  12. Seifer

    I can agree with this. I kept crashing and wasn't able to use up the bless. I could have gotten more leveling done today. And devs should drop that new hair that I have been waiting for.
  13. This has been a daily problem where: 1) people cannot use warping jutsus or revival jutsus on individuals 2) people cannot cast any jutsus and they all shoot out minutes later 3) people cannot login to the game even though the server is up 4) people have been lagging and characters have not been in sync.
  14. Seifer

    There already is censorship in this game so, Kage's should just be able to make the custom title to give to people, who then can select or deselect to wear it like all other titles. Kage's should be able to withdraw it at anytime afterwards.